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Tasker Stories: Marius

By Airtasker

Updated: October 20th, 2021

"I like the control Airtasker gives me, and how only I’m responsible for the amount of work I accept"

We caught up with one of our Taskers, Marius – who has been with Airtasker for around 6 months, and on top of the work he accepts via the site, also works as a driver and on other projects too.

“I’m really open to the type of jobs I accept on Airtasker; I like to keep it varied so I take on gardening, handyman tasks, furniture assembly and even removal jobs. It really all depends on how it fits in with my time schedule outside of the work I do with Airtasker.”

Tasker Stories: Marius

That certainly keeps it varied – but what’s the rationale behind casting the net so wide with the different types of tasks?

“Taking on all types of jobs has meant I’ve learned a whole load of extra skills. It’s also been great for learning how to better interact with people, and how to manage my time balancing the different projects I’m involved with. I like the control Airtasker gives me, and how only I’m responsible for the amount of work I accept.”

We asked Marius if he’s noticed any difference in his life since joining Airtasker – and one of the differences, was the potential impact it’s going to have on his future plans:

“The main change Airtasker has made for me is it’s given me the confidence to start my own business in the future. I have a lot of skills outside of the things I do on Airtasker, and I’d love to explore those further.”

User reviews are of course an important thing for Taskers looking to find work on the site, and Marius likes that it’s a requirement for both sides of the marketplace.

“I like the fact that both sides leave a review; it means that everyone is responsible and everyone is encouraged to be professional, too.”

And finally, his top tips for Airtasker success are short and sweet:

‘Just enjoy it! And be honest too.”

Which is a solid piece of advice you could apply to just about anything.



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