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28 Mellow yellow bedroom ideas

By Gianna Huesch

Updated: October 26th, 2021

Add some happy to your home with a splash of yellow

Contemplating a yellow bedroom colour scheme? Bedroom colour trends come and go. But one colour that always comes back into fashion is yellow, and it’s been vibing in interiors in sophisticated mustard tones in recent times. But that’s not to say you can’t work with other gorgeous yellow tones, like canary, gold or lemon. One thing’s for sure, a bedroom with a yellow colour scheme will always make a striking statement. Ultimately, though, it all just depends on whether you like the colour yellow or not!

Perhaps you’re drawn to yellow because of its positivity and warmth. Or maybe you want to brighten up a bland bedroom, or perhaps you just love the cheerful, whimsical aesthetic it creates. Whichever shade of yellow you prefer, it can be a risky decorating choice. You really need to focus on creating a balance between making an impact and veering into over-stimulation. After all, bedrooms should be peaceful spaces, and not too energising.

The trick to decorating with yellow is to calm down its innate vibrancy with softer, neutral accents. Alternatively, introduce yellow as an accent itself into a neutral space.

Yellow as a main

If you’re bold enough to use yellow as a main colour, add neutral accents (incredibly cool ones) which will balance its warmth. Also, use plenty of natural furnishings which will further soften the palette. Think of going for a classic pairing, like a grey and yellow bedroom or a white and yellow one.

Yellow as an accent

Or if you’d prefer just to dip your toe in and bring yellow in as an accent, it pops well against neutrals, cool shades like grey, or other contemporary colours. A dash of yellow adds a spark to a duller palette, preventing a space feeling sterile. Working with yellow as an accent colour is easy and low on commitment, too. Simply change up your sheets or cushions, or add a lamp, vase, textural quilt or another yellow décor to give your bedroom a sunny personality. For the most harmonious look, try to stick to an odd number of yellow accents.

Below, I’ve gathered 28 yellow bedroom ideas that are warm, bright and chic. If yellow is a colour you love, these bedrooms will give you plenty of inspo for decorating your own sleep space with this hue.

1. Quick revamp

Let’s start by adding just a touch of yellow to a neutral bedroom in the easiest way possible–by switching up the bedding. Mustard is a popular choice that’s been on the decorating radar for some years now. Then blend natural wood and other organic elements into the mix to ground the brightness of the ochre yellow.

Source: Photo by Vlada Karpovich from Pexels

2. Yellow bed

Or, you could also bring just a little sunshine yellow into a space to add oomph without making a major change to the overall aesthetic. Again, it could just be in the bedding or soft furnishings. For instance, want a bright, Scandi-style bedroom with a modern farmhouse feel? Go for white walls, timber floors, a metal bedframe and then sunny yellow linen. Mille fleur patterns are a classic country look.

3. Boho with yellow

A muted, natural yellow is the perfect colour to introduce if you are going for a Boho bedroom aesthetic. Just go for a few elements in marigold. Add décor in other natural tones and plenty of organic materials like wicker, rattan, seagrass, jute or sisal for texture. Hardwood floors always look the goods but soften them up with soothing rugs. Complete the Boho look with masses of bedroom plants!

Boho yellow bedroom
Source: Shutterstock

4. Blue wallpaper with yellow pops

For a contemporary bedroom with a bold colour palette, tie all the brights together with flashes of white. Yellow can come in as an accent in the bedside and a graphic cushion, where it’s just enough to add zest. Or, bring in yellow tones with bedroom wallpaper. If you want to get some wallpaper added to your walls, find the help you need with the wallpaper installation experts.

Blue and yellow master bedroom with double bed and armchair
Source: Shutterstock

5. Gold tones and shiplap

Take a contemporary bedroom from plain to pretty. Simply with the addition of some honey-coloured linen and a statement golden vintage lamp. If you love mustard, consider mixing it with soft blush tones. It’s an unexpected combo but it works!

