The best 100 tasks on Airtasker this year

By Airtasker

Published: December 4th, 2018

There are over 35,000 tasks a week posted on Airtasker. You might have missed these gems...

The Airtasker Browse tasks feed is a window into everyday Australia, and we really do see it all. From urgent deliveries to getting things out of trees, heartwarming moments to things that make you go hmmm the community never fails to surprise us, and you’ve come up with some good’uns this year.

In no particular order, these are 100 of our favourite tasks of 2018.

Let’s start with some only-on-Airtasker moments:

Teach me your family pasta sauce recipe

When you need to outsource a Nonna.

Grey cat in Supreme LV hoodie
Not a rat.

Give my cat compliments

“My cat had a bad day recently where someone called him ‘a rat looking thing’…”

Assist with dog training – pretend to be a postman

Be a ‘family member’ at a baptism BBQ

Deliver a bag of potatoes

When you have an urgent need to bring a personal joke to life…

French Native wanted to speak French to 3 babies

Wash brand new shirts that are dirty

…but how did they get dirty? ?

Take a series of 20 selfies wearing glasses

Remove a Snapchat filter from this photo
What animal is that filter even meant to be?

Remove Snapchat ears and nose from this photo

Make my two kids YouTube stars

Count foot traffic into a pub

One male and one female needed for VR games trial

Hold a flag at Circular Quay

Beats by Dr Dre cable cut

“I have accidentally cut the cable to my beats whilst in the gym…”

Stop my car horn from going off

Tell me an interesting story

There have been rescue operations…

Retrieve employee pass from the branch of a tree

Damn practicality ruining dramatic “I QUIT” scenes since work was invented.

Need someone with a ladder

Drew’s shoe got thrown up on the roof (apparently it’s a long story). Tasker Randy rescued it but next week this popped up…

Shoe on roof again

What are you doing Drew??

Cupcake rescue operation

Sometimes you need to take matters into your own hands:

URGENT: Clean up the #libspill

“Must have own mop.”

Guerrilla lawn care

If you feel like you’re missing some life skills you can outsource that:

Please teach me to dance

“I have a lovely lady friend who loves going out to live music. She loves dancing, whereas I dance like the proverbial drunken uncle at a wedding and am too embarrassing to be near.”

Need help tying a Windsor knot

Teach ya gal how to kick-turn on a skateboard

Teach me the facets of grammar

“The need to recap on past lessons is great. Can you teach me before I forget altogether?”

Teach my girls how to bake

When you’re at effort level zero, but happy to admit it:

Disorganised student seeks mum-like housekeeper!

Piggyback ride

Make me tea and toast

“As above. Very hungover.”

Bring me ice cream to my seat in Ed Sheeran

Play Flappy Bird for me

Unfollow the people that I follow on Mixcloud

Level up my WoW character

Farmville town arrangement
Town planner required.

Rearrange my Farmville town over coffee

There are specialised skills, then there are specialised skills:

Comedy hypnotist

Possum removal

“Please make a fence so it doesn’t come back.”

Airline fueling

“How do they pay fuel stations?”

Bonsai artist

Old skis and Game of Thrones ski chair
For the King of the mountain.

Make a throne out of old skis

Build Lego The Simpsons house

Custom disco cake

Make my son an Easter hat

Business plan for Argentinian product launch

Write me 50 Call of Duty challenges

Paint names on chopsticks

Make me an old school cassette mix-tape

Teach me to fly my racing drones

Perth expert/enthusiast needed

There were tasks that made us go nawwwww:

Sing “Love is in the Air” by JP Young to my Mum

Track down biological Dad (in UK)

Secret proposal photographer needed

Tie our wedding bow ties

Get me love notes from at least 10 places

a few that just broke our hearts:

Shirt memory pillow case

Draw on a leg brace

Need trained sniffer dog to locate missing dog

Someone with endoscope camera to find pet ferret

and it’s evident love has many forms:

Darth Maul wedding ring

Make a beef jerky bouquet

Test sugar daddy dating website as a user

It’s not just humans who need to get more done. 2018 saw a record number of pet related tasks including:

Bathe my pet parrot

Apparently “Parrot Hilton” is a “fancy bird”.

Create jumpers for cats

Chicken Run

Literally building a chicken run, but points for assuming enough people have seen the animated film (2000) to know what a chicken run actually is.

Long eared brown rabbit
Best new housemate!

Look after my rabbit

The community isn’t afraid to tell it like it is in the comments:

Any one have a chopper that can fly to Newcastle?

Green camo painted tinnie
The tribe has spoken on this paintjob.

Paint my tinnie

General consensus? “Leave it, looks sick.”

Make 1000 paper cranes

Ever wondered how long this would actually take? Read the comments.

Bugs are a polarising category:

Spider removal

“Get it out of my apartment I think it’s a huntsman”

Collect cockroaches for video

Pick up crickets and delivery to Surry Hills

There are plenty of opportunities to bring the vibe to the party:

Fake paparazzi x 2

Dancer – robot pop and lock

70s discoball costume

Stack a beer fridge

Looking for a Cher impersonator for Mardi Gras

Photograph ukulele festival

Bump out balloon arch

Yes you CAN get paid to pop balloons.

Create a Game of Thrones trivia package

Someone’s always cooking up a food task:

Need a mad feed delivered to school for the boys

Pink and white designer doughnut
Doughnut photo by Elena Koycheva

Design me a doughnut

Teach me how to cook garlic bread

Are you a Chinatown dumplings expert in Melbourne?

Sit, listen and eat at our place

Buy and deliver ingredients for tacos

There are times you just need it NOW:

URGENT. Delivery

To be fair, that place DOES do the best crab rice paper rolls.

Urgent crystal delivery

Deliver beer pong cups

Meditation teacher

Move 2 pallets of kombucha

Purchase Arctic Monkeys merch

Sometimes it’s best not to ask:

Drive me and a wheelie bin to Wollongong

Pinecone in the dark
The suspicious object

Pick up a suspicious looking object and bin it

FYI, we can confirm it was actually a pinecone.

Stop my bed squeaking

“I’ve got an old, heavy, wooden bed that squeaks super loud when wrestling on it.”

Prank on a close friend

Cut through bike lock

“I know this sounds dodgy but…”

Produce a video of yourself jumping into a puddle

Draw a caracture (sic) of myself as a muppet

Photoshop my photo to look like Connect Four meme

and sometimes, when all else fails, you just need to admit you’re wrong on the internet:

Relationship expert

Did Jake win her back??

I need someone to sing a sorry song for my friend

“I done effed up this morning and need to apologise to my roommate as creatively as possible.”


At the end of the day, we’ve learned that everyone needs a hand sometimes, and that no matter how random your skills are, there are people out there who will pay for them.

Australia, never stop doing what you do. We look forward to a whole new year of people helping each other get more done.

Need something done? Find (almost literally anything) on Airtasker.



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