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35 Envious green bedroom ideas

By Gianna Huesch

Published: October 2nd, 2020

Keen on green? There’s so many ways you can introduce refreshing shades of this colour to create a green bedroom colour scheme, from using it as a neutral base, to adding splashes of vibrant accents through your space.

From subtle sage to elegant emerald, a green scheme is inherently calming thanks to the restful feelings that nature tones generate. As far as bedroom colours go, it’s definitely one of the most relaxing, tranquil colours you can choose.

But exactly which shade of green to go for? The shade really depends on whether you intend to paint your bedroom walls a green hue all over, or you simply wish to add bold colour pops into a more neutral space. That’s because there are several shades of green best suited to painting your bedroom walls, and there are other tones that are ideal as accents.

For instance, painting your bedroom walls in the so-called “new neutral”, sage green, is chic and sophisticated as well as calming. Sage is a kind of eucalyptus pale grey-green which is both subtle and saturated, making it a very popular choice of green bedroom colour right now. Or perhaps you’d prefer the richness and mysteriousness of a bedroom with deep, dark green walls? On the other hand, if you want to introduce a green as more of a vibrant accent, you may decide to go with something more like apple green or even chartreuse.

If you’re thinking of a mint green bedroom, you’ll find it’s actually a much less common colour choice for bedrooms than you might expect. This is probably because mint has such a youthful profile and can really bring unwanted nursery vibes to a master bedroom if you’re not careful. Rather than opt for full mint walls, you might be better off simply adding a dash of mint, such as mint-toned linen or a gorgeous mint knitted throw.

From green bedroom walls to verdant bedroom furniture, we’ve got plenty of green bedroom ideas here for you to explore, so let’s get started.

1. Forest green bedroom walls

I’ll kick off with this beautiful bedroom in a 1965 Modernist home in Melbourne. With gorgeous forest green paint and midnight blue and cloud white bedding, the cosy space further emphasises a connection with nature through the liberal use of wood. Opposite the feature wall is timber panelling while sliding windows and doorframes are made of Oregon. A vintage leather bedside with brass handle adds more warmth and character.

green midcentury
Source: The Design Files

2. Grey-green bedroom

Next, we have a bedroom demonstrating how to work the sage bedroom trend. This muted tone of greyish green has been wildly popular as people have noticed what a calming effect the colour has on us, making it ideal for bedrooms. Interior designers also love sage because it acts as a neutral but isn’t as drab as a grey, instead of having a hint of mystery and intrigue. Below, a white, grey and black bedroom is lifted out of the ordinary with sage green bedroom walls and matching painted timber bedside.

grey green bedroom
Source: Cate St Hill

3. Boho luxe

You can’t get much more Boho than a velvet vintage style headboard, and here’s a gorgeous one in green. I love how they’ve styled this one using a mix of old and new, like the cute little white vintage nightstand and the modern tiger-print cushion. Accessorising with a bright statement headboard means you can stay simple with other elements and allow plenty of white in the palette.

green headboard
Source: House and Home

4. All the sage

Sage is a beautiful naturalistic tone of pale green with grey undertones, and it has really found its place in interiors lately. This muted neutral is grounded in nature and therefore really helps set a suitably gentle, calming mood for your bedroom. And its natural tone perfectly complements other organic materials like wood, as you can see in the eclectic bedroom below.

sage and timber
Source: Design Soda

5. Vintage and velvet

If a paint job doesn’t appeal, why not experiment with green in your furniture and décor instead? Below, a sage-coloured vintage filing cabinet acts as a bedroom dresser, with the colour amplified by the bottle green velvet cushion. Dove grey wainscoting and a mid grey throw echo the grey undertones of the sage; while the throw rug brings in a little pattern and colour to the space.

vintage and velvet
Source: The Design Files

6. Very dark green walls

There’s no denying an intensely dark feature wall will add impact and drama to a simple room, but dark walls also add cosiness so they’re especially suited to a bedroom.  Go for lush, deep shades of green, like the almost teal green below. The beauty of having an intense wall colour is it makes the perfect backdrop to allow statement furniture or accessories to stand out.

