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35 Beautiful bathroom laundry ideas

By Elise Hodge

Published: April 26th, 2021

Need to optimise your space? Why not combine your laundry and bathroom with these fabulous ideas!

When bathrooms meet laundries they can really be a match made in heaven and live spaciously ever after (if done right). When space is a hot commodity, you start to get savvy with how well you use what you’ve got. If you’re living in a smaller place, then combining your bathroom and laundry is a great space saver indeed! And if you’ve got a small space to work with, I know it can be pretty daunting trying to fit everything you need into one space. It may sound scary now to commit to combining your bathroom and laundry, but that’s why we’ve put these stunning bathroom laundry ideas together.

When combining a bathroom and laundry there are so many different things you’ll need in the space such as a toilet, shower, vanity, washing machine, dryer and storage. So how do you fit everything in, you ask?! Well, you’ve come to the right place.

1. White, wood and tiles

First up we have this gorgeous bathroom laundry which has oh so much class! The white sink area with white cupboards looks gorgeous paired next to the whitewashing machine. And I love the light wooden cupboards above the washing machine which also continues through to the sink area as a little extra decorative element to keep things looking seamless and continuous. Plus the tiled walls look great as they are still keeping in the neutral colour scheme but also add a bit of texture to the room at the same time.

laundry bathroom with timber cabintery
Source: Laurence Ramondenc

2. Hidden away

This laundry bathroom is super simple but super effective. What looks like a vanity area, is actually the main laundry part with the washing machine hidden away behind the wooden panel and the other side is left empty to be able to keep a laundry basket inside. And I love how the wood used for the cabinetry in the room has also been continued through to the border around the mirror area. What a gorgeous space!

bathroom laundry hidden in cabintery
Source: Brilliant SA

3. Lots of storage

If you have a multipurpose space such as a laundry and bathroom, then lots of storage is definitely a welcomed feature! Having lots of storage in a bathroom laundry means that you have enough room to store your much-needed bathroom and laundry products as well as towels and any other necessities you need. I love how the finish of the cupboard cabinetry is the same as the cabinetry where the sink is which really creates a great continuity.

Source: Evolved Interiors

4. Narrow space

This one is for you if you have a narrow bathroom laundry room. It helps to keep everything quite simple and straightforward when you haven’t got much space to work with. That’s why seamless cupboards with no handles work so well. And I love that the wall with the toilet and bathroom sink has been kept pretty simple as well with storage space behind the mirrored areas. Plus how great is the lighting used in this bathroom laundry with light permeating from behind the cabinets and mirrors!

Source: Get Stuff

5. Convenient decor

In a small space, you definitely should utilise convenience over anything else. This small bathroom laundry is super simple with the straightforward white cabinetry with a wooden benchtop as well as the sink and toilet area which has been finished off with the same wood and white scheme! Plus if you are a little shorter or have little kids that are always eager to help, then a stool will come in handy as well as a basket for added storage.

Small laundry
Source: Our Krook Nook

6. Modern finishes

If you’re ever wondering what theme to go with for your decoration style, then modern is a great way to go! It’s timeless, sleek and will stand the test of time. I love the very clear and clean shower screens in this modern bathroom laundry which helps the room to feel bigger and more open. And I love that the toilet is tucked away into its own little nook to help create some separation to the different areas.

Source: Smith and Sons QLD

7. Bi-fold doors

How awesome is this laundry with the bi-fold doors? This would be a great idea for a smaller space where you want to fit a toilet, sink and washing machine in one area and out of sight. I love the way the bi-fold doors open and reveal the unexpected room behind the doors! And the black doors against the mostly white bathroom laundry really works so well! Just add some black features like baskets and a hand towel to tie the two in together!

Source: Justin Place Sydney

But if you want other types of doors that work with the space you have, there are plenty more in the bathroom laundry ideas below!

8. Practical sinks

Bathroom laundries should be as much practical as they are aesthetically pleasing. Who wants an impractical space?! Not me! And I love how practical the sinks are in this bathroom laundry with the white sink for washing hands and the other sink for rinsing clothes or dirtier ‘laundry’ type jobs. Plus you can never go wrong with white walls and a white benchtop which makes everything look so clean and neat.

Source: NCP Bathroom Centres

9. Small space? No worries!

If you’ve got a small space to work with but still want to combine your bathroom and laundry, I’m here to tell you that it is definitely achievable! I love how there are really only two walls being used in this space (apart from the heater and towel rack on the right wall). On one wall you have the ‘bathroom’ section with the toilet, sink and vanity area and on the other wall, you have the ‘laundry’ area with the laundry tub, washer and dryer. What a clever space!

