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35 Dreamy boho bedroom ideas

By Elise Hodge

Published: August 31st, 2020

Take your bedroom from basic to bohemian with these fabulous colourful ideas!

Boho design is so in right now. Everywhere you look, designers and savvy home DIYers alike are adding natural, bohemian touches in every way they can into homes. Why? It’s the modern equivalent to the shabby chic beachside living we saw last decade, but it’s so much more adaptable as it works in countryside estates or urban inner-city apartments. So what does a boho bedroom look like?

Well, the real hero at the moment is rattan or cane, and it’s having a huge revival. And then you just need to combine either of these options – macrame, hanging plants, linen, tassels, Morrocan or cowhide rugs, leather and other natural materials.

So how do you create your own boho bedroom? Well, I’ve done the digging for you and found 35 incredible boho bedroom ideas.

1. Rattan headboard

Here it is – the rattan headboard. This is an absolute staple in your boho bedroom. And the great thing is that they come in all shapes, sizes and patterns. There are rattan headboards that are round, square and curved. Some are more simple and understated while others exude flair. Whatever one you choose, it will be sure to make sure the bedroom feels instantly boho.

rattan bedhead
Source: Adairs

2.  Macrame touches

Here’s another good old bohemian staple – macrame! This decorative braided piece is the perfect thing to place on your wall. After a decades-long hiatus, the trendy textile has come back on the style scene over the last few years and in a big way! If you have a knack for DIY-ing, you’ll be able to find some great blogs with step-by-step instructions for making your own macrame—or you can find plenty of macramé products pre-made by artists on Etsy or other marketplaces.

Macrame boho bedroom art
Source: Temple and Webster

3. Braided boho

Here’s some more macrame beauty, but this time it’s combined with plants! How adorable are these little potted plant holders? I love that different greens have been used in each pot to make it visually appealing. Plus, the glowing lights look brilliant draping down around everything.

Boho bedroom Macrame
Source: Shein

4. Retro Bohemian

Go all out with colour by creating a bright and bold boho bedroom like this. It’s filled with all sorts of interesting treasures with patterns galore. I personally love the split of the dark green and white wall – this is one simple way to completely transform your space without giving it a huge overhaul. Plus, the addition of a colourful rug helps add colour and interest.

vintage boho bedroom
Source: restyleart

5. Let the light in

How gorgeous is this stunning light-filled bedroom? While the curved rattan bed frame is truly gorgeous, what really draws my eye is the curtains. I love how they are sheer and drape down from a beautiful gold railing. Choosing a white or sheer curtain like this will soften the rest of your space, especially if you have bold colours like that of the deep green feature wall.

Boho feature bedroom wall
Source: One Kings Lane

6. Timber touches

Timber is another mainstay of boho bedrooms. And it looks perfect when combined with rattan – the two seamlessly go together! I love the honey-coloured bed and dressers in this room.

Plus, the floating shelf is so cute and handy for decorating! How lovely is the hanging vine that’s draping down over the bedhead? Just make sure you get the floating shelving properly installed.

Scandi Boho bedroom
Source: Like to Know it

7. Minimalist boho

This room is proof that it doesn’t have to take a lot to create a boho bedroom. While you can go all out with pieces, you can also keep it relatively minimalist. The trick here is to make the right choices when it comes to the items that you will use.

For example, this timber bed sets the perfect foundation and is dressed up with a simple white cover complete with matching cushions and a throw. There’s a cosy shaggy rug under the bed with a little rattan pouf, and plenty of greenery hanging about!

Boho peach bedroom
Source: A Taste of Koko

Want an eye-catching light like this? Once you’ve picked your fave, get it hooked up with your pendant light installed by a qualified electrician.

8. Hang it up

This space is oh-so-cute. And while a lot of boho bedroom designs have a lot of bright, bold or warm colours, this one keeps things more on the muted side. The colour here is the mustard, which is woven in through the spotted cushion on the bed and the seat on the left.

But the coolest thing about this space is the clever bedroom storage. I love how the little hooks have been added to the wall on the left to hold handbags, pictures and more. Plus, a floating shelf is always handy, and I love those prints!

Modern boho bedroom
Source: jellinadetmar

9. Simple dresser

If you don’t have a lot of cupboard space, you’re going to need some clever storage solutions. And while there’s nothing particularly exciting about a plain dresser, you can fancy it up! Take inspiration from this one – it’s also a display for a mirror, lamp, and a few leafy green bedroom plants.

