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35 Heavenly hallway lighting ideas

By Elise Hodge

Updated: August 19th, 2021

It's time to breathe new life into every area of your home (yes, hallways can be beautiful too!)

Let’s face it, hallways certainly be a very dark and dingy place between rooms. But the reality is that they are often spaces that are walked through quite often in a home, so why not go back to the drawing board by adding some lighting into your space to celebrate the hallway rather than ignoring it.

For long stretches of the hall, multiple lights such as smaller lighting pendants or ceiling lights work so well or if you’re working with a smaller area, a single chandelier or feature lamp will certainly work to illuminate the space! There really are so many different ways you can light up a hallway. The sky is really the limit (or should I say ‘the ceilings the limit’) when it comes to what you can achieve with innovative lighting.

So without further ado, here are 35+ hallway lighting ideas to inspire you in bringing light to your forgotten spaces!

1. Bright and airy

light hallway with bike
Source: Alesia Kazantceva on Unsplash

How stunning is this bright and airy hallway! If you have lots of natural light beaming into your hallway, then your lighting is halfway there! All you’ll need to do is add some subtle lighting to help light up the hallway when the day turns into night. I love these hallway lights with the non-obtrusive glass pendant light.

2. Vintage style

What a beautiful vintage style hallway! I love the neutral green feature colour that is a great addition to the vintage style of the glass light pendant with the brass fixture in the middle of the ceiling which provides light for the room as well as the round glass wall lights with the black and brass fixtures which provides light around the mirror and decor area.

3. Industrial chandeliers

modern hallway with industrial lights
Source: Nastuh Abootalebi on Unsplash

Ah, I just love this vast hallway! How lovely are the exposed wooden beams placed along with the ceiling of the hallway. And I love the industrial style chandeliers dotted along with the ceiling that has an awesome black finish that oozes class and sophistication!

4. Wall sconces

These lampshades remind me of a typical lampshade that you would see next to a bed. Due to this, the addition of the lampshades gives a very comforting and welcoming feel to this hallway. And I love the gold finish of the fixtures which really complements the furnishings and decor items. How lovely!

5. Geometric jewel pendant

Moroccan jewel lights in orange hallway
Source: Orlova Maria on Unsplash

This second level hallway is complete with the beautiful lighting executions throughout the ceiling space. I love the geometric pendant that looks like a jewel or an upside down diamond shape. How stunning is the pattern that it creates on the ceiling and walls! Plus you can never go wrong with some simple downlights (which can be seen toward the back of the hallway) which help to give light to the whole hallway.

6. Architectural lighting

If you’re looking to build your lighting into your architecture, then check out this awesome hallway! LED strip lights have been installed inside the inlet of the wall to create a glow of light from behind the wall and ceiling area. I love how the light gently falls down the side of the wall yet provides so much brightness to the area.

7. Minimalist feature

Here’s another way LED strip lights have been used, but this time they are vertical rather than horizontal! The curved and arched walls of this hallway remind me of a cave. And the LED strip lights give a very industrial and modern look to the space. If you love out of the box and quirky home designs, then this idea is something you should totally take inspiration from!

8. Sleek Scandinavian style

I’m certainly a massive lover of Scandinavian style spaces and this hallway is giving me all those vibes. I love the sleek black finish of the hallway downlights which go so well with the black sliding doors as well as the front door and stairway. Just add a patterned rug and you have yourself a beautiful Scandinavian style hallway with effective lighting to boot.

Check out more Scandinavian home inspiration!

9. Spherical ceiling lights

Similar to number 5, here is another second level hallway with impressive lighting! I love the spherical ceiling lights that are an awesome feature of this space! The gold fixtures with the bright white spherical finish are very 1920’s and look like something you’d see in the Great Gatsby’s extravagant home!

10. Work of art

Lighting can be both functional and a work of art. I love how interesting the shape of this light pendant is with its swirling form that almost looks like a ribbon! I can only imagine how cool this would look lit up and night. Plus I love how the print in the frame and the stair railings match perfectly with the monochromatic colour palette of the feature light!

11. Let’s do this

What a bold and positive reminder every time you walk down this hallway. The neon sign at the end of the hallway is a great way to bring some light into a space, all whilst making a statement. Plus how awesome is the rectangular light installation along the hallway that makes such a statement. I can just imagine how cool the rest of the building attached to this hallway is!

12. Rattan pendants

All things rattan are definitely so in fashion at the moment and will immediately lift a boring space! I would love to see this hallway at night with beams of light peeking out through the woven textures of the rattan and onto the ceiling and walls. Wooden frames in the hallway will be the perfect choice to match with your rattan pendants.

13. Victorian house

How stunning is the Victorian house that has been modernised? I love the modern touches but I also love how the Victorian style has still been celebrated through the elegant chandelier lighting which looks gorgeous dotted along the hallway. What an entrance!

14. Floor lights

Floor lights are a great idea in a hallway. Hallways are spaces that are walked through often, and if you ever need to get a drink in the middle of the night, it will make things so much easier if the path to your fridge is illuminated!

15. Modern rustic appeal

Oh, how I love this tropical and open home! Similar to number 3, I love the wooden exposed beams in this hallway that give so much character to the area as well as matching the doors, flooring and other finishes in the space. Plus the wooden downlights on the walls are the perfect addition to give so much modern rustic appeal.

16. Reflective surfaces

Having reflective surfaces in your home means that light will easily bounce off a lot of different surfaces at the same time. The mirror finish of the cabinetry, as well as the reflective silver marble flooring, helps to reflect the light from the table lamps and chandelier. Stunning!

