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35 Lovely hallway paint ideas

By Elise Hodge

Published: April 28th, 2021

Elevate your space with a fresh coat of paint!

If you’re wanting to elevate your hallway space, but aren’t really sure where to start – look no further! Painting your walls is the perfect way to turn any hallway from dull to exciting without even changing your decor and furniture pieces. Your hallway space may be the smallest and most overlooked space in your home, however, with so much foot traffic, it’s important to give it the attention it deserves. Get ready to add a lick of paint to your house with these hallway paint ideas…

Whether you’re all about neutrals or love something super bright and quirky, there are so many different ways that you can elevate your hallway space with paint. You can paint the colour straight onto your walls or even make the most of trends like a half and half wall or wall panelling. It’s entirely up to you!

Blue hallway paint ideas

1. Blue and white

Blue and white is such a beautiful combination. I love the soft blue colour on the walls along with the white door and framing on the walls. Blue is a great choice to create a very calm atmosphere and when you put blue in an entrance hallway it really creates that calming mood right from the get-go. Check out these amazing floor tiles too!

Blue and white hallway paint ideas
Source: Project Nottingham

2. Half and half

Here’s another awesome half and half painted combination in a hallway. I love the combination of the mid-tone blue on the bottom half and the white up the top. Putting the colour down the bottom means that you can still have an awesome feature on your wall whilst still keeping it bright and airy on the top with white!

Half painted hallway walls
Source: Haddenham

3. Blue toned grey

If there is a colour you love using in your home and have heaps of decor and furnishings in that colour, then go with that! I love the choice of the blue-toned grey feature wall in this hallway space which matches perfectly with the blue carpet on the stairs as well as the blue stair railings and a cushioned seat at the entrance. Plus how beautiful is the addition of the bronze framed mirror and gold feature pillow to bring in some metallic flair?

Blue toned walls
Source: Navan Paint Hub

4. Orange and blue

What a cool and quirky combination, this hallway space is definitely one for all the extra creative and eccentric people out there. The orange wall leading up to the stairs looks awesome contrasting against the blue feature wall on the side. Plus how cool is that black and white striped wall which is a statement in itself!

Orange and blue walls
Source: Dream of Deco

5. Blue, white and gold

Blue, white and gold… What an awesome combination! I love the blue walls in this space that really help to create a calming, yet inviting feel. Plus the bright blue bench seat looks awesome against the blue wall however if you don’t want something that bright to be the feature of the space, then adding a throw blanket or a fluffy rug over the top will help to take away some of that attention. The white and gold furnishings are the perfect choice to match the beautiful blue walls.

Blue walls
Source: Make A House A Home In Style

Grey hallway paint ideas

6. Charcoal grey

How stunning is the charcoal grey colour in these hallway walls! I love that the walls haven’t just been painted, they also have wall panelling which creates an interesting texture across the walls. Plus the addition of the timber floorboards and timber staircase railing works so well with the charcoal grey tones.

Charcoal grey walls
Source: Bob Dee

7. Light grey

If you love the look of white, but want to do something a little different then light grey is a great way to go. I love the light grey wall in this hallway which has been framed by white skirting as well as the white door! And what a great idea to put black frames on the wall to match with the black decor on the floating shelf.

Light grey wall
Source: Petit Life Cro

8. Textured grey

This one’s for you if you want to paint your walls however still want a bit of added texture to them. There are many different textured paints you can get that give different effects so it is best to chat to a professional if you’re after a certain look. I love the effect that this grey wall has against the matte white paint of the banisters, skirting and furnishings. Plus little Rover clearly loves hanging out in this space as well!

Textured grey
Source: Life At Number 14

9. Grey panelling

We’ve looked at lots of stunning half wall designs, but nothing quite like this just yet! If you love the half wall trend but don’t really want to use different colours, you could totally use the same colour over your walls however finish off one half with wall panelling. The grey wall and panelling in this hallway space looks so beautiful and gives such a subtle look.

Grey panelling
Source: Fleetwood Paints

10. Grey and white

If you love black and white but want something a little softer than black, then a dark grey hallway is a great way to go. I love the idea of the half wall going up the side of the hallway that has the steps with the dark grey on the bottom area and the white up the top. And the dark grey has been carried through to the entirety of the wall on the right side which looks awesome.