Boho dressing table
Source: jnaydaily

10. Fun wallpaper

If you want to change things up a bit, wall design is the way to do it! And this sweet pink-and-white bird wallpaper is so much fun! The best thing about bedroom wallpaper is that you can add it now and change it later as your style evolves.

patterned bedhead and bird wallpaper
Source: alexandragater

And once you want a change of pace, you can learn how to remove wallpaper yourself or get someone to take down the wallpaper for you and reinstall a new wallpaper print.

11. Maximum impact

This bedroom is a combination of colourful and vintage boho. There’s so much eye candy that I don’t even know where to start. But really – let’s look at that amazing retro rug which fits in so nicely with the bold purple-pink wall. Plus, another creative boho decor idea is to hang woven baskets or bowls on the wall, like in this design. It’s super simple but it makes a huge impact!

Colourful boho bedroom
Source: ___duundich__

12. Scandinavian style

If you prefer to steer clear of all the colours and keep things more on the neutrals side, then this kind of boho bedroom is for you. It’s essentially Scandinavian style but the addition or rattan and woven pieces and lush greenery make it a tad boho.

Scandinavian Boho bedroom

13. 70’s inspired

How fun is this retro space? It’s modern chic meets boho 70’s and I’m here for it! First of all, that wallpaper is something to admire. And I love the sweet timber and triangular-patterned mirror that’s leaning against the wall. Plus, the orange pillows on the bed sure make a statement.

70's boho bedroom
Source: Style by Emily Henderson

14. Rugs galore

One quick way to make your bedroom a boho oasis? Add a rug! Or… why not make that two? This bedroom is made super cosy with multiple rugs on the floor. The best thing is that you can combine different colours and textures for a unique look, like in this case. I particularly love the shaggy white patterned rug – it looks like it’d be super comfy underfoot.

grand bed
Source: My Scandinavian Home

15. Basket lights

Here’s another Scandi-inspired bedroom that’s light and minimalist in colour. But it’s made ultra boho with the addition of those fabulous baskets covering the three lights. Plus, the addition of the rattan decor pieces on the wall ties the whole look together perfectly.

rattan lights
Source: bohoofeelings

16. Sitting nook

Love to laze about and read a book in the morning or afternoon? Then there’s nothing better than having a sweet place to do that! So why not create a sitting space of your own in your bedroom? Make it boho by laying a rug on the ground, choosing a cane chair and decorating with sweet little planters. Cute!

Boho bedroom sitting area
Source: Green Wedding Shoes

17. Vases of flowers

Add colour and life to your bedroom (and make it just a touch boho) by placing a fresh bunch of flowers in a vase next to your bed. I love the orange hues in these ones – they make the space so warm and homely.

Boho bedroom flowers
Source: itsmethatgirlwiththeredhair

18. Jungle style

Green, anyone? This bedroom is very boho indeed and it’s fascinating!.While there are a few vine plants hanging around, the real heroes of this design are the green glass vases, jars and bottles. And I love how the light from the lamps reflects off them – so cool!

green bedroom styling
Source: zebodeko

19. Handy storage

Any bedroom can get messy very quickly if you don’t have the right places to store things… (or if you simply don’t put things away!). If you’re looking for smart storage solutions, then take inspiration from this space. It has a small pod of box shelves on the floor, some with drawers and others left open. And it also has a brilliant timber floating shelf above the bed… This is super handy for holding anything you want to keep within arm’s reach, like books, or any other trinkets!

Boho styling hacks
Source: thewhitehoneyhome

20. Hats on the wall

This clever design trend has sprung up on the scene over the last few years and I’m here for it. The best thing about it is that it doesn’t require you having to buy something completely new. If you have hats lying around the house, simply hang them up on the wall! You can create detail and interest by layering them at different heights, like this lot.

bedroom hat wall
Source: shylacino

21. Pretty patterns

If you’re a DIY-er at heart, you’re going to love this bedroom. It’s filled with lots of different creative pieces. First, there are the tiny succulents in little pots hanging against the wall. And then there’s the detailed floral wallpaper, which is just so cute! Plus, the bed is perfectly thrown together with a mix of textures and colours.

Boho wildflower wallpaper
Source: bricksandbotanics

22. Simple stripes

This bedroom design is more of a modern take on a bohemian bedroom but it’s still so much fun. If you’re wanting to keep things simple, stripes is a great way to add patterns to your bedroom. Take inspiration from the throw that’s strewn across the bed – it adds another dimension to this already beautiful space.

