Lunch food delivery in Sydney CBD

By Rhiannon W

Updated: January 8th, 2024

Already in holiday mode and forgot your lunch this week? Airtasker can do lunch delivery in the Sydney CBD.  We’ve "Lunch food delivery in Sydney CBD"

Already in holiday mode and forgot your lunch this week? Airtasker can do lunch delivery in the Sydney CBD.  We’ve got some great lunch food delivery options for you right here!

Organising lunch food delivery with Airtasker

The beauty of hiring an Airtasker for lunch food delivery is you choose your delivery price and you don’t have to worry about them finding a loading zone to do drop off in the busy CBD streets. They can drive, cycle, scoot, rock the public transport or get around on foot.

Brunch it up!

Didn’t get time to start the day right? Organise an early lunch food delivery task on your phone between morning meetings; easy!

Baked goodsBourke Street bakery in Surry Hills do a delightful croissant and coffee, the ultimate Sydney sider’s combination for a late morning pick me up.

Burritos! – The crew at Vargabar Espresso in Newtown are rumoured to do a mean breakfast burrito with a dash of tabasco; perfect, especially if you’re still feeling a little shady after yesterday’s work Christmas party.

Bowls – If acai bowls are your thing, check out the menu at Zilia; their acai bowls are awesome, but you might be tempted to try the coconut bowl!

Source: insatiablemunch via Flickr

Japanese, yes please!

Light and flavoursome – Japanese will always be the ultimate lunch ‘go to’ option, especially when you don’t have a hankering for anything else.

Sushi – Due to its popularity, it is so easy to access across the Sydney CBD and of good quality, at competitive prices. Takumi in Haymarket are a popular choice, and Sushi Rio on Sussex St do $3.50 plates off the train (excluding sashimi).

Creative Japanese – May we suggest something a little adventurous? Enter One tea lounge & grill on York St. They have a self-proclaimed obsession with matcha and serve up an exciting menu featuring matcha poke (fish salad) and ramen burgers. They’re serving lunch from 11:30am til 3pm, Tuesday to Friday.

lunch food delivery sushi
Source: Wikimedia

Burgers, fries, wings… all the good things

Mountains of cheese, brioche buns, meat patties, bacon, pickles and sauce… Artery clogging burgers… you have so many options to choose from in Sydney. Throw in some fried chicken, dirty fries, ridiculous shakes and you’ll be on your way to a decent food coma. Try Bare Grill on Bourke St, The Milk Bar by Café Ish, or Bar Luca.

lunch food delivery gourmet burgers
Source: Lady & Pups

Grab some groceries

Are you on team lunch duty to celebrate this month’s office birthdays, but don’t have time to tear yourself away from your desk and do the shop? Well get what you want, when you want, from wherever you want by sending an Airtasker out to do the grocery shop for you. Coles, Woolies, Thomas Dux (oh la la, fancy Woolies), your favourite providore… they’re all in reach. You could even get your Airtasker to sneak by your favourite bottle shop to pick up something festive for the team… it is December after all! #cheers

lunch food delivery groceries
Source: Pexels


Finished your salad, burger, burrito (insert any of the options above) and need something sweet to finish off your meal? Airtasker to the rescue!…

Donuts! – Traditional cinnamon, glazed, baked, Eurpoean style, and all of the fun, eclectic options are available to you when you’ve got your own personal donut scout. Check out Buzzfeed’s ode to Sydney donuts for inspiration.

Lorraine’sLorraine’s Patisserie on George St have you sorted for cakes, tarts, heavenly chocolate eclairs, biscuits, pastries, all the goods things really… The lemon tart has the right amount of tang with a crispy puff pastry shell.

Gelato Messina – Summertime vibes (or all year round, really) call for a good scoop of gelato. Gelato Messina are on Airtasker’s list of favourite food delivery tasks.  Heads up, optimal travel time for your gelato is less than 35mins.

lunch food delivery donuts
Source: Pinterest

When you’re setting up the task, make sure you are clear about your pick up and drop off location, and whether the cost of the goods needs to be handled by the Airtasker, or if you’ve prepaid for your order already. Let us know if you have any more suggestions for your favourite Airtasker lunch delivery in Sydney CBD.



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