Grey entryway
Source: Renovating This Victorian Beauty

Colourful hallway paint ideas

11. Feature wall

If you’re not wanting to fully paint all your hallway walls, then a feature wall will work so well. I love the light turquoise blue feature wall in this entrance hallway that works so well as a backdrop for the timber-framed round mirror and timber console. Just stunning!

Feature wall in hallway
Source: Frilo Concept

12. Peachy warmth

How peachy and warm is this beautiful hallway. The walls have been painted a beautiful peach colour which looks great with the white framing around the archways and the white paint on the doors. What a lovely warm and feminine place to relax.

Peach walls in hallway
Source: Frau Kieselstein

13. Pink and navy

Here’s a sweet little corner in an entranceway that goes onto a hallway space. I love the half and half wall with the white on top and the navy on the bottom as well as the awesome pink feature door that contrasts with the navy so well. Just add a gold lamp, a wall hanging and a plant in the corner and you’re good to go!

Pink and navy
Source: Homing In Progress

14. Green feature wall

If you have a beautiful stained glass window like this entrance hallway does, then you could totally match your paint colour to colours in the staining. I love the green feature wall in this hallway which works well against the retro tiling, white banister and white walls. And let’s not forget about that cool grey door which helps to bring the whole area together.

Green wall
Source: 1930s Home

15. Red and pink

Ah, look at all that gorgeous afternoon (or morning) light beaming onto the walls! I love the red half wall in this space which really brings so much warmth and colour into the hallway. Plus the pink feature wall at the end of the hallway is the perfect backdrop for the gorgeous painting on the wall. What a fun space and quirky space!

Red and pink walls
Source: Ellas Orange Fridge

16. Muted teal

Ah, I love all the different hues of blue as they are so calming and really look beautiful in a home and this muted teal colour is no exception! I love how the muted teal paint has been used on the wall where the staircase is as this is an area that is so often overlooked. Plus adding decor pieces to this space really helps to make the most of the area instead of forgetting about it.

Muted teal walls
Source: Sheffield Semi 1930s

17. Green with envy

I am so green with envy for the quirky hallway space. If you’re into homes that are a little different and eccentric, then this one’s for you. I love how all the walls are green and not one wall has been left untouched except for the ceiling which is a grey colour. And I love the contrast of the black banisters. What an interesting space!

Green walls
Source: Rayon Richards Interior Photo

18. Moroccan vibes

This hallway area is giving me lots of Moroccan vibes with its rich colour palette and angular archways. I love the rich pink colour that has been used over all the walls and gives a very cave-like or temple feel. Plus how stunning is the bright rug that has been placed on the floor which helps to bring the whole space together.

Pink wall
Source: Mariana Mvbb

19. All the colours

If you just can’t choose one colour to paint your hallway space, then why not go with all the colours. This effect would be awesome in a clothing store changing room and equally as cool in a house that has lots of rooms going off the hallway. I also love the ombre effect on the wall which goes from a block colour that changes opacity as it goes up the wall and finishes as an off white. How cool!

Coloured doorways
Source: Martens Interior

White hallway paint ideas

20. White on white

Ah, I absolutely love the look that a white on white colour palette gives. It really is so serene and calming. The white wall looks great against the white framed mirror, white cabinetry and white decor pieces. Plus the large vase with all the beautiful green foliage looks beautiful with all the white.

White walls
Source: Courtnie Home

21. Matching cabinetry

What a perfect example of matching your hallway space to your other rooms! I love how the burnt orange colour that has been used on the wall matches perfectly with the exterior colour of the bathroom sink which creates cohesion within the space! Plus the white detailing looks great contrasted with the burnt orange.

Matching cabinetry
Source: Flipping Thrifted

Dark hallway paint ideas

22. Making a statement

This hallway really makes a statement! I could definitely see this dark hallway in a hotel lobby as well as home! So if you’re wanting to create a hotel lobby feel for your hallway, then this is definitely a great place to start. I love how all three visible walls are different colours with the darker wall on one side, a wooden wall in the middle and a light blue over to the right. What an awesome colour combination!

Statement walls
Source: D Project

23. Classic black hallway

Black is oh-so classy and timeless, just check out this hallway! I love all the different wall finishes in this space from the black door and entrance area to the patterned wall behind the mirror and console table. Also, the cream wall to the right really helps to keep the space light and not too dark.

