35 Toddler bedroom ideas

By Elise Hodge

Published: July 19th, 2023

Time for your little one to move from the crib to a bed? Here are some ways to create a cute, fun space!

Transitioning your little one out of their crib? Don’t fret; there are a number of ways you can turn their bedroom into a comfortable haven they’d be happy to sleep in.

The first and most important step to transition your toddler into their first big bed is ensuring there are safety rails to stop them from falling out of bed. Detachable rails are a great option to save on swapping the frame out for a completely new one. If you want to make it exciting for your child, you can include them in the design process, from choosing colours to decor pieces. It will encourage them to take ownership of their space.

Not sure where to start? Here are 50 toddler bedroom ideas to help you feel inspired and equipped for the transition from crib to a big bed.

1. Colour blocking

playful kids bedroom with colour block interior

Colour blocking can be daunting, but sometimes you just need to go for it — you may be pleasantly surprised at what you can achieve! You don’t need a whole feature wall to incorporate colour blocking. Some bright, solid-coloured pillows, chairs, or curtains will do the trick.

2. Unique rainbow

festive rainbow kids bedroom

Explore a more sophisticated take on a children’s bedroom by using a tricolour rainbow as the room’s focal point.

3. Up, up, and away

festive carnival themed bedroom

If you’re up for creating a dreamy wonderland in your toddler’s room, add draping over their beds that almost makes them feel like they’ll be flown away to dreamland.

4. Hanging canopy tent

cosy canopy over children's bed

Hanging canopy tents not only look beautiful, but they can also help your little one feel safer and more secure in their space, especially if they are in the process of transitioning to their new grown-up bed. Hang a pretty ornament inside for added prettiness and flair.

5. Pretty features

stylish wall art in kids room

When your child is into soft, feminine decorations, don’t be afraid to hang up decorative shelves or wall pieces made from upcycled toys.

6. Grey tones

pink and grey kids bedroom

Grey doesn’t always have to seem boring. The colour is easy to pair with nudes and bright colours.

7. Floating in the clouds

scandinavian cloud decorations

Doing a cloud-themed room makes for a sweet space to sleep. Explore adding cloud-shaped lights, artwork, or even a mural with soft whites and blues for the colour palette.

8. Sheer curtains

stylish sheer draping over cosy bed

Just like a canopy tent, sheer curtains are a great way to ensure your toddler feels secure and safe in their new bed. It also gives a soft, cosy vibe to the space. A bedframe with posts can work wonders in hanging the sheet up.

9. Boy zone

boys room with soccer ball bean bag

Boy’s bedrooms don’t always need to adhere to specific colour combinations. Incorporate unique pieces that suit their interests, such as sports-themed cushions or dinosaur-themed bedding.

10. Colour coordinated

adorable all pink kids bedroom

Looking to stick to your child’s favourite colour? Experiment with varying shades and textures for bedding and pillows to create visual interest in the space.

11. Animal wonderland

stylish scandinavian animal decoration

Sometimes, adding some adorable stuffed animals for company can go a long way in making your little one feel comfortable. Pick out their favourite animals or maybe bring some new animals into the mix for them to learn.

12. Reading nook

kids bedroom with teepee reading nook

Creating a small, comfortable space for reading can make your toddler’s room easier to feel safe and secure in. It could be a small sitting area or teepee. You can use it for your toddler’s story time or to practice their reading skills.

13. Dino room

sophisticated dinosaur-themed children's bedroom

When your child loves dinosaurs, you don’t have to go all out and paint murals or use printed sheets. Try soft dolls, posters, or printed pillows.

14. Creative jungle

fun jungle-themed kids bedroom

If your little one loves the wilderness, you can turn their room into an exciting jungle. Inject varying shades of green along with your animals to get that fun outdoorsy feeling if you’re not keen on adding plants.

15. Bed storage

children's bed drawer storage

If your space is limited, you can invest in a bed with built-in storage. Roller drawers are perfect for putting away toys and tidying up your little one’s space quickly and efficiently. Plus, the drawers are low and easily accessible for toddlers when they play.

16. Playful patterns

patterned bedding, rug, and wall hanging in kids room

Patterns provide depth to small spaces. That’s especially helpful if you’ve got limited room in your home. Plus, colourful patterns help create a more playful feel to the room.

