40+ Black kitchen ideas – black kitchen sink, black kitchen handles

By Elise Hodge

Updated: May 4th, 2020

Move over white kitchen design, black is here to stay!

The colour of your kitchen is really down to personal preference. And when it comes to inner-city living and industrial design trends we see a lot more black and dark colours included as statement pieces in a home. A black kitchen is certainly not for the faint-hearted but there are actually a lot of beautiful ways that you can embrace the darker colour palette.

From sleek cabinets to fancy handles to crisp black sinks to monochrome splashbacks, there are so many ways that you can style this inky-dark shade in your kitchen.

1. Black butler’s pantry

If you’re lucky enough to have space for a butler’s pantry, go all out with a galley style walk-through layout like this one. It can be entered into from the kitchen through a pocket glass door or just around the corner of a hallway. And I love the hardware that’s been incorporated into this design. The brass wall lamps and cabinet handles come together for a modern finish.

Black kitchen
Source: The House of Silver Lining

A butler’s pantry is THE room that we all dream we have in our home. But it’s actually a lot easier to add in then you think. There are so many wonderful ways to do one, so I put all of them in together in this butler’s pantry ideas article.

2. Timber and stone

This is a beautiful modern design that’s both chic and edgy. I love the addition of the white leather stools at the bench. And the gorgeous fresh bunch of greenery in the clear glass vase adds a lovely homely touch to this black kitchen design.

Black kitchen
Source: Alto Architects

3. Floor-to-ceiling cabinets

If you’re wanting to make a bold statement, then you can’t go past black kitchen cabinets like these ones. The floor-to-ceiling design adds a dramatic effect. This sleek design would look great in a large home kitchen or even in a city apartment with a killer view.

Black kitchen
Source: Melinda of Bespoke

And when you get cabinets like this which become a feature, this is when you want to invest in quality materials and perhaps a professional kitchen cabinet maker to take care of it all for you.

4. Statement light

Add something a little bit different to your space with a fancy hanging light like this one. It’s honestly unlike anything I’ve seen before, and I think that’s what makes it so special. So, if you’re redesigning your kitchen, don’t be afraid to draw outside the lines a little and add in a piece like this. It’ll be bound to have your guests exclaiming ‘wow!’

Black kitchen
Source: Cera Stribley Architects

5. Fresh flowers

There’s nothing like a bunch of fresh flowers on the kitchen bench to make your home feel more lived-in and cosy. A modern black kitchen, like this one, can tend to feel a bit cooler. So the addition of fresh flowers or plants will make it feel warmer and inviting.

Black kitchen
Source: Style Curator

6. All black

Turn heads with a dramatic all-black kitchen like this one. Seriously, no corner is spared! I love the high-gloss look of the kitchen bench. And it pairs beautifully with dark greenery in glass vases.

Black kitchen
Source: Homes to Love

7. Stone splashback

Skip the popular white subway tiles for a more sophisticated look with a stone splashback like this one. While this may set you back in cash at first, it’s a timeless choice that will look good for years to come! And it looks gorgeous offset by the stark white oven.

Black kitchen
Source: Alisa Lysandra

Looking for more inspo? Here’s another 35 kitchen splashback ideas for your home.

7. Hidden butler’s pantry

Keep the facade of a clean kitchen by installing a clever hidden butler’s pantry. This is a great place for storing all of your most-used appliances, like your toaster, kettle and microwave, as well as your herbs and spices.

Black kitchen
Source: Style Curator

8. Black and white kitchen

How beautiful is this design? I love the simplicity of a black and white kitchen, and that it provides the perfect base for adding decor like pots and pans and serving boards. The tiled wall is a great touch that adds texture and pattern to the room without having to incorporate bright colours. It’s the perfect option for the minimalist at heart.

Black kitchen
Source: reDesign home

9. Gold glam kitchen light

This all-black kitchen is something to behold. I love the sleek, modern style of the benches and the textured look of the far black wall. And the timber roof and beams add a rustic touch. But the real hero of this room is the fancy gold lamp shade that covers the ceiling light! How fun is that?

Black kitchen
Source: Ryan McDonald

10. Huge kitchen island

Kitchen islands are a smart option for storing extra appliances, plates and bowls, and cutlery. And if you’ve got a large kitchen, then you may as well go all out with a huge kitchen island to match. This one truly makes a statement with black cupboards and a sleek white countertop.

Black kitchen
Source: Stoffer Photography Interiors

11. Chocolate timber

Take your kitchen to the dark side with timber cabinetry and flooring in shades of chocolate. This is one of the most popular colours right now, and it always looks good paired with white for contrast.