Classic black walls
Source: Modern Homestyle

24. Black feature

Here’s another idea if you’re not wanting to paint your whole space… Just paint a feature wall instead. I love how this home is predominately white however the addition of the black feature wall has really brought so much depth into the space. If you’ve got a mostly white house, don’t be afraid to create some dimension with a dark feature wall!

Black feature wall
Source: My Pretty Mess

25. Dark details

This space is all about the dark details! The walls have been painted mostly off white however I love the feature staircase which has been painted in an awesome black to match the doorways and skirting. This hallway goes to show that even if you have retro tiling in your place, you can still make your home look on-trend and modern with the help of paint and stylish decor pieces.

Dark details
Source: Love To Home

26. Art deco style

This hallway is so long, yet still inviting in the way it has been styled. I love the ultra-black walls that have been jazzed up with the help of wall panelling. Plus how cool are the art deco style gold-framed mirrors that really give so much character to this space? Just add some indoor plants for some greenery and voila!

Art deco style
Source: Simplicity Interior Design

27. Black and white

What a beautiful black and white monochromatic space. This is another great example of a half and half-painted wall. I love the use of black on the bottom portion and white on the top portion. The black area is the perfect space to put white furnishings and decor in front of and the white area is the perfect area to hang black-framed pieces on. What a cohesive and dynamic space!

Black and white walls
Source: Cloud Interiors

Neutral hallway paint ideas

28. Neutral tones

Ah, I just love neutral tones. And if you have a house with neutral tones, then you want to probably stick to that colour scheme in the hallway too. I love the warm grey colour on the walls that almost looks beige with the flicker of the warm candlelight falling onto it.

Neutral tones
Source: Cocooning My Home

29. Yellow wall design

If you’re not quite ready to paint your whole wall a certain colour, you can totally just paint designs into your wall which will give such a cool effect. I love the circular yellow design on this wall with the picture frames hanging around the circumference. Plus the tone of the yellow matches perfectly with the graphic print to the right as well as the number 10 logo at the top of the door.

Yellow wall design
Source: Our Townhouse By The Sea

30. Beautiful beige

I absolutely love how minimalistic and simple this hallway space is! It really is just so understated yet so beautiful and perfect for this space. I love the use of the beige paint as a feature wall which looks stunning with the white skirting as well as the black framed mirror and black floating shelf attached to it. Just add a cute little stool with a neutral scarf on top and you have yourself a gorgeous minimalist hallway space.

Beige wall
Source: Moments By Wendy

31. Feature door

This is such a cute little corner entrance and start of the hallway. I love the green-toned grey feature door which is such a sweet little touch to the area. And the grey walls with the white skirting and white furnishings look great together.

Feature door
Source: House At 222

32. Quirky stripes

How quirky is this hallway space! I can just imagine that this is an awesome home with a bunch of family members and lots of activity going on at all times. I love the striped walls that look as if they are made up of white-painted timber and natural timber pieces. And check out that awesome red vintage rug that helps to create a quirky feeling in this space.

Striped mat
Source: Chew Knew

33. Sunken wall

If you have the space for it, you could totally add some flush cabinetry to your hallway space for added storage which will then accommodate for a sunken wall and table area. I love how the inner part of the wall has been painted a subtle yellow colour which helps to bring colour and character to this neutral hallway space.

Sunken wall
Source: Ekaterina Lazarenko

34. Pinky hues

How stunning is this hallway space! I love all the pinky hues on the wall which have been given more character with the use of wall panelling. Plus the black door at the end of the hallway makes such a statement, especially with the black detailing through the tiling which looks like it is spilling out from the door.

Soft pink walls
Source: Sandra Hinton Design Studio

35. Pastel pink

And last but not least is this stunning pastel pink hallway space! I love how girly and pretty this space looks. The pastel pink wall looks beautiful paired with the white door, ceiling, banister and furnishings. Plus how lovely is the mustard coloured rug placed on the floor which is the perfect contrast against the pink.

Pastel pink wall in hallway
Source: The Cheerful Abode

So there we have it, 35+ hallway paint ideas to inspire you to live your extra life and finally put some colour on those plain white walls. I love the spaces that have incorporated half walls as you can totally have two colours in one space! How will you be adding paint to your hallway space? Let me know in the comments below!


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