20+ Walk-in wardrobe ideas

By Elise Hodge

Updated: March 7th, 2024

Spruce up your clothing space with the addition of a fancy walk-in-wardrobe or remodel of an old one!

Remodelling your home? Take the opportunity to make as much room as possible with a walk-in wardrobe. This closet space is an additional room for clothes, bags, eyewear, and accessories. 

So whether you want to reorganise and redesign an existing wardrobe or build something from scratch, I’m sure you’ll be able to draw some inspiration from these 20+ walk-in wardrobe ideas.

1. Chic and seamless black 

Sleek black wardrobes are an excellent addition to a modern home. Depending on your home’s interiors, you can choose materials like glass or wood to build the space. Ensure you have a good balance of hanger and storage or drawer space, depending on how much you use these.

chic black closet
Source: Max Vakhtbovych via Pexels

Find the perfect storage space and type of closet design with an interior designer near you.

2. Upside-down drawers

Looking to maintain something minimalist, like a capsule wardrobe? Keep it simple with as few drawers as possible and just enough hanger space for your essentials. Upside-down drawers are a unique approach to your standard wardrobe. 

white upside-down drawers

3. Pendant lighting

Ah, I love how understated and classic this wood and beige walk-in wardrobe is! I love the wooden drawers, cupboards and bench tops which look oh-so classy with the black handles attached!

beautifully walk in closet with custom pendant lighting

4. Glass display

If you’re the type who enjoys seeing all their clothes at a glance, you’ll love this. Instead of using your standard cabinet doors, you can opt for glass ones to keep your clothes and accessories safe while also getting an easy view of what you might have available to wear for the day.

glass display wardrobe
Source: Андрей Постовой via Unsplash

5. Ambient lighting

Lighting is crucial in creating the vibe of any room, but especially your walk-in wardrobe. Experiment with different types of lighting that complements your skin tone and silhouette the most. This is a space you’d like to look your best, after all.

Chat with your local light installing service before making the change.

walk-in closet with lighting

6. Maximised storage

If you’ve limited space or want to make the most of your walk-in wardrobe, sneak as much shelving space as you can into your build.

closet space with plenty of storage
Source: Max Vakhtbovych via Pexels

7. Easy install drawer space

The best thing about DIY drawer space is that they’re easy to find in hardware stores. You can do them yourself to save on labour costs; however, if you’d like to still get it done quickly, you can always connect with professional wardrobe services near you.

Private spacious walk-in closet full of clothes and shoes with wooden wardrobes

8. Curved shelving systems

Sometimes rooms are irregularly shaped. Don’t miss the opportunity to maximise your space by installing shelves that adapt to the curves and corners of the house.

curved wall shelves

9. Camouflage wall panelling 

Going for minimalism? Why not camouflage your cabinets into the wall? Try using the same colour paint as the room’s interiors. If you don’t want it too bare, you can always bring some plants, framed photos, or art to decorate the space.

camouflaged white wall panel closet door
Source: Max Vakhtbovych via Pexels

10. Mirror cabinetry

A walk-in wardrobe isn’t complete without a floor-length mirror. Having them as your closet door panelling not only serves as a great way to hide any cabinets, but you’ll also get a total 360 of your outfit for the day.

cabinet with wall mirrors
Source: Max Vakhtbovych via Pexels

11. Wood on wood

You can never go wrong with wooden finishes. Opt for a deep brown tone for that more luxurious feel. Add contrasting-coloured storage boxes to play up the interiors. 

wood on wood closet

12. Shoe wall 

If you have a collection of shoes, then a shoe wall dedicated to storage might be just for you. This way, you’ll be able to display them and find the shoes you need quickly. You can also organise it by shoe type, colour, or comfort.

closet with a shoe wall

13. Elegant lighting

Another way to create elegance in your walk-in wardrobe is by adding a chandelier or pendant light in the middle of the room. Light reflected creates delicate silhouettes that make the space as soft or bright as you want, depending on your fixture style.

elegant walk-in closet

14. Floor-to-ceiling shelves

Utilise every inch of your walk-in wardrobe with floor-to-ceiling storage. With all the extra room, you’ll be able to hang both long and short clothes, store extra clothes, display your shoes, and even do a little decor. 

A large and empty spacious walk-in closet

15. Decorative doorknobs 

If your interiors are monochromatic, don’t miss your chance to throw in an accent colour. For elegance, go with gold handles. A more masculine look could call for black, while a more feminine look might call for an intricately designed handle. 

closet space with gold drawer handles

16. Centre ottoman

If you want your walk-in wardrobe to be a place where you can be comfortable, adding an ottoman will do wonders. Having somewhere to sit allows you to admire all your clothes and shoes and display items however you want.

Pink chair in dressing room

17. Aluminium racks

Aluminium racks lend an industrial look to the space. The thick straight lines evoke a more masculine feel. Play around with the rack colours to match your wall colour or material.

closet with aluminum racks

18. Vanity area

You can add a vanity to make the most of your walk-in wardrobe space. It gives you access to a mirror for checking your outfit before taking off, and you can also use the area to do makeup or any last-minute finishing touches with accessories before heading out. 

built in wooden wardrobe with table and chair

19. White and wood

How stunning is this white wooden walk-in? Using a clean colour like this makes the space feel larger and allows you to add little details for a visually exciting interior. You can bring in calming house plants, fun wall art, or even little figurines to decorate some of your shelving space.

white wardrobe with mirror build in the wall

20. Matching storage boxes 

Keep your wardrobe looking neat with storage boxes that match your interiors. It’s great for decluttering and tucking away smaller accessories, socks, and underwear. Neutral tones on your walls will help create a cleaner palette, but you can play it up with pops of brighter colours. 

closet with matching storage boxes
Source: Victoria Akvarel via Pexels

Consult with decluttering experts near you to organise your belongings more efficiently.

21. Soft neutrals

Going for a softer look for your wardrobe? White walls work well with any neutral colour as it helps brighten up the space. If you’re not too keen on brown wood for your wardrobe, you can try light greys and add accent chairs or art pieces.

soft neutral palette in closet space
Source: Roberto Nickson via Unsplash


Hopefully, these walk-in wardrobe ideas inspire you for your home build or renovation of your existing wardrobe. If you’re ready to build it out, find professional wardrobe assembly services near you to bring your ideas to life in no time.


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