6. Mix tones

You could go for a dominant colour scheme by mixing different shades of yellow, such as canary yellow and soft lemon. If you want to go for a monochromatic look like this, make sure to introduce lots of texture to liven up the limited palette. Texture can come through via a macrame wall hanging, a rattan bed frame, soft bedding and the smooth hard metal of a locker used as a dresser.

7. Mustard bedhead with gold wallpaper

For a subtle yellow bedroom, opt for gold and midnight blue wallpaper. Combine with with a luxe mustard velvet bedhead. Warm yellow does a great job of brightening up a room, so it’s a good choice of accent if you are going for darker wallpaper.

Source: Photo by Ron Lach from Pexels

8. Yellow patterned quilt

A crisp, simple, all-white bedroom with timber flooring and furniture can be given lots of character by the addition of an abstract, modern quilt with dabs of bright yellows and oranges. It’s such an easy way to add a burst of yellow to a bedroom.

Have beautiful polished floorboards? To get yours looking this good, you can find an expert in floorboards.

9. Yellow half wall

Brave enough to go for bright yellow paint on the walls? It will be less overwhelming if you only paint a half wall and allow the rest of the wall and ceiling to remain white. This gives you a generous dose of yellow without completely saturating your bedroom in it. A grey and yellow bedroom is a tried-and-true contemporary look. So think about bringing in grey as an accent to balance the egginess of a yellow and white combo. Go for a sheer grey window treatment (or you can find more bedroom curtain ideas here).

10. Top half yellow wall

On the other hand, you might like to paint a yellow top half of your wall. Or, maybe you have yellow walls and find they are just too much? In that case think about adding white wainscoting to the bottom half of the walls rather than getting rid of the yellow altogether. And if you’re going for yellow on your walls, add in neutral tones to counter the boldness of the wall paint.

To make sure your painting lines remain straight, find a professional painter near you to give you a helping hand.

11. Mustard bedding

A gently Boho styled bedroom relies on a mix of natural tones and materials to convey an earthy, grounded vibe. A block of mustard linen nicely balances all the white and wood. The space can be given extra charm with a mid-century style bedside table and a flourishing hanging plant.

Source: Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash

12. Grey and yellow bedroom

Grey and yellow is considered a timeless colour combination for interiors. Bold, bright yellow just contrast so perfectly with muted pastel greys. An elegant grey and yellow bedroom has a traditional, classic flavour, which you can amplify with antique lamps or a stack of vintage suitcases acting as a nightstand. With a dominant grey colour, your space could easily end up looking drab. But velvet mustard cushions and throws will add plenty of brightness and warmth.

13. Mustard and pale blue-grey

Greys and duck-egg blues go really well with mustard yellow—it’s a beautiful marriage of tones, especially when mixed with lashings of clean white. Keeping the ceiling white also makes the space seem larger and airier.

14. Yellow canopy bed

If you love the idea of a yellow bedframe, a canopy bed painted in rich yellow could have you waking up feeling like you’re surrounded by sunbeams. It sure makes a change from the usual black or timber four-poster or canopy bed frames. And it keeps the typically imposing structure looking airy and light in the space.

Luxurious canopy bed
Source: Shutterstock

15. Bright and textured

Yellow is a must-have colour to incorporate into a bright palette. If you love a vibrant, colourful and eclectic bedroom, mix and match hues and textures with abandon! Add embroidered and tufted linens, wrinkly yarn-dyed cotton, gingham waffle weaves and sumptuous velvet. You’ll have oodles of texture and colour.

Warm blanket on white duvet in cozy bedroom interior
Source: Shutterstock

16. Yellow faux headboard

Perhaps the ultimate in no-commitment decorating with yellow are ‘bedhead’ wall decals. These will add just a little zing of yellow to an all-white bedroom. It might most suit those who like a little wit and fun in their décor. Or it may be ideal for trialling out yellow before deciding whether you wish to bring in real yellow bedroom furniture.

17. Yellow feature wall with neutral walls

Another quick way to add a big dose of yellow, while keeping it in check and not overwhelming the space, is to have a bold yellow feature wall. For example, a white and yellow bedroom colour scheme might have a daffodil yellow feature wall, contrasting perfectly with grey or brown accents.