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Source: Dear Eileen

10. Sleek cabinetry

How sleek is this cabinetry! So often we see matte cabinetry but how stunning is the shiny white finish on the cupboards. With the shiny, sleek finish the lights in the room really bounce off the surfaces so beautifully. I love how there have also been a couple of little nook shelves kept open in the cabinetry to display folder towels and to put a lovely trailing vine plant on the shelf.

Source: Master Bathrooms and Kitchens

11. Separate spaces

Even if you’ve combined your bathroom and laundry space, there are still so many ways that you can execute your space so that the different areas look like separate spaces. I love that there is a wall between where the toilet and washer and dryer are in this room. And it also looks like the toilet area has been slightly elevated so that it appears to be an entirely different room.

Source: The Lover of Love

12. Wash, dry and fold

If your kids (or even you) need a little push when it comes to washing clothes, then this ‘wash, dry and fold’ sign is definitely there to steer whoever in the right direction. I absolutely love how light and airy this space is! It’s white on white however there are lots of different textures around the place which make the space seem less stark and much more inviting. Plus a wall to separate the toilet and where you do your washing is always a very genius idea!

Source: Rehab Haven

13. Black fixtures

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… Adding black to your white spaces creates so much depth and dimension! And this bathroom laundry definitely proves just that. The black clothes rack and fixtures are the perfect choice for this space. I love the seamless white cabinetry which goes well with the white walls, toilet, sink and benchtops, along with the wooden accents through the cabinetry where the sink is and vanity mirror.

Source: Sydney Construct

14. Monochrome space

If you want to create a modern bathroom laundry, then monochrome is definitely the way to go. If you’re not sure what monochrome means, it’s essentially something that is black and white or varying tones of the two. I love how the sink and laundry area is separated by an awesome black framed window! You could almost play tic tac toe in the squares while someone is having a steam-filled shower and the other person is doing the washing!

Source: Mahens Home

15. Marble finishes

If you’re not quite convinced about adding black detailing to your white bathroom laundries, then you totally don’t have to! This white on white bathroom is so calming with its very limited colour palette of white with hints of grey through the marble stone. The use of marble really is such a great idea as no two spaces will ever look the same due to the unique veining in each piece.

White bathroom
Source: William White Builders

16. Wall divider

Here’s another bathroom laundry that is separated by a wall! I love that even in a multipurpose space, you can still make the two areas feel like completely different rooms quite easily. The wall in the middle looks like it wraps around to hold the contents of the laundry inside of it. And I love how the clear glass has been used for the shower which helps to keep things feeling open and larger.

Source: J Brewer Carpentry

17. Simple space

This bathroom laundry is super simple but sometimes that’s all you need! If you’re just starting off, then maybe this is exactly what your bathroom laundry looks like and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. This laundry bathroom literally has the most necessary things like a toilet, shower and washer. Easy, understated and uncomplicated. Although I would suggest a rug on the floor and perhaps a cute little print on the wall to spruce things up a bit!

Small bathroom
Source: Creative Coastal Tiling

18. Luxurious cabinetry

It may seem like a little much at the time, but spending that little bit extra on custom cabinetry and getting a quality product rather than something that’s going to fall apart in a few years is always a good idea if you can do it. And this cabinetry just looks so luxurious and built to last for years to come. I love the contrast of the perfectly folded white towels amongst the darkness of the brown wood cabinetry.

Source: Burgess Custom Cabinetry

19. Indoor plants

There’s nothing I love more in a home than indoor plants. Not only do bathroom indoor plants look incredible in a home, but they also have so many benefits too. Indoor plants are known to help purify the air which is something I’m sure we could all benefit from at the moment. I love how there are hanging plants and then also a plant that has been perfectly placed on the table. What a gorgeous space!

Source: Eighty Seventh Story

20. Marble tiling

So often we see marble in a big slab however when it is broken up into small tiled pieces it gives it such an awesome look! I love the texture that the marble tiling gives this bathroom laundry. Plus what an awesome idea to have doors on the area where your ‘laundry’ space is so that you can close it off when you just want a bathroom rather than a laundry bathroom as well.

Source: Design Stuff

21. Hexagonal flooring

How awesome is the hexagonal flooring in this bathroom laundry! I love how the outside part of the design is light grey, then goes to black and ends up at white which matches so well with the walls and appliances. Also how lovely is the dark wood cabinetry to the left which would be the perfect place to store anything that is readily used in the bathroom or the laundry.

Source: Paper Chase Interiors

22. Storage on wheels

If you are always on the go and like to move things around for convenience, then add wheels to it! I love that the wheeled part in this awesome bathroom laundry cabinetry can be wheeled into the cabinetry and sit completely flush with the rest of the instalment. This looks like a very loved and used space indeed. I just hope that someone would tend to that washing asap.

