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65 Bedroom ideas – beautiful bedroom decor inspiration

By Airtasker

Updated: January 8th, 2024

Change your décor, up-cycle items, create themes in your room, as well as use texture, patterns or accent features to create a focal point.

For many of us, our bedroom is a sanctuary, a space to collect our thoughts, calm our minds and relax our bodies. We spend a lot of time in our bedroom, a third of our day actually, so it’s important that you love the space you’re in. If you’re stuck for bedroom ideas when it comes to styling or just want to change it up, we have over 65 ways to change your décor, up-cycle items, create themes in your room, as well as use texture, patterns or accent features to create a focal point.

Here’s our 65 DIY bedroom ideas

One of the best (and most affordable) bedroom ideas is to use what you already have. Creating a new look in your bedroom doesn’t have to be about spending money. You can easily DIY a new piece with items you may already have in your home.

Check out the below up-cycled ideas to create a new look in your bedroom.

1. Room divider turned bedhead

Up-cycling items for another use is a fantastic way to use items you already have or may be able to find cheap to create a new look. This room divider has been placed behind the bed to create a bedhead look. The new bedhead fits in with the bohemian look of this room.

Source: Queensland Homes

2. Lattice bedhead

Re-purpose a lattice frame which you can pick up at your local hardware store as a bedhead. All it needs is a touch of paint and a steady hand but if that’s not your thing, you can get a painter to help you.

Source: Katrina Lee Chambers

3. Macramé Wall Hanging

Macramé art is on the rise again, and it might not be as hard as you think. A macramé wall hanging, blanket or even plant holder will add texture to your room.

Source: Home Décor Magz

4. DIY art

Combine string lights and photos to get this DIY wall art that can be changed and edited whenever you like. String lights can be found at most department stores and are a great addition to create warmth in your room.

Source: Urban Outfitters

5. Distressed furniture

Distressed furniture can be created with whitewash paint and a light sanding. The distressed look is commonly seen in a country or rustic-style rooms. It can make use of pieces you already own meaning you don’t need to purchase new items.

Source: Houzwee

6. DIY Macramé lampshade

Create something different like this Macramé lampshade. It will bring a little bit of boho to your bedroom.

Source: A pair and a spare DIY

7. Driftwood Art

Bringing the outdoors in can be as simple as finding some driftwood or branches, attaching some lights or some greenery and hanging on the wall or ceiling.

If you aren’t too clear on how to hang things from your ceiling or what hooks to use, leave it to a professional to help with hanging your art.

Source: Wit and Delight

8. Glass bedside table

We love a good ‘hack style’ bedroom idea. This simple hack features an IKEA bedside table which has had glass applied to the sides.

Source: Ich Designer

Sustainable & eco-friendly bedroom ideas

Our bedrooms need to reflect who we are, and these days, many of us are becoming more and more eco-friendly. Creating an eco-friendly and sustainable space doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are some simple bedroom ideas below so you can get a beautiful room which is also eco-conscious.

9. Pallet Bed Frame

Pallets are one of the classic DIY style pieces. They can be used to create so many things including, these bed frames and bed heads.

Source: Pinterest

10. Pallet Bedhead

Source: Katrina Lee Chambers

11. Timber Planter bedhead

Take your pallet bedhead and some plants, and you’ve got a planter bedhead!

Source: Sustainably Chic

12. Greenery

Adding a touch of greenery is one of the simplest bedroom ideas. Not only will it make the room seem brighter, but greenery also provides health benefits, with many experts agreeing that plants can help to clean the air, reduce stress and increase happiness. Plus, hanging plants create a luxurious bohemian vibe.

Source: Pinterest

13. Plants as wall climbers

There’s no need to paint your wall when you can train plants to climb up it. Pothos or Devils Ivy is the perfect plant to train up your wall.

Source: bohemianstyleideas

14. Wooden art installation

This room features a unique art installation created from wooden pieces. This draws the eye to the piece. Bring out your inner artist with wood off-cuts which you can find at most hardware stores.

Source: Next Luxury

15. Cardboard Furniture

Originally from Australia, Eco-friendly company Karton has created a range of cardboard furniture. The furniture is produced with recycled materials and is free from toxins. The pieces are constructed with a high-grade corrugated board.

You can now furnish your whole bedroom with this sustainable furniture with everything from the bed frame, nightstand and chest of drawers available. The annoying thing with flat pack furniture is putting it together. So if it’s not for you, get an Airtasker to take care of the flat pack assembly.

Source: Inhabitat

16. Hemp Rugs

If you’re looking for a new rug, consider a natural fibre such as hemp. Hemp is warm and textural and a great eco-friendly alternative.

Source: Hey Djangles

17. Up-cycled furniture

Up-cycling furniture is a great way to re-use a piece you’ve got in your home or even a hand-me-down piece. Bedside tables, for example, can be made from various pieces, including bookshelves, wooden stumps or stools.

