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20+ Dark hallway ideas for your home

By Elise Hodge

Updated: January 3rd, 2024

Take your entryway to the dark side with paint, wallpaper, dark furniture and other dark hallway ideas!

Light and bright hallways may be all the rage right now. But if you want to go for something different, why not take your hallway to the dark side with deep shades of black, grey, green and navy? Colours like these will instantly add depth and character to your home, especially paired with eclectic patterns. Ready to give it a try? Here are our favourite dark hallway ideas for adding a touch of dark to your hallway.


Dark decor pieces are a great way to add some dark elements without it costing a fortune. You can add dark coloured photo frames, a candle or two and even a dark vase.


Dark furnishings like console tables or bench seats work so well in a hallway space. Dark timbers are another way to incorporate darker tones into your hallway too.


If you really want to go all out, paint your walls dark! A feature wall or a half wall looks awesome when done with dark paint!

Source: Photo by Lasse Møller on Unsplash

Still not convinced? Check out these #+ dark hallway ideas to take you to the dark side!

1. Dark navy hallway

How gorgeous is this dark navy hallway entrance! I absolutely love this colour. When you go for a solid wall paint colour like this, it’s a good idea to break up the flatness of the expanse of dark paint with wall adornments of some kind.

dark navy wall
Source: Beazy on Unsplash

2. Black feature wall

If you don’t want to commit to a full dark hallway space, then why not just add a feature wall?! It’s a great way to add black to your hallway without overpowering the space.. Plus the addition of a light pendant really helps to make the space feel cohesive and thought out.

3. Deep green

Deep green is such a stunning colour that possesses so much class and opulence. I love the green paint in this space which goes beautifully with the white.

Source: Photo by Octoptimist from Pexels

4. Abstract art

This idea is for you if you want to make the most of the dark hallway trend, yet still love a pop of colour. Adding an abstract art piece that has lots of colour will definitely do the trick! If you’re crafty, then you could totally buy a big canvas, get your favourite colours out and paint away.

5. Quirky gallery wall

I love a quirky gallery wall that features lots of cool graphic prints and quotes. And prints are perfect for adding dark colours to your hallway. Even if all your prints are quirky and different, they will work together if you ensure there’s a common element in the colours or styles.

6. Luxe lighting

Make sure you brighten up your dark hallway with gorgeous luxurious hallway lighting. The elaborate light pendant here really makes a statement with the awesome pattern it creates when illuminating onto the ceiling.

dark stone walls with hanging lights
Source: Olena Sergienko on Unsplash

7. Hanging space

Make the most of limited hallway space by installing as many hooks as you can. I love traditional style coat hooks near the door that work so well for coats and bags. Or, you could go for contemporary hooks that work so well to hang plants.

8. Bookshelf

If you’re looking for a place to put your bookshelves, then a hallway is a great place! It really is so convenient to have all your books together in one place. And seeing as a hallway is a place you walk through often, then why not put them in there. Plus how cool do all the colourful covers look against the dark walls of this hallway!

Source: Photo by Emil Widlund on Unsplash

9. Monochromatic detailing

Even if your dark hallway incorporates a lot of monochrome tones, you can add interest by opting for textured wall treatments, like panelling or timber battens.

dark living room walls
Source: aranprime on Unsplash

10. Botanicals and rattan

There are two main things that are really making a statement in the wonderful world of interior design and styling at the moment, and that’s botanicals and rattan. And you can incorporate these into your dark hallway to bring life into the dark space. Think rattan planters containing cactus or a fiddle leaf fig.

11. Dark staircase

A dark staircase looks modern and masculine and it’s a great way to bring in darker tones if you don’t want to paint the walls.

Source: Photo by Qinghong Shen on Unsplash

12. Mirror wall

If you want to create a gallery wall that’s different to most, consider combining a range of vintage mirrors. I love the idea of thrifting different vintage mirrors to create a cool gallery wall! Add a trendy light pendant and contemporary rug to modernise your space, despite the vintage touches.

13. Feature paint

This is for you if you want to keep a predominantly white wall but still want to add some depth. Who would’ve thought that just painting half the wall could look this good? Half walls are perfect if you want to keep a good dose of white freshness but also introduce some darker colours too.

Source: Photo by Rodrigo Santos from Pexels

14. Retro tiling

If you’re moving into a place that still has its original retro tiling, then you should totally take a second to think before you pull them all up because they can look really awesome if styled correctly.

15. Navy and white

Navy and white really is such a nautical and beautiful combination. If you love black and white but want your space to look a little softer, then using a dark navy instead of black will definitely soften the space!

16. Muted colours

If you don’t want to go too dark, you might still opt for a darker toned wall paint like this lovely matte sage.

Source: Photo by Kari Shea on Unsplash

17. Dark walls, bright runner

If your hallway is as dark as this, add life and visual interest by adding a vibrantly coloured rug or runner as well as an oversized light fitting.

Source: Photo by Colin Lloyd on Unsplash

18. Shades of grey

Grey tones are usually sophisticated and chic. Here, the vast expanses of grey paint have been livened up with quirky lighting and with unusual wall panelling for texture.

Source: Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels

19. Retro flair

This hallway has so much retro flair! If you’re wanting to bring in darker tones with plenty of pattern, consider wallpaper. This teal and gold wallpaper looks amazing and adds depth and intrigue to the space.

dark-hallways-wallpaperSource: Photo by Cecilia Medina on Unsplash

20. Black and white

Here is another black and white hallway space that works so well. I love the mystery of the dark wall at the end.  There’s also a matching grey feature wall behind the console table. And the hexagonal mirror adds further interest.

Source: Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels

21. Arched mirror

Arches are so on-trend right now! And if you’re not quite ready to commit to changing the architecture in your home to arches, then incorporating something a little less permanent like a mirror is a great way to go. A mirror in a dark hallway is always an excellent idea to bounce light and prevent dimness.

22. Architectural archway

What an absolutely stunning architectural archway! I can just imagine the magnificent home that this incredible architecture is in. I love the arched high ceiling with the row of lantern style lamps. They help to give that vintage and eccentric look.

Source: Photo by Maria Orlova from Pexels

23. Black framing

Love the idea of introducing black to your internal hallway but don’t want to go too dark? Consider black framed glass windows or doors. I love the row of industrial pendant lights here. All up a very contemporary space.

Source: Photo by Nastuh Abootalebi on Unsplash

So there we have it! 20+ dark hallway ideas to inspire you to turn your hallway spaces into something that has a little depth and darkness. I absolutely love the hallways that incorporate colour through frames and greenery through indoor plants which really elevate the dark spaces. What dark hallway ideas will you be trying? Let me know in the comments below!


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