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Fabulous French provincial bathroom ideas

By Elise Hodge

Updated: May 4th, 2020

Create a design that takes a nod to yesteryear while remaining timeless for years to come.

If you’re wanting to create a classic, beautiful and maybe even a little edgy bathroom design, then a French provincial bathroom is the choice for you because it’s warm, cosy and oh-so chic. French provincial style came on the scene in the South of France in the 17th and 18th centuries. Think farmhouses surrounded by rolling hills, sinks full of fresh flowers and tables set to overflowing with cheese, baguettes and wine.

The best thing about it is that it’s an enduring style that’ll never go out of fashion. There’s just something so timeless about the furnishings, colour and decor that comes with French style. Now, you’re probably wondering “What is it?!” so let’s take a look at a few key elements that make up French provincial design before looking at 35 exquisite bathroom ideas.

French provincial colour and design

Every French provincial bathroom should set the foundations with a neutral colour palette. It is a farmhouse style, after all. So think soft whites, creams, greys and timber.

This is where you can get a little creative! Think curved lines, smooth edges, carved wood and stone and lots of little details.


Plain timber, painted timber or shabby chic style are all popular choices for a French provincial bathroom. Even a lick of white paint will do. The key here is to avoid the design looking overly perfect and polished. So keep things looking natural by adding decor items like candles, prints, lamps and fresh flowers.


Ah, the bathroom flooring… This is my favourite part of any space! And when it comes to your bathroom, you should choose stone or timber. Yes, it’s totally possible to lay timber slats on your bathroom floor (just as long as you make sure they’re waterproof!).

Furniture and fabric

Timber, timber, timber and more timber! A French provincial home simply isn’t French provincial in design if it doesn’t have some timber.

When it comes to towels, throws and everything in between, think linen. Yes, even in the bathroom! Linen is a gorgeous fabric that screams effortless luxury. And if you love the look but hate the annoying creases, choose a linen lookalike instead.


The biggest trick when it comes to mastering French provincial style is to go white but not too white. What do I mean by that? Well, you want to choose a white that’s an off-white with subtle warms tones rather than stark cool shades.

1. Ornate mirror

Mirrors are not only gorgeous (and oh so practical) but they’re a great way to add French provincial style into your existing design. And they also bounce light around the room, which makes for a bright, fresh space. Recreate this style for yourself by choosing a carved wooden mirror or one that’s cream or gold.

French provincial bathroom
Source: French Country Cottage

2. Dark and moody

Give your bathroom a masculine touch by incorporating dark touches. My favourite way to do this is by using detailed tiles and dark timber. But you can also take your bathroom to the darker side by choosing brass or black hardware, painting the walls with a dark grey or brown, or hanging moody prints.

Dark bathroom
Source: rymsinova

3. Pale yellow

Brighten up your space by going all out with sunshine yellow. This makes for a very chic looking bathroom that’s sophisticated and classic. And don’t forget the flowers – a vase full of yellow roses will dramatically lift the atmosphere!

Yellow bathroom
Source: hgtv

4. Dark brown

Back to the masculine elements… go all out with brown, brown and browner. Choose a deep painted brown timber vanity, grey-brown tiles and brown shelving to match! Just be sure to incorporate some lighter shades (think white, beige or cream) to strike the right balance.

French provincial bathroom
Source: Houzz

5. Light and bright

In the vein of classic French provincial style, paint it white! Now, I’m not talking about cool white, because blue whites are rarely used in a French bathroom. But I’m talking chalky whites, warm whites and even neutral greens. These colours make for a clean, traditional finish.

Bright bathroom
Source: Homes to Love

6. Gold touches

While gold can so easily look dated, it can also look really fabulous and new – if combined with the right elements. Think pops of pink, textured tiles and even little plants to make it oh so natural.

Gold bathroom
Source: Cheviot Products

7. Wooden cabinets

If you’re going for a traditional farmhouse look, which is very Southern France style, then go all out with timber. Think honey-coloured tones finished with brass knobs and hardware.

Wooden bathroom
Source: Houzz

8. Double basin

Make a statement with an ornate piece of furniture like this fancy basin. I love how this looks. And while it’s traditional, it’s been made fresh and new with the addition of a blue vase full of greenery!