Source: GooDSGN

18. Wooden stump side table

This wooden stump has been turned into a bedside table providing a usable space while also being eco-friendly.

Source: Homespecially

19. Use a chair as a bedside table

Turning a chair into a bedside table has never looked so pretty. Chairs can be easily sourced second hand and can act as seating when required.

Source: Wit and Delight

20. Re-purposed doors for bedhead

This country chic look re-purposes barn doors to be used as a bedhead. To accentuate the look, distress or whitewash the piece.

Source: Freshome

Bedroom styling ideas

Individual changes to décor can make just as much of a change as creating new pieces. These smaller changes are quicker and more budget-friendly and can be changed with each season.

21. Texture

Bringing different fabrics and surfaces into your room can easily change the theme and styling of your room. Whether it’s a rug or a throw blanket, texture draws the eye. Different compositions give balance and contrast to the décor.

From the rug to the layered throws and the woven basket, this space is overflowing with texture, creating an abundance of warmth. Here are some of the best bedroom ideas which incorporate texture.

Bedroom-ideas-layered throws
Source: Homespecially

22. Combine texture and colour

Seasonal colours such as yellows and burgundy for winter throws bring a sense of comfort and cosiness.

Source: Domino

23. Patterns

When you’re keeping the rest of your room neutral, patterns can help to give it a bit of wow factor. Patterned bedspreads can be changed out to create a different look each time.

Source: Home Décor Magz


If you live in a rental, a rug is a must. If you’ve got stained carpet or scratched floors, you can easily cover it up with a rug. They also minimise noise, which is great for apartments.

Rugs come in all shapes, sizes, textures and patterns, so you’ll be sure to find one out there that suits your style.

Source: my domaine

25. Hang a guitar

Make use of vertical space by hanging a guitar or even a surfboard. This serves both a functional and aesthetic purpose.

Source: Home Décor Magz

26. Faux canopy

Curtains don’t have to go directly on the windows. Curtains hanging from the roof or above a wall can provide a canopy feel without having to have a canopy style bed frame.

Source: A best interior world

27. Curtains

Simple white flowing curtains can bring together a space. To create extra height make sure the curtains are long. You can even hang them higher than the window to create the illusion of a higher ceiling.

Source: Home Décor Magz

28. Colour block curtains

Combine two colours of curtains to tie in different colours in your décor.

Source: Woodoes

29. Bed canopy

Ever wanted to feel like a real royal? Add a canopy to your four-poster bed for that regal touch.

Source: Home Décor Magz

30. Mirrors

Large mirrors can be used to give the impression or a larger space. They also have a very functional purpose. Adding a large mirror to your room can inject a dash of personality. This mirror below combines the distressed look to create a modern, rustic vibe.

Source: almostmakesperfect

31. Storage shelves

Combine function and style by creating a bedhead with built-in storage. This bedhead also uses curves to draw the eye to the area.

Source: Homes to love

32. Seating

In a large bedroom, seating can be used to fill in the space. Placing seating at the end of the bed also serves a functional purpose. Take a break in the morning with your coffee or use it to read before bed.

Source: Homey Style

33. String Lighting

String lighting is a budget-friendly alternative to dimmer lighting. They can help to create a soft, calm mood in the room.

Source: Homiku

34. Textured Lighting

Lampshades come in all shapes, sizes and textures. Use different textures that compliment the rest of your décor. Lampshades don’t need to be plain white anymore.

Source: Homy Style

Accent features

Finding an accent feature helps draw attention to one area of the room. If you’re looking for a bedroom idea that will wow your friends, this is it.

35. Bedhead

An accent bedhead is a wow piece in any bedroom. There are many styles including lattice, wood, fabric, patterned and textured.

Source: Pinterest

36. Hang a quilt or tapestry

Bring vivid colour to your space with a patterned tapestry. The elaborate pattern creates a bohemian style in your space.

Source: Urban Outfitters

37.  Solid colour wall

Painting a feature wall is one of the simplest things you can do to change up a room. Choosing the colour is the hard part. Colour itself can change the whole look of a room.

Keep in mind that you are not limited to whites or other neutral palettes, darker colours can make a space feel small and moody if that’s your style.

Source: Fashion-Landscape

38. Scenery wall

Source: Bohemian Style Ideas

39.  Watercolour wall

Get creative with colour and paint a masterpiece on your wall. Tie in the colour with complimenting bedspreads and décor.

Source: Perry Rhodan USA

40.Chalkboard walls

If you’ve ever scrubbed coloured markers off a wall, you know how much kids love to draw on walls. Whether they like to draw or practise their writing, they can do it on their bedroom walls if you use chalkboard paint. Keep it to just one wall or part of the wall and use a contrasting colour such as white for the rest of the room.

Source: Real Homes

41. Geometric Walls

Geometric paint effects are very trendy – so why not add your own bold design to your bedroom walls with little more than a roll of masking tape. Use white as your base, and select some pastel tones to complete the look. For a budget-friendly option, you may even be able to use tester pots for the lesser-used accent shades. Team with bedding in similar shades to complete the look.