Source: Diotti Interiors

23. Custom cabinetry

I know it’s probably cheaper to buy furniture and cabinets that are already made, but ordering custom cabinetry means that your space will look much more put together and thought out. I love the custom cabinetry which has been perfectly measured out and built to fit this area perfectly. Putting a table around your washing machine and dryer means that you always have a spot to display decor or store any most used items you need close by.

Source: House Number 4

24. Nudie rudie

How sweet is this narrow and long bathroom laundry! I love the warmth of the light permeating through the window and onto which makes this space feel so welcoming. Plus the warmth of the wooden finishes looks stunning with the white paint. And who can go wrong with some awesome black hooks to hang things on! And we can’t mention that cute little ‘nudie rudie’ bath mat on the ground!

Source: Jak Building

25. Seamless finishes

There are so many seamless finishes in this bathroom laundry from the sleek cabinetry to the awesome bathroom tiling in the toilet area! The white cabinetry looks so sleek and I love the decision to install round handles to the top half of the cupboards and then a longer handle to the bottom. I suppose that when your hand reaches out at different angles, the different shapes work much better for optimum comfort. And I love the grey stone-like tiling which looks so seamless and helps to separate the toilet from the laundry.

Source: Kaboodle Kitchen

26. White on white

Well here’s a very white on white laundry bathroom! Pretty much everything is white in this room: from the cabinetry and benchtops to the toilet and washer and dryer. And I absolutely love the LED strip light which has been installed under the wall-mounted cabinet which creates a lovely glow and also matches the natural sunlight coming in from the sides of the window covering.

Source: Elcom Homes

27. Warm glow

Speaking of natural sunlight coming in from outside, check out this gorgeous bathroom laundry! I love the warm glow which is coming through the window covering and bringing so much gorgeous natural light into this space. Plus the wooden benchtop is the perfect warm addition to this welcoming space. Just add some floating shelves with your favourite decor displayed and voila!

Source: Our Sweet Retreat

28. Bright and bold

Something tells me that the owner of this bathroom laundry is a very fun person! I love the bright and bold pattern used for the shower curtain which has also been used over where the washer and dryer is. How fun and quirky! Plus the addition of the orange towel hanging up almost looks like it has been purposely placed there as the colour is the perfect contrast to the green of the curtains!

Source: Insperiors

29. Mint and wood

Ah, how stunning is this combination! Mint and wood is always a great idea if you’re looking for a neutral colour palette, however with a bit of pizzazz. I love the mint coloured cabinetry which matches perfectly with the wooden instalment that wraps around the washing machine and then continues across as a benchtop for the sink area and then up for some shelves.

Source: The Fascinating Home Decor

30. Light grey walls

If you’re sick of seeing white everywhere, then this one is definitely for you! Light grey walls are a great alternative to white and give a very soft look without being too much. I love the way the skirting and ceiling has still been kept white to match the toilet, appliances and benchtop. What an adorable little space!

Source: The Home Life With Claire

31. Trendy space

Now here’s a very trendy bathroom laundry! I love how minimal this space is! The bathroom laundry is quite narrow which makes your eye automatically go down to the end of the room where there is a beautiful view of the garden outside. If you’re a minimalist and don’t want too much around, don’t forget just to add a round mirror and a feature pendant to keep things interesting.

Source: Justin Place Sydney

32. Thoughtful decor

This space is filled with so much thoughtful decor! I love the three little trees to the left of the sink as well as the cute little pine cone next to the products on the sink and the plant on top of the toilet! Plus the prints on the wall look so stunning in their black frames. And eye spy the washing machine in that awesome round black framed mirror.

Source: ALC Interiors

33. Geometric design

If you’ve got a simple space to work with that has a limited colour palette, then using tiles with a geometric design is such a good way to go. I love the geometric Aztec print of the tiling in this bathroom laundry as it really helps to bring so much pattern and character to the space. Just add a thriving plant and a basket for added storage and you have yourself a beautifully on-trend bathroom laundry!

Source: Cement Tile Shop

34. Sliding door

Sliding doors are a great way to hide things that you don’t want other people to see (perhaps the area is untidy or just not that nice to look at like a washer and a dryer). I love how the washer and dryer can just be completely closed off and not easily seen in this bathroom laundry. Out of sight, out of mind.

Source: The Fascinating Home Decor

35. Accordion doors

Speaking of sliding doors, here’s our last bathroom laundry idea with accordion doors! Accordion doors fold into themself and slide across when you no longer want a certain area on show. This would be great if you are having guests over and want to hide the ‘laundry’ part of your bathroom laundry.

White bathroom
Source: Pin Point Construction

So there we have 35+ bathroom laundry ideas to help you in combining your two spaces! I absolutely love the bathroom laundries that have separated the rooms either with a wall, different tiling or even adding doors to close things away. What ideas will you be trying? Leave them in the comments below!


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