Boho bedroom
Source: kcdesignco

23. Tassels galore

There’s nothing more boho than tassels. So if you’re wanting to make your bedroom bohemian style without moving around the furniture, purchase a couple of tasselled pillows and add them to your bed. Plus, they work perfectly with other textures like that lovely brown leather chair on the left and the cosy cream doona.

Boho bedroom
Source: kcdesignco

24. Scandi simple

Here’s another minimalist boho design in all of its glory. This space is fresh, light and airy. And if you want to create a look like this for yourself, all you need to do is hang some pictures on the wall. Just be sure to choose the right ones, because the combination will let it speak for itself.

Source: duwart_

25. Black and white stripes

More stripes? Always! If you prefer to make your bedroom dark and moody, then this bedspread will do the trick. It’s a great choice because you can turn it up one side so that it’s mostly black or turn it the other side so that white is the foundation. Whatever side you choose, it’ll be sure to look amazing surrounded by plants and prints!

Boho bedroom
Source: wingardium.levanessa

26. Dried flowers

These beauties are all the rage right now and it’s easy to understand why. Purchasing fresh flowers each week can be a drain on the bank account. So why not keep your space looking pretty all year round with a perfectly curated bunch like these? Plus, I love the vase it’s in – it adds so much texture and warmth.

Boho bedroom
Source: marinasurrey

27. Cottage style

Make your boho bedroom feel like home with a unique wall display. This one cleverly incorporates woven baskets. This adds warmth to the rest of the room which is mostly cool and white.

Boho bedroom
Source: Cottage Bound

28. Exposed brick

Want to spruce up your space? Create a fabulous feature wall like this white brick one. When it comes to boho design, texture is everything. And this wall plus the geometric-patterned rug add a whole lot of it!

Boho bedroom
Source: Oulavix

29. Colours galore

On the other hand, if you’re a maximalist and colour is your love language, then this bedroom may be more your style. In this case, more is more – so pile on the patterns, textures and bold colours. I think the hot pink side table is a heap of fun!

Boho bedroom
Source: noemionebohostreet

30. Pretty in pink

Ooh-la-la – I love these soft tones. This bedroom is totally dreamy and it would be the perfect place to lounge around in on a Saturday morning, coffee in hand. I really like the lights that reflect onto the walls. To achieve this look for yourself, hang a string of light bulbs across your room. They’ll be sure to cast light around your room day time or night!

Source: Hello Boho Lover

31. Plant paradise

Calling all plant lovers – this is the bedroom for you! If you’ve got a green thumb (because let’s be real, you’re going to need one…), then why not go wild with potted plants.

To achieve this look, you’re going to need plenty of little hooks on the ceiling so you can hang your beauties. Just make sure you water them regularly and you’ll be in paradise!

Boho bedroom
Source: merakikollektiv

32. IKEA style

Infuse the best of Scandinavian style with lots of greenery for the perfect jungle style bedroom. How quirky is the IKEA bed frame? It’s a little different and that’s why I love it so much! Plus, I love the addition of the small steps on the right of the bed and the tiny floating shelf above it. These little timber touches make this bedroom so special.

Source: anotherpiasview

33. Rattan touches

How gorgeous is this boho bedroom? There’s a lot going on in this space, so I want to break it down for you. The real hero items are the light fixture (it’s an IKEA one, by the way), the oval-shaped headboard, and the hats that have been strategically hung.

This is proof that paying attention to the details really does matter when creating your bedroom. With a few choice pieces and the right colours (think warm tones), you can have a beautiful bedroom just like this one.

Boho bedroom
Source: styledbymarit

34. Deep green

If you’re wanting to create an ultra calming bedroom, this is the one for you! I love this combination of dark green with spotted pillows – it’s so fun. But the real hero in this room (for me, anyway) is the wall behind the bed. I love the slatted timber look – it’s one very simple way to add detail and interest to a bedroom while still maintaining a minimal design.

Boho bedroom
Source: our.boho.abode

35. Crisp white

Nothing can beat a clean, white foundation. And this bedroom is the perfect boho-white combo. Those sheets look super comfy and cosy. And the mirror fits perfectly sitting above the timber headboard. Plus, I love the green plants that are hanging from the ceiling and dotted around the space in pots.

Boho bedroom
Source: Our Barnes Yard

So, there you have it – 35+ incredible boho bedroom ideas. Which ones were your favourites? My personal favourites were anything with greenery. I’m a big plant lover, so the more the merrier! Plus, I also love all of the rattan touches – they’re so in right now and add lots of warmth to any space. I’d love to hear from you! So before you go, comment and tell me which idea you’re going to try out.


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