dark green walls
Source: Pinterest

7. Green and black Boho

Green is the ideal colour to introduce to create a Boho bedroom, giving you those strong nature vibes that you can then amplify with lush indoor plants. The bedroom below is a lovely example of a green and black Boho colour scheme, featuring all the timber, natural fibres and pattern you want to see in a Boho space. The gorgeous black cane headboard and matching candle holders add tropical flavour too.

green black boho
Source: Doris Leslie Blau

8. Mid green bedroom walls

If you go with something as quirky and bold as this apple green, then wind back the rest of the palette and include white to freshen it up. Here’s a very informal shabby-chic bedroom featuring the hue nicely balanced with white bedding and with a framed black and white print breaking up the solid green panelling.

midgreen bedroom
Source: Digs Digs

9. Green and black bedroom

Heres another green and black bedroom but this time in a contemporary style.  The greyscale décor is set off by a simply faded moss green throw—and that’s really all that’s needed to add life and colour to this space. Well, together with the pops of gold in the lamp fittings! (That wall panelling with its little ledges is genius though isn’t it? I predict endless shelfies!)

green and black bedroom
Source: SF Girl By Bay

10. Jungle vibes

Take green literally and transform your bedroom into a lush green paradise with an abundant array of indoor plants. Not only do they look amazing but they purify your air and help improve your sleep quality. Below, a sunroom day bed has been pushed up against an unfolded rattan screen or room divider–natural fibres and materials are always the perfect match for indoor plants. Just add soft muted sage bedding, a dark teal throw and your jungle look is complete.

jungle vibes
Source: Casa Vogue

11. Eclectic

Here’s another cosy space featuring green bedroom walls. This darker version of sage, almost army green, bestows this bedroom with a peaceful mood. The homeowners, who call this their Jungle Room, wanted to feel like they were “swimming in green”. I love the practical headboard here—it’s wide enough to hold not only the artwork but also a potplant and lamp. I also love that the artwork is a bargain secondhand buy costing only $50, proof you don’t necessarily need to invest very much to bring art into your space!

eclectic green bedroom
Source: Architectural Digest

12. Maximalist with dramatic green

This one falls into the category of maximalist. There’s a lot going on, but it all comes together nicely thanks to the unifying green tones. Beautiful saturated green bedroom walls in a bright bottle-green are repeated in the bedding and cushions. Natural timber accents complement the green, and there are lively pops of contrast in black, white and candy pink.

maximalist green bedroom
Source: Real Simple

13. Pale green half panelling

I think what I love about this pale shade of grassy green is that it brings to mind the fresh air and meadows of the countryside. Below, a modern farmhouse bedroom has a vintage flavour thanks to half-wall panelling in this gorgeous soft shade. This colour looks so dreamy against light-coloured timber furniture.

sage half panelling
Source: Domino

14. Mid green accent wall

Here we have a bold space with a statement-making mid-green accent wall. Drenching your room in a strong shade of green like this means you can pare back the rest of the décor—all you need is a bed decked in simple white linen, a neatly framed painting, a few thriving potted plants and a graphic black and white area rug that’s bold enough to balance the dramatic wall colour.

mid green accent wall
Source: Apartment Therapy

15. Modern farmhouse with sage walls

Here is another modern farmhouse bedroom which incorporates the muted nature tone perfectly. It’s a sophisticated space, with dark grey floorboards harmonising with the ghostly-greyish sage painted wood panelling. Further complimentary nature tones are added in the décor, with a touch of burnt orange textiles adding some warmth.

sage walls modern farmhouse green bedroom
Source: Paper n Stitch

16. With plant shelf

It’s green-on-green in this Boho bedroom, with indoor plants on a long shelf blending in but adding interest and texture to a solid, deep green feature wall. This particular shade of green looks gorgeous against creamy off-white tones and pops of earthy brown in the terracotta pots and the leather pouf.

green bedroom with plant shelf
Source: Viva Decora

17. Grass green throw

Bring the great outdoors in with a grass green throw on your bed—this cheeky Mohair version even has a texture like actual grass. I love how the rest of this space is bright white, with a few dashes of colour here and there. Breakfast in bed here would feel like a picnic!