17. Artistic installation

This artistic installation reminds me of number 7 and number 11 with the long strip LED lights that really make a statement and look like a work of art! I love how precise the lines of the lights are that really emphasise the straight lines and modernistic features of the interior.

18. Ceiling ring lights

Ring lights are a great way to bring lots of light to a certain area with ease. I love how these ceiling lights are an ode to a traditional ceiling light, however with a futuristic and modern edge. This hallway doesn’t seem to have any windows around, yet the space is successfully lit.

19. Monochromatic detail

Ah, I absolutely love this stunning space! I would love to walk up and down this hallway all day every day. All the white walls, ceiling and doors look beautiful paired with the wooden exposed beams and flooring. Plus the black lantern style downlights are the perfect addition to allow for monochromatic detail and a stylish interior.

20. Japanese style shoji-screen

This hallway looks like it goes on forever! The shoji-screens lining the hallway have light coming out from below to illuminate the floor which also gives a glow that permeates through the screens. What a cool Japanese style hallway with fantastic lighting that really sets the mood.

21. Lanterns amongst the arches

Here’s another beautiful hallway with stunning archways! And I love how the high ceilings of the hallway are also in an arched shape which makes the box-shaped lantern lighting the perfect contrast against the rounded surfaces. You can never go wrong with some beautiful lanterns amongst the arches.

22. Long and inviting

This hallway is certainly very long and oh so inviting. I love the black frames which are holding black and white family photos and are lined all the way along the hallway. Plus the addition of the round glass light pendants are the perfect addition to the space, without taking the attention off the beautifully framed photos. What a stunning space!

23. White and gold

White and gold really is such a beautiful combination. And this hallway is the perfect example of just that! The white spherical blown glass lighting pendants have been finished off with a metallic gold band around them which gives such a cool effect! And I love how the walls, door handles and decor have been thoughtfully chosen to also match the colour scheme.

24. Brushed copper

Check out this beautiful cityscape spot that has so many beautiful modern features. This corner of the hallway features a beautiful brushed copper lighting pendant that has a subtle glow of warmth coming out from it above the seating area. And I love the other brushed copper lighting pendant near the stairs which is creating such an interesting pattern on the wall.

25. Up downlights

When your lights go up and down you call them…  up downlights! And I just love the effect that these lights give to light up a dark wall! Not only do they look great, but they are functional too. Win-win!

26. Wall details

Speaking of up down lights, here is a stunning home hallway that has utilised them! Again, how stunning is the effect that the light gives the wall. Plus I love the addition of the strip light that has been installed into the inlet of the ceiling and helps to light up a side of the hallway.

27. Wow factor

Walking into this hallway entrance would certainly give your guests the wow factor! I love the tall ceilings that have additional windows built-in which bring in so much extra light during the day. And then at night, the interesting black and gold light features work their magic to light up the room. Wow, indeed!

28. Neutral tones

Ah, I just love all the beautiful neutral tones in this hallway entrance! The whole space just looks so welcoming, yet so homely at the same time. The wooden finishes of the front door, timber following and bench seat add so much warmth whilst the style of the gold and glass light pendant helps to keep the space modern and on-trend as well as being a great source of light for night time.

29. Rustic metal pendants

This hallway looks like the entrance to a beautiful boho bedroom with its neutral tones and trendy finishes, so it only fits that the lighting reflects that. These rustic metal pendants work so well against the white walls and peach coloured built-in cabinetry. They help to create the boho look before even entering the bedroom!

30. Luxurious lighting

This hallway looks like it’s part of a palace with its golden pillars and opulent style or even rockstars home with the Elvis mugshot! So the extravagant gold chandeliers are the perfect addition to this very elegant and ostentatious exterior

31. Sparkly crystallised chandeliers

sparkling chandelier in luxurious hallway
Source: Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels

Here’s another hallway that has utilised the opulence of chandeliers. There is a beautiful large sparkly crystallised chandelier in the entrance as well as the chandelier in the dining area that is visible from the hallway that both look beautiful against the dark navy blue tones of the paintwork. Plus how cute are the little yellow gumboots and the red car in the hallway!

32. Skylight

If your roof permits it, skylights are a great way to bring in light to an area without having to use any electricity. The skylight in this hallway is bringing in so much natural light that it is even helping the gorgeous plants to thrive indoors!

33. LED strip light path

Just like number 14, here is another great way to light the path of your hallway. LED strip lights are a super-easy way to bring in some extra light into any space and I absolutely love the glowing effect that these lights give to this hallway!

34. Simple, elegant and spacious

This hallway is certainly simple, elegant and spacious. The hallway entrance is minimalistic and oh-so-chic with the monochromatic colour palette and simple details. When you want to create a spacious look but still want to add some lighting, then a light pendant that’s made out of glass will do the trick!

35. Iron up lights

We’ve talked about downlights and up downlights, but what about just up lights?! I love the look of these iron up lights that really help to illuminate the interesting pattern on the walls in this hallway which make the entrance to the rooms look very inviting and warm.

So there we have it, 35+ hallway lighting ideas to inspire you to bring some more light into your dark hallways! I absolutely love the spaces that utilise the glass lighting pendants as well as the areas that match the pendants to the rest of the decor. What lighting ideas will you be using for inspiration in your hallway? Let me know below!


Elise H

I've recently moved into a new home and I've been having so much fun decorating it with pretty wall prints and Scandinavian-inspired furniture. So as well as being a freelance writer, I'm always on the lookout for new design pieces for my home!

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