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Event Planning Checklist

By Katie

Updated: January 5th, 2024

It’s the time of year for Christmas parties, New Year’s Eve celebrations and weddings with friends and family. We love "Event Planning Checklist"

It’s the time of year for Christmas parties, New Year’s Eve celebrations and weddings with friends and family. We love nothing more than putting on a good party filled with fun and laughter but it can also stressful.

Shopping, cooking, cleaning and putting on a smile can all be a bit exhausting, but being planned and organised will help you breeze through your event so you can truly enjoy yourself.

Here’s an event planning checklist that will help you get through without losing your cool:

A. Pre-event

1. Budget
Creating a budget no matter how large or small your event may be is key. Splitting out food/ catering, drinks, entertainment, event staff and decorations so that there are no surprises along the way.

For larger events, keep a active run sheet of all expenses so you always know where you stand financially.

2. Shop around
Take time to look at different venues and option when it comes to decorations and entertainment such as photo booths and furniture because there are real bargains to be had. It’s important to do your research and negotiate if you feel comfortable on extras such as installation and pack-down.

3. Key event questions to ask yourself
– Do you need an MC or host?
– What’s the timeline for arrivals, food, entertainment etc.
– Have you paid deposits?
– Is there are seating plan?
– Do you need to organise event transportation?

4. Invitations

event planning checklist invitations
Source: Ceci Style

Make sure your invitations are sent with plenty of notice, at least a month or two. More importantly if you need RSVP’s follow up people who haven’t responded along with any dietary requirements.

If it’s an event where participants have to register and pay, setting up online registration via websites such as Eventbrite make it super easy to keep track.

Holding a large-scale public event? You’ll also need to consider the following:

1. Local Government requirements
2. Marketing & promotion
3. Permits and licenses (council, food, drinks, entertainment, road closures)
4. Risk management & contingency plans e.g. first aid, wet weather
5. Security
6. Waste management
7. Traffic management
8. Cleaning and maintenance planning
9. Volunteers

B. On the day

Be organised by having everything ready, if you are getting help from other people, make sure they are briefed on what they need to do and when.

For a larger event, make sure other people have contractors phone numbers because the organizer is bound to be pulled in a million directions.

If anything such as decorations and table settings, can be set up hours in advance, do so, you’ll be thanking us later when you’re not running around trying to finish off everything before guests arrive.

event planning checklist table
Source: Exquisite Events

Most importantly, remember to have fun, talk to people and enjoy yourself.

C. Post-event

No one wants to clean up after an event so it’s best to hire a service or outsource it your cleaning to Airtasker. You deserve a well-earned rest!

event setup by Airtasker

Thank you letters to people who helped out with food or at the event is important to show your appreciation for all their efforts.

Finally close your budget and make sure all payments are made along with a debrief for larger events so you know what to improve on next time.



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