grass green throw
Source: Revistaad

18. Dark green wainscoting

This modern farmhouse bedroom takes country-style wainscoting and freshens it up by painting it in a moody, contemporary dark green. Above the wainscoting, the owner built a rustic DIY shelf out of an old piece of reclaimed barn wood—complete with nails and holes—giving the space loads of character.

green bedroom beadboarding
Source: I Spy DIY

19. Neo mint

Mint always spells freshness (thanks, toothpaste companies), so adding mint-toned bedding is a super-easy way to invigorate your bedroom space. However, try to go for a more natural, neutral “neo mint”, rather than something too aqua toned which can feel overly childish. Mint based on natural green also better complements natural materials and brings more of the tranquillity of nature in.

neo mint and sage green bedroom
Source: LivForInteriors

20. Blackish green

Authentic Scandi style here, with a Swedish bedroom, styled up in nature toned greens, greys and blacks. The chic, mysterious greyish olive wall paint is appropriately called “Dark Paris”. The stonewashed cotton bedding in a mix of curated tones suits the soft, muted palette. I love the idea of having a small tree as a container plant, making a change from the usual bedroom plants. And the striking hanging pendant light adds a little industrial flavour. (You can get some help with installing bedroom pendant lights here.)

blackish green bedroom colour
Source: Remodelista

21. Mint and botanical

Here’s another pretty pastel mint bedroom colour scheme. Once again this mint is a grown-up version based on a very natural green. The mint here is beautifully paired with a pale cloud grey wall, while the botanical print on the wall reinforces the nature vibes of this setting.

mint and botanical
Source: The Wonder Forest

22. Green and gold tones

Below, a hotel-style luxe bedroom aesthetic that takes in a classic colour combination, deep green and gold. The green velvet headboard, with its little curation of felt hats above, makes a great focal point. Meanwhile, gold-toned lamps add warmth and elegance. And in between, unifying the forest green with the gold, are little olive cushions with harmonious undertones of each colour.

green and gold tones
Source: Ash Redmond Design on instagram

23. Sage and white

Transform a minimalist white and timber bedroom to a pale green dream with soft, cosy cotton bedding in sage for a peaceful, serene space. Although simple, there’s plenty of interesting texture in this space. And I’m all for little ledges in wall panelling, opening up further styling potential—here, it’s a spot for further black and white decorative touches.

sage and white
Source: Pinterest

24. Seaweed headboard

For a cosy but luxurious look, incorporate a velvet headboard in a gorgeous earthy shade of green like moss or seaweed. Unusual enough to be visually exciting, but also innately relaxed and natural, an earthy green hue like this looks best contrasted against crisp white bedding and warmed up with golden timber.

moss headboard
Source: SF Girl By Bay

25. Dark green and leather

This simple and stylish bedroom setting uses a deep shade of green on the wall to create an impactful but also intimate and cosy space.  There are mid-century modern flavours in the leather bedhead and simple bulb pendant light, and overall the colour palette gives this room quite a masculine vibe.

dark green and leather
Source: Liquid Interiors

26. Timber and green

Here’s another bedroom demonstrating how well green bedroom walls go with timber—wood is just such a natural match for shades of green. But you don’t have to limit yourself to just timber. Mix materials and finishes for added texture; it also helps avoid a too-matchy-matchy look. Below, it’s a mix of timber, leather and woven textiles.

timber and green bedroom
Source: My Breezy Room

27. Green wainscoting

Add a burst of green to your bedroom space without necessarily covering the entire walls by painting wainscoting just halfway up the wall. The seafoam coloured wainscoting here acts as an extended headboard for the bed and neatly underlines the artwork above. I’m loving the contemporary articulated wall light and mirrored bedside tables too.

green bedroom wainscoting
Source: The Design Files

28. Jewel tones

This gorgeous bedroom feels luxurious thanks to the mix of materials and a palette based on vibrant jewel-toned blues and greens. There’s teal coloured, paper-backed, suede style fabric on the bedroom walls, peacock blue bedding, emerald-green silk curtains (not pictured) and mid-century modern furniture in honey hues. I love the glossy jade green lamps with their straw coloured shades, and these vintage industrial-style metal bedsides.

