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Whether you’re planning on relocating around Singapore or need help decluttering, hiring a moving company will make the moving process quicker and easier. The cost for house movers in Singapore varies widely—depending on the volume of items that need to be moved, the distance between properties, and the kind of moving service you need, you can expect to spend anything from $250 to $1,500.

Want to learn more about mover cost in Singapore? Read on for a simple guide on what to look for when choosing moving companies and how to avoid additional fees.

What do movers do?

a mover loading boxes into a truck

Professional house movers are responsible for the overall moving process—transporting your belongings from one property to another. They handle all the services necessary to transport your things safely and on time—including packing, loading, transportation, unloading, and unpacking.

A moving company often works in teams to make the entire process smoother. A reputable company will send you a moving crew that will take you from packing up your home to settling at a new one.

House movers Singapore price guide

How much do movers cost? Several factors would affect the final quote from the moving company you choose—we’ll discuss these later. However, here are some estimates you can reference:

Average moving costs

Average length of moving job

Studio apartment


2–3 hours

3-room HDB flat


3–5 hours

4-room flat


4–6 hours

5-room flat


5–7 hours

Condominiums & private apartments


From 4 hours

Landed property

From $1,000

From 4 hours

You can hire local movers at a per-job or hourly rate. Professional moving services cost around $100–$150 an hour, and Singapore has a wealth of moving companies you can explore. If you need assistance moving just a few items, you may even be able to find freelance movers for as low as $25. The larger and more complex the moving services, the longer it will take and the more it will cost.

Items to be moved

One thing that will significantly impact your moving costs is the type, size, and number of items to be moved. For instance, large items like furniture will involve more labour as these will likely have to be disassembled; they will also take up more space, so you must consider a moving truck instead of a van. Additionally, if smaller items are packed into several smaller boxes, they might take your moving service longer to pack and load. Fragile items may need more careful packing.

Property type

As you can tell from the comparison table above, costs can increase according to the property size and the number of rooms. Moving house from an industrial building will differ from a private three-story home. For moving companies, generally, the larger the property and the more rooms, the more items will need to be moved—it may even increase the number of trips your moving company makes.



Moving companies also heavily consider distance when providing you with an expense quote. Although Singapore isn’t a large country geographically, relocation can still cost you a fair amount of money. Getting quotes from several local movers is important to determine which will cost the least.

Whether you’re making a domestic move or an international relocation is the same. International moves come with additional considerations—storage, customs fees, insurance, and your prospective moving company’s track record with these complex moves. International moving companies in Singapore may charge anywhere from $2,000 to more than $25,000.

Additional services

Comparing costs is a must when looking for professional movers. In addition to the moving service, you want to look out for additional services offered or materials that might incur hidden costs, including the following:

  • Packing of items (some moving companies charge separately for packing and wrapping bulky and fragile items)

  • Disassembling large items (like furniture)

  • Packing and moving extra-large items (like pianos)

  • Temporary storage space or storage services, like warehouse space, especially if it’s a long-haul or international move

  • Lifting/hoisting heavy or bulky items

  • Unpacking service

  • Time (companies may charge extra for rush hour, weekend, or holiday moves)

  • Item disposal

  • Rush moving

How to save money on moving services

two movers loading boxes

Relocation can turn out to be a costly process. If you’re sure you don’t want to go the DIY route and are willing to explore moving companies, then these following tips can help you reduce your expenses elsewhere:

  1. Prepare and organise moving lists: The smoother and more organised your relocation process, the less likely you will need to incur additional costs. Know exactly what you are packing and moving, and make an inventory before hiring a house mover.

  2. Purchase packing materials yourself: Some moving companies will offer you packing materials for extra fees when moving house. A way to cut costs here is to source materials like bubble wrap yourself—though make sure to use the best quality materials you can find.

  3. Get multiple quotes: Compare moving services by requesting quotes from multiple companies. Cheap movers may not always be the best choice—it depends on your needs and the complexity of the job. Make sure to request quotations in writing so it will be easier to compare them side by side and take note of the services promised. Also, take some time to research your moving company; check out reviews from previous customers if you have access.

  4. Brief your moving service thoroughly: Be clear with your moving company about what you need to move. Note any special items, such as fragile, delicate, or oversized items. Also, mention any special considerations, like if you’re moving with kids or pets or need storage solutions.

  5. Ask about all fees: Before hiring movers, ask about all possible fees. For example, a moving service may provide free dismantling of general furniture, while other movers don’t. Ask moving companies about flat rates and additional fees that may not always be included in your quote, such as fuel charges, to avoid surprise or hidden costs.

What to include in your listing

If you’re all set to start your relocation process with a moving company, consider the following tips for creating your request:

  • Include important details, such as your current address and the address you’re moving to.

  • Indicate whether it is a permanent or temporary move.

  • Describe the belongings you need to move and any special considerations, requests, or other requirements. Inquire about any policies you should know about.

  • Mention your target move date and expected timeline.

  • Indicate when you expect them to confirm or decline.

  • Attach your contact details.

Engage movers with ease

Now that you better understand the average cost of movers in Singapore, it’s time to get your bases covered. House moving can take a lot of time and resources, and the best Singapore house movers can make the process much easier for you. The tips above should lead you to a more informed decision once you have a few options for your moving company. 

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FAQs on mover cost

Moving costs in Singapore can vary widely; moving companies charge from as low as $250 to $1,500 or more, depending on several factors. It’s important to discuss your needs thoroughly with your prospective moving service to know the exact costs.

Before you hire movers, you should be fully aware of which belongings you need to move and, ideally, have a timeline of your expected move. Be sure to ask moving companies about extra fees tacked on to the estimate provided and any relevant policies.

Choose a season that is not too humid or sees frequent rain. The dry months of March to August are ideal. However, depending on the moving company, you may encounter additional fees during weekends, rush hours, or public holidays, so choose a move date wisely.

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