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Looking to get rid of some old furniture? Whether you are Spring cleaning, relocating, or general decluttering, enlisting a furniture disposal service can be a game-changer. Hiring a professional to get your furniture disposal done for you saves you time, energy, and cost and helps you potentially avoid fees. Typical furniture removal cost ranges from $40–$150, depending on how complicated the job is.

Learn more in our guide below so you can easily book a furniture disposal service.

How much does it cost for furniture removal?

Furniture removal prices are quite straightforward—they are commonly tied to the kind of furniture removalists will dispose of. If you have any old or unwanted furniture, the usual costs are summarized in the table below:





Washer & dryer






Chest of drawers


Dining table




Dining chair


Bed frame


Coffee table










TV console


a furniture removalist loading a washing machine into a truck

Other than physically removing the old furniture from your home and discarding them, furniture disposal services may help with handling essential permits (especially for large items). Some also help dismantle heavy furniture, though you would want to check whether this service is offered at an extra charge.

Factors affecting furniture disposal cost

Type of furniture disposal services

In Singapore, furniture disposal companies are of two types: garbage dump pick-up or storage service. Garbage dump pick-ups handle waste disposal and will have a truck come to your residence to pick up your old furniture—though this may be the more expensive option if you have multiple items (ex., bulky items) to pick up. Condo apartment owners can check out the National Environment Agency’s list of approved waste collectors. Companies will charge you a fee for using their storage space for a while. 

Size and amount of furniture to be removed

As shown in the table above, furniture disposal services may charge anywhere from $40 to $150 for single items. You may need a custom quote if you plan to have multiple items or larger old furniture disposed of. Storage services may cost around $200 monthly.

Ways to reduce furniture disposal cost

Enlist HDB Town Council Furniture Disposal

Residents of HDB public housing can get their furniture removed free of charge through their local town councils. Locate the notice board in your HDB void deck—the estate cleaners will be listed, and you can look for the cleaning supervisor’s contact details. Set a date for when you want your furniture disposal to be done, and inform them of the type, size, and number of items to be removed. Let them know if any furniture requires disassembly (most will be happy to take this on, though you may want to offer them a fee for this extra service).

Disassemble bulky furniture

If you can handle it yourself, dismantling large and bulky furniture can reduce the overall quotation from your removalists as it would take less labour and time.

Resell your furniture

Before discarding your furniture, you may want to try and get at least a portion of your money’s worth by reselling your item if it’s still in good condition. You can sell it online through various marketplaces or e-commerce platforms and even hold a garage sale.

Haggle for a group discount

If you are disposing of several pieces of furniture, you can try negotiating with your removalist to get a group deal on their services.

Disposal company that offers recycling

Some removal companies also offer recycling. This may help you cut costs and is a more environmentally friendly option for getting rid of your furniture.


Another option is to get creative by upcycling your old furniture pieces. You can reupholster old chairs or couches, repaint coffee tables, or refinish wood furniture. You would be making a more eco-friendly choice by repurposing and reusing old furniture instead of disposing of them. If you’re moving house, you may not find the need for new furniture by upcycling used furniture. Consider this if you can still spare space for your existing furniture and have extra time to revamp the item.

two handymen moving a large cabinet

What to include in your listing

If you’ve decided on booking a furniture disposal service, it is best to be clear in your listing with the following details:

  • Description of the item, including size, number, and other important specs

  • Specific date you need the furniture removed by (if you’re moving, book your removal ahead of your moving date)

  • Any special considerations

  • Your contact details

Book a furniture removalist today

Let reliable disposal services assist you with disposing of your old furniture to free up your time and give you ease of mind. Now that you know the costs of furniture disposal, you can start booking quality service from the best disposal services to get your place cleared and clutter-free.

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FAQs on furniture removal cost

Furniture disposal services in Singapore handle bulky furniture disposal but may cost extra depending on the size and type of the item. You should also ask about any fees associated with disassembling large items.

A single bed frame costs approximately $40–$60 to dispose of—ask for a quote from your service provider for exact costs.

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