17. DIY Wall art

DIY wall art in kids room

Not fond of bare walls but don’t want to spend on frames and prints? Cut out shapes with coloured paper to make art. Think their favourite animals, bugs, or even just polka dots.

18. A sprinkling of colour

kids room with sprinkle patterned wall art

Turn a plain wall into a canvas you can add colour to — with sprinkles! It’s a unique way to bring some playfulness to the space.

19. Playful bean bags

adorable shark bean bag in kids room

Bean bags are a great addition to any children’s room. They’re still the epitome of casual lounging to a bedroom. Even better if you can find a character or animal-themed bean bag.

20. Playful chic

sophisticated colourful kids bedroom

Looking to create a space that your child can grow into easily? Work with neutral minimalist interiors that allow you to bring in a variety of unique items your little one adores over the years without needing to change furniture that might not match the aesthetic later on.

21. Sitting area

rocking chair in kids bedroom

Keeping a small sitting area in your toddler’s room gives you the space to relax in your little one’s space as they adjust to changes in their room. You can also use the space to spend time with them while they play or read to them at night.

22. Colourful activity tables

colourful kids tables and chairs for activities

Pick out tables and chairs in your child’s favourite colours. Creating an adorable activity table in their room can also help get them happy and comfortable in getting used to changes in their room.

23. Comfy decorative sheets

ballet-patterned bed sheets

Another clever way to get your child excited to get into bed is using the cutest, comfiest sheets. Choose sheets that have their favourite things on it — whether it’s a sport, their favourite character, or their favourite colours.

24. Fun monochromatics

cute monochromatic kids bedroom

If your child prefers black and white colour schemes to colour early on, you can still find ways of making the room look brighter and fun. It’s all about selecting unique pieces that stand out. Think cloud-shaped tables, adorable stuffed animals, and the sprinkling of colourful toys that can stand out in the room.

25. Teepee hideout

teepee in kids bedroom

Putting a teepee in a kid’s room will not only look cool, but it also allows a space for your kids to chill out, read or play make-believe games. Pile pillows and blankets inside so they have their very own fort.

26. Play corner

cubby toy storage

A toddler’s bedroom isn’t complete without somewhere to play. Clear up a small corner for them to do their own thing. Keep small toy cubbies within reach so they can keep their things away after, too.

27. Stick-on wall designs

cute stick-on kids wall art

Want to give your toddler a unique wall without turning it into a feature wall or hanging up too many things? Stick on paper cut-outs that capture all their favourite things!

28. Writings on a chalkboard wall

blackboard wall in kids room

Does your little one love doodling? Avoid any unwanted writings on the wall with a chalkboard dedicated solely for them! Not only does this give them the space to take out their energy, it helps build their creativity.

29. Creative bookshelves

cute teepee bookshelves

What makes the most difference to children’s bedrooms is the unique features that spark joy in these tiny humans. Creative bookshelves can look like anything. It might be a teepee shape, a cloud shape, maybe even themed to their favourite character. Just make sure to keep them low enough for your toddler to access.

30. Bed-turned-slide

fun kid's bed with slide

Take bedroom fun up a notch with a slide attached to the bed. It’s a great way to get your little one excited to get up fir the day. Make sure to have railings in place to protect them from any accidents.

31. Favourite colour feature

blue striped bedroom

If your child is obsessed with one specific colour, you can add variation by using solid blocks of the colour and patterns in varying shades.

32. Starry hangings

hanging star garland in kids bedroom

Instead of those glow-in-the-dark stickers, why not hang up plush stars and planets? This makes it visible in the daytime, and adds a certain charm to your little one’s bedroom.

33. Bright pillows that pop

bright yellow pillows in kids room

The bedroom can appear more playful and inviting with even the simplest pops of colour. Consider one or two pillows in bright colours to add both comfort and visual interest.

34. Toy displays

toy display cubbies in bedroom

Sometimes, you don’t even need to make too many changes to the bedroom. Bring in a cubby to display all your child’s most prized toys that they can see from their bed and reach anytime.

35. Small steps

children's double bunk bed with stairs

If your little one isn’t quite tall enough to climb up onto the bed just yet, you could add small stairs to help them climb in. It’s a great idea for double bunks, too!

Hopefully these toddler bedroom ideas spark inspiration for the changes you make in your little one’s bed transition. Interested in making more extensive changes but aren’t confident in carrying them out just yet? Chat with an interior designer near you to see all the possibilities.


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