French provincial bathroom
Source: Trade Winds Imports

9. Large vanity

If you’ve got the space, why not install an extra-large vanity… And I mean extra-large. A vanity like this gives you space to not only wash your hands but to also sit down and do your makeup. And it has plenty of mirrors, so everyone in the family can use it too!

French provincial bathroom
Source: Model Design

10. Rustic mirror

Sometimes it’s the most simple additions that can make the biggest difference to our spaces. And this is certainly the case for this bathroom. Check out this dark timber edged mirror! It’s so much fun. And it adds contrast to the grey-white walls and light grey rustic cabinetry.

Rustic mirror
Source: Brian Woodcock Photographer

11. Floral wallpaper

Who says French Provincial has to be all white and grey? You can make it whatever you like. And this pretty pink wallpaper is the perfect example of a fancy space. Combined with the nature prints, it makes this bathroom a funky, fun space!

Floral wallpaper
Source: Roger Davies

If you love the wallpaper, here are plenty of other bathroom wallpaper ideas for your home.

12. Rusted corrugated ceiling

It can be easy to dismiss older elements as simply outdated or in need of replacing. But this corrugated ceiling is proof that they can be incorporated into your existing design. And I love the warmth the rust brings to the bathroom – it works perfectly with the stone walls and warm timber flooring.

Rustic bathroom
Source: Roger Davies

13. Pretty display

Got a simple floating shelf in your bathroom? It doesn’t just have to be used to store the essentials like soap or toothpaste. Instead, you can make the most of it by displaying a beautiful print. And when it comes to French provincial, anything with flowers goes!

Country bathroom
Source: Charlie Colmer

14. Light tones

If colour is your thing but you don’t want to go with anything too bold – then you simply must consider mint green. It adds a fresh, natural vibe to any space. And it looks beautiful teamed with white or shades of natural blue.

Light bathroom
Source: bhg

15. Soft and sweet

Or, if you want to go with something warmer, you can choose tones of yellow, peach and blush. These colours go beautifully together and can be incorporated with towels, decor, and flowers.

Yellow bathroom
Source: bhg

16. Scallop shell sink

Get creative with your French provincial designs by playing a design wild card by installing a scallop-shaped shell sink. This unique piece adds so much extra detail to this bathroom, making it really special. And the stone looks great with the rectangular brass mirror!

French bathroom
Source: Minford Journal

17. Clawfoot tub

Picture this: You’ve just finished work for the day and now you’re running the tub, using a bath bomb and sipping a glass of red while you read a good book. If this sounds like your idea of relaxation, then you simply must include a traditional soaking tub in your design!

French bathroom
Source: viviet margot

18. Slick black

Does Modern meet French provincial? I think so. This bathroom is proof that you don’t have to do everything by the book. You can take inspiration from everywhere. Install a French-style tub and make it black!

French bathroom
Source: French US

19. Mix of textures

Just like you don’t have to stick to one era, you don’t have to stick to one type of texture either. In fact, you can combine elements like carved wood, tiles and stone for a gorgeous French provincial finish.

French bathroom
Source: Hannah Propst

20. Pretty curtains

Want to give your bathroom a makeover for a fraction of the cost? Hang some new curtains! This is a great option if you have a beautiful large window. And it’s even better if you can tie in the colour to an existing colour in the room, like this bright yellow!

French bathroom
Source: hgtv

21. Lace details

Oh la la, lace is so very French and ultra-feminine. And while it’s a popular choice for clothing, it can also be used to fancy up your bathroom. Incorporate lace with your curtain choices or even by draping it around the bath.

Country bathroom
Source: Shabby Whites

22. Chandelier

One way to take your bathroom from so-so to so very luxe is to install fancy lighting. And the most fanciest lighting of all is a chandelier! Take inspiration from this ornate chandelier – it stands out beautifully in this bathroom and ties in perfectly with the gold mirror and edging on the side table.

French bathroom
Source: Valentina Leva

23. Brass details

Brass is having a renaissance, and I’m here for it! Honestly, it’s never really gone out of fashion. And no matter how you use it, it will always make your bathroom look just a little bit worn in, which makes it feel even more homely!