Source: Real Homes

42. Polka dot walls

Want to take your accent wall up a notch? Not just something for the 80s anymore; wallpaper is making a comeback! In many patterns from dots to floral, you’ll find a wallpaper to suit your taste.

Source: Pinterest

43. Foiled wallpaper

This foiled wallpaper gives a serious touch of glamour to the room. With feature walls this bold, you’ll want to make sure you keep the rest of the room quite neutral so that you don’t overwhelm the eye.

The only thing to be wary of is that wallpaper can be tricky to get done perfectly, so it’s time to call in the professional wallpaper installers.

Source: I love wallpaper

44. Horizontal stripes

Lengthen the look of a room and inject some personality by painting horizontal stripes in contrasting colours.

Source: Reng Usuk

45. Panelling

It’s easy to create this look yourself with lengths of MDF pinned and glued to the wall and painting it in a dark shade will give your bedroom a unique look.

Source: The DIY Playbook

46. Gallery feature wall

A gallery wall is an inexpensive way to create a focal point in your room. Using photos or art prints in various sizes and frames, you can create a gallery that can be changed as often as your bedsheets.

Source: BuyerSelect

47. Horizontal Gallery Wall

Source: Homeridian

48. Natural brick walls

Exposed brick is a feature in a lot of older homes and it’s one that is very ‘on trend’. Exposed brick can create a feature or focal point in your room. Remember to leave the rest of the room quite minimal.

Source: Home Décor Magz

49. Whitewashed brick

Source: APIK Home

50.  Artwork

Source: Etsy

51. Typography

A commissioned piece of typography is a unique bedroom idea that is sure to wow.

Source: HoomDSGN

52. Typographical art print

Source: Homeridian

53. Coloured carpet

Who would have known that a blue carpet could look so good? And it’s perfect for a kids room that you don’t want to look too ‘kiddie’.

Source: BHDM Design

Looking for some more inspiration for your little guys? Here are all of our wonderful kids bedroom ideas for boys.

54.Wooden flooring

Wooden floors don’t have to be brown wood, white floors can work well to brighten any room. The long lines also help to make the room appear longer and therefore more spacious.

Source: HoomDSGN

55. Divider wall

A dividing wall can help break up the spaces in your home. In the bedroom, this might be for a walk in wardrobe or ensuite.

Source: Homes to love

56. Painted ceilings

Turn style on its head by painting the bedroom ceiling. It’s another bedroom idea that will be a hit with the kids.

Source: Traditional Home

57. Wooden ceiling

Source: Bohemian Style Ideas

Bedroom themes

Instead of just a change or two, if you’re looking for a complete design overhaul it’s worth embracing a whole new theme. There are so many different bedroom styles to choose from but here are our favourites.

58. Rustic

Creating a rustic bedroom is all about combining different elements. The room below combines wood walls, cane, wood in the lighting, as well as the stone wall to create a country feel.

Source: Successful Workplace

59. Coastal

Coastal Hampton style bedrooms will put you in a holiday mood all year round. Combine soft blues, wood and greenery with woven textures and neutral pieces to create a beach style bedroom that everyone will be envious of. You’ll never want to leave the room with this resort feel.

Source: Jane at home

60. Modern

Crisp, clean lines and soft furnishings create this beautiful modern look. And if you got bored of it or a little dated, you can just change a few smaller items and it will always be up-to-date.

Source: Homes to Love

61. Elegant

Add a touch of glamour to your room with Victorian-esque furnishings and a statement chandelier.

Source: Homy Style

62. Minimalist/ Neutral

Does your room spark joy? That’s what Marie Condo implores us all to ask ourselves and as a result, the minimalist look is very ‘on trend’ right now.  A minimalist space can help you feel less cluttered and stressed. Teamed with crisp white walls and flooring, it makes the space appear more open.

Source: HoomDSGN

63. Country farmhouse

Mixing wood with texture and light patterns can help create a country look. It’s all about the large furniture with an added warmth from rustic furniture.

Source: Capcipcup


The modern bohemian style is to use a collection of similar accessories to pop against a white blank canvas. Add some greenery to help create a bohemian look that you will love.

Source: Inspire Detail

65.  Scandinavian

Perhaps we thought that the Scandi style would come and go, but it’s been a constant in interior design for the past decade. To update to a modern Scandinavian look, use stone colours, linens and a dark accent or two.

If you love the Scandi look but you’re on a budget, we’ve put together just the article for you. Here’s how to makeover your guest bedroom Scandi style with these budget IKEA pieces.

Source: Homeridian

Feature image: Photo by Yasmine Boheas on Unsplash

There you have it, 65+ beautiful bedroom ideas to inspire you to create the bedroom of your dreams. If you have any other ideas, please let us know in the comments below.



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