jewel tones
Source: House and Garden

29. Sage panelling

The colour sage is regarded as an interesting new neutral in that it is both a gentle base shade but can also deliver a dose of powerful colour. How perfect is it in this space? The sage wall panelling adds texture and complements the lines of the parquetry floor, while the pale green is melded beautifully with shades of buttercream in the bedding. The gorgeous leather bedhead, graphic lamps, Sputnik style chandelier and soft grey rug help create a chic but cosy space.

sage panelling
Source: Domino

30. Olive green and timber accents

This rustic, eclectic bedroom featuring an olive green velvet bed frame has an unusual gallery wall, cleverly constructed out of cut-up images from a wallpaper print. The print, appearing like a series of ghostly receding mountain ranges, adds intrigue and helps sets the rustic tone.

olive green and timber accents
Source: House Beautiful

31. White with a splash of mid green

Green doesn’t always have to be in nature tones or in a farmhouse setting! It also works well (in small doses) in a relaxed, coastal Hampton’s aesthetic. A clear, bright green throw and cushions add zest and vibrancy to this all-white, timber bedroom.

white with splash of mid green
Source: Homes To Love

32. Sage green mural

This quirky and uplifting bedroom is a cheerful, happy space, with its comfy but chic rattan bedframe and matching statement pendant lamps. A paler shade of sage paint is on the walls behind the artwork, and you can envisage that it would be easy to change up the look of this room just by switching the artwork when desired. It makes for a stunning feature wall idea.

sage green mural
Source: The Designory on instagram

33. Emerald and pink

Love a good colour clash? Then emerald green and candy pink is the classic pairing for you. Bold but also cosy, deep teal green wall paint in the bedroom below is contrasted beautifully with the soft pink tones. Adding a bit of glam are the brass fixtures, and there’s some shimmer in the bedding too. Definitely one for the brave!

emerald and pink
Source: The Nordroom

34. Forest green + forest mural

Sleep out under the stars–with a bedroom wall mural depicting a realistic forest scene. Keep the décor minimal and the colour palette in nature tones befitting the scenery, like this forest green plush throw. And although these days it’s pretty easy to DIY a wallpaper job, you’ll get a perfect result when you hire a helper who specialises in wallpaper installation.

forest green and forest mural
Source: Apartment Therapy

35. Opulence

If you want to go for a luxe and glam bedroom aesthetic, choose furnishings in jade or emerald green that evokes the precious gemstones. Below, an upholstered bedframe fitted out in jade-coloured corduroy, which repeats the green tone of the marble used extensively throughout the apartment (such as the wall art above the bed).

opulent green bedroom
Source: Dezignark

36. Moss and timber

A strong connection to nature is created when you decorate with natural materials like timber and wool in a colour palette that speaks of the outdoors. A setting like this with a mossy throw and beautiful timber furniture is the ideal space for nesting and resting. I like the tactile pompoms on the throw too.

moss and timber green bedroom
Source: Pinterest

37. Green walls and mustard

How well does this shade of forest green go with the mustard yellow bedding? This bedroom has had all its walls painted in this saturated green, including the ceiling, to create a cosy, cocoon-like effect. If you’re planning on a DIY paint job, make sure to read our guide on painting those tricky ceilings.

green bedroom walls and mustard tones
Source: The Girl With The Green Sofa

If you’re leaning towards green, hopefully, this selection of green bedrooms has helped crystallise your ideal choice of shade! I’m fond of the moss and olive tones myself, and I’m quite happy to just introduce green in the bedding or throws. I may yet get around to a paint job eventually, but I think I’ll have much more luck getting it done if I hire painter to do it! Now it’s over to you—which is your favourite shade of green for a bedroom?

Want a hand?

If you’d like some help with your bedroom styling, why not find yourself a home decorator? Or, if you need some help with technical aspects of your bedroom reno, you can find a local professional who specialises in things like downlights installation, built-in wardrobes and floorboards. There are even people out there who love to assemble bedroom furniture for you—for people like me who hate jobs like that!



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