French bathroom
Source: Millie Emilie

24. It’s all in the details

While the big pieces can transform a bathroom, the tiny details can add character. Take your cues from this space, which has a traditional brass mirror, fancy black light fixtures, and carefully thought out decor items on the timber vanity.

French bathroom
Source: christynicoles

25. Timber vanity

Speaking of timber vanities, they’re effortlessly chic and fit into the French provincial style so well. You can buy them brand new or you can even repurpose an old desk into a vanity – there are so many options! Plus, you can have some fun by seamlessly incorporating your vanity into your bathroom with mosaic tiles on the countertop and walls. And I love the addition of the little vase of purple flowers – how quaint!

French bathroom
Source: nessmaytaylor

26. Patterned tiles

Have fun with fancy floor and wall tiles. I love how this bathroom has a very simple colour palette – black and white – but also has plenty of detail and intrigue!

French bathroom
Source: Farmers Doors

27. Timber beams

Exposed timber beams? It’s a yes from me. There’s just something about having natural elements in a bathroom – whether it’s timber, brick or stone. I think it’s just that these pieces make a bathroom look and feel so much more like home.

French bathroom
Source: Wallflower Cottage

28. Fancy farmhouse

I’m in awe of this marble vanity… I’ve never seen anything like it before! And I love that it has been incorporated in this design. To me, it’s simply proof that you can mix materials to create an entirely new look. Who would’ve ever thought that stone, dark timber, marble and silver would look so good together?

Farmhouse bathroom
Source: Cotswold Interior

29. Rustic ladder

Now here’s a handy decor hack. If you want to spruce up your existing bathroom design with a little bit of French provincial style, then adding a rustic ladder is the way to go. You can find these at homeware stores, on Facebook marketplace or even at your local secondhand store.

French bathroom
Source: Wallflower Cottage

30. Floating shelves

These are the best additions to a bathroom… ever. It can be so frustrating when you run out of storage space in your bathroom, but with floating shelves, you’ve never got that problem! I like how these two have been decorated with prints, lamps, candles and plants – how quaint!

Rustic bathroom
Source: Greenbank Interiors

31. Oak vanity

Looking for a sophisticated feature piece? Then you should really consider a vanity that you love. It’ll be something that you have for a long time, so it’s worth thinking quality! And this oak timber is a great choice that not only looks beautiful (especially with blues, greens and greys) but will make your bathroom feel special for years to come.

Country bathroom
Source: Country Homes Mag

32. Warm tones

I’m obsessed with this look! I mean, how could you not be? It’s warm, it’s cosy and it screams home. If you want to recreate this look for yourself, start with a good quality timber vanity. After that, choose the right kind of tapware (I love anything brass).

Select some fancy lighting fixtures for your wall. And finally, top off your design with a statement mirror (round is so very French) and decorate your bathroom with flowers and other items.

Country bathroom
Source: A Cotswold Lifestyle

33. Farmhouse sink

Look at how large and lovely this sink is? I love it! It’s unstructured and homey and altogether French. Plus, it works perfectly with the timber vanity and round timber mirror. As for the rest of the bathroom, I love the soaking tub and the tiny little patterned floor tiles.

French provincial bathroom
Source: jacobsfarmstead

34. Statement bath

OK, this is proof that bathrooms don’t just have to be plain white. In fact, stainless steel bathrooms are so in right now… and they look very country like! Combine a bath like this with pretty wallpaper and frame up your windows with gentle flowing curtains and you’ve got a lovely oasis!

French bathroom
Source: Country Homes Mag

35. Exposed timber

Here they are – more timber beams! I love the character and warmth that these dark brown beams add to this little bathroom attic space. When you incorporate design elements like these, you don’t have to add a whole lot else. Although, of course, it’s always nice to place a timber tray over your bath to hold a cup of tea, coffee or a glass of wine!

French bathroom
Source: The Old Forge Cottage

And there you have it, 35+ French provincial bathroom ideas. Which one was your favourite? Maybe you were inspired by the exposed timber beams or the repurposed timber vanity or the mixture of textures or large soaking tubs. I’d love to hear from you! Comment and tell me which idea was your favourite and how you’re going to implement it in your bathroom renovation.


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