Stylish interior of modern bedroom
Source: Shutterstock

18. Canary yellow wall

If you want to really commit to a yellow colour scheme, pick a richly saturated vibrant yellow for your feature wall. If you’ve decided to embrace the boldness of yellow, make sure you pare back the other décor. A neutral setting is the best foil for such a strong colour, and choose simple, streamlined, unfussy furniture and décor.

19. Blue bedroom with yellow accents

Have a blue bedroom? Mix the soothing and calming blue tones with subtle pops of yellow—for example, just a lamp, a candle and a throw. Keep things neat with white skirting boards. If you don’t have the patience to handle painting your skirting boards, or they need some love generally, you can always find some help with your skirting boards.

20. Muted yellow with pastels

A dramatic and sophisticated hotel luxe bedroom typically features a lavish bed frame of some kind and crisp white linen. Keep it fresh with plenty of white in the palette but make it unique with a quirky colour scheme. For instance, nostalgic, muted mustard plus pastel blue and mint green.

21. Yellow buffalo print

For a cheerful, rustic or farmhouse bedroom have an idiosyncratic mix of decorative elements and use plentiful natural materials. Then add to the personality and character with a colour clashing buffalo print quilt (extra points if it has tassels). You might add in a little yellow lampshade and a few throw cushions in yellow tones to keep it all cohesive.

22. Half moon velvet bedhead

For a sleek, luxurious look, you can’t go wrong with a velvet bedhead, and a burnt yellow, half-moon shaped one resembles the sun setting. Charcoal with metallic mustard is definitely a match made in heaven! Then you can brighten it all up with pale timber furniture and a gold table lamp.

23. Coastal and summery

For a coastal chic bedroom with a breezy, summery colour palette, venture beyond ocean blues and include some pops of yellow. Build up your colour scheme with soft furnishings. Try mixing and matching bed linens in a variety of prints and colours, from textural checks to florals to abstract designs to solid colours.

Source: Photo by Jen P. on Unsplash

24. Bright and dark

If you have a dark bedroom, transform into a cosy, warm one through the use of golden yellow. The yellow will prevent the darkness from being too overwhelming. Adding golden yellow to your bedroom can be as simple as incorporating gold elements and a vibrant throw.

25. Orangey yellow tones

Is it orange, or is it yellow? Perhaps somewhere in between? Either way, it’s a colour that works so well in a Boho bedroom. Just mix it with lots of natural materials like raw timber furniture, seagrass baskets and sisal rugs. And you have an instantly rustic, natural vibe. Hat walls are an easy way to bring character into the room as well.

Source: Photo by Tobi Law on Unsplash

26. Yellow and pink

A pretty, feminine bedroom might feature a beautiful bright palette of lemony yellow, candy pink, teal and white. You could even just paint the top half of your walls pastel pink, above white wainscoting. Add in a metal bedside locker for some character, and look for cute pendant lights, like tulip-shaped ones.

27. Raw edge yellow half wall

Half walls are great for bold colours, as they won’t overwhelm the space as much. You can give a half-wall a more modern edge by having a raw paint edge.

28. When life gives you lemons

You might remember from high school art class that yellow and purple are complementary colours on the colour wheel (that is, they’re opposite each other). And as such, shades of these colours go very well together. For example, a delicate soft pastel lemon contrasts beautifully with muted purplish tones. A bolder yellow also looks gorgeous against soft pink.

Source: Photo by swabdesign on Unsplash

Bedroom colour schemes can be tricky, especially with a bold colour like yellow. So if you’d like some professional help with your bedroom to revamp, you can find a home decorator to consult with near you. Or, get some more bedroom ideas first. And if you have flatpack or other bedroom furniture needing assembly, you can find someone to handle that for you too.

So there you have 28 ideas on how to incorporate yellow into your bedroom. How do you feel about decorating with yellow? Let me know in the comments!



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