Black kitchen
Source: Dot and Pop

12. Fancy tiles

Brighten up your black kitchen with patterned tiles! You can keep things monochrome with black and white tiles or you can shake things up with something colourful like Moroccan tiles. Whatever you do, I know it will look fabulous!

Black kitchen
Source: Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

Would you love this floor in your home? Get a hand with your kitchen floor tiling with a tiler near you.

13. Clever storage

When designing your kitchen, it’s important that you make it work for you. One way to do this is to incorporate plenty of storage. I love how this kitchen island has a strip of open timber shelving. This provides the perfect place to put pretty little items on display!

Black kitchen
Source: Rue Mag

For other smart solutions when it comes to hiding things in your kitchen, here are 55 more kitchen storage ideas.

14. Black tiled splashback

Get creative with your black kitchen by lining an entire feature wall with tiles. I like how the grout is a lighter colour, so the geometric pattern really stands out! And the light timber floating shelf provides great contrast against the black wall and cabinetry.

Black kitchen
Source: Kresswell Interiors

15. Mirror splashback

If you want to incorporate more light into your kitchen, a mirrored splashback will do the trick. A mirror will help bounce light around your room while creating the impression that the space is much bigger than it really is. Add built-in stainless-steel appliances to provide a sharp contrast to the black cabinetry.

Black kitchen
Source: Homes to Love

16. Monochrome magic

This kitchen is what culinary dreams are made of! The chocolate-coloured floorboards provide a stark contrast to the whiter-than-white cabinets and glossy kitchen bench. And the stools are a practical addition, providing plenty of space for guests to sit.

Black kitchen
Source: Homes to Love

17. Brass and stone

In this kitchen, dark cabinetry is paired with a moody marble splashback and benchtop. And brass highlights on the kitchen island complement the brass pendant lights above the island.

Black kitchen
Source: Alisa and Lysandra

18. Add greenery

When it comes to plants, more is more! I love the ivy plant in this kitchen corner. It adds the perfect amount of colour to this space, while also creating detail and texture as it hangs down from the top of the timber shelves.

Black kitchen
Source: Vacay Co

19. Elongated kitchen bench

If you love hosting people around at your place or if you have a large family, then you should consider incorporating stools into your black kitchen. Achieve this look with ease by adding an elongated benchtop to your kitchen island. This creates just the right amount of space to slide your stools underneath!

Black kitchen
Source: Homes to Love

20. Timber panelling

Add texture to your black kitchen by adding panelling to one of your walls. This will take your kitchen from basic to ultra-chic. And I love how this design incorporates a mix of materials – from the black timber panelling to light timber shelving to a stainless steel countertop and sink.

Black kitchen
Source: Homes to Love

21. Open kitchen shelving

This design looks like a dream. But recreating a style like this certainly won’t happen by accident. First, you will need to install open shelves. And then you will need to carefully fill them with choice kitchenware and decor. Stick to a few key colours to create a consistent look across your shelves.

Black kitchen
Source: My Scandinavian Home

22. Angular cabinet design

These kitchen cabinets are a standout thanks to the angular design. And I love the addition of the marble and stainless steel because they contrast beautifully with the bold black cabinetry.

Black kitchen
Source: est living

23. Marble kitchen accents

If you want to create a sophisticated black kitchen, then why not go all out with marble? I love how this space is very modern and sleek. It achieves this look by sticking to two key colours and materials – marble and black timber. The marble has been incorporated with the rangehood and the splashback, as well for the top of the kitchen island.

Black kitchen
Source: Tecture

24. Timber and black

These two shades look stunning together. The black is a great foundation, as it sets the mood for the room, making it cool and slick. And the timber of the tabletop, bench seat and countertop adds warmth and character. The copper fittings are also a nice touch, with the copper on the ceiling lights and the utensils on the far left wall and appliances on the bench.

Black kitchen
Source: Pippa Jameson Interiors

25. Let the light in

If you don’t have a window that directly faces outside from your kitchen, then create the facade of a window by using a steel-and-glass frame that looks through to the next room. This will create the appearance of a more well-lit room and will even make your space appear larger than it is!

Black kitchen
Source: Coco Lapine Design

26. Matte finishes

If high gloss isn’t your thing, then opt for a more simple finish with matte black. This will look great in any kind of kitchen, but it works especially well if you’re wanting to go for a minimal style design.

Black kitchen
Source: Agence Lanoe Marion

27. Black and glass

Create a sophisticated space by using a lot of glass. This will help to bounce light around your room, making it appear bright and airy. You can achieve this look by using glass cabinets, glass doors and even glass light shades, like the ones pictured in this design.

Black kitchen
Source: Neptune Home

28. Dark walls

You may never have considered painting your kitchen walls black, but after looking at this design, it might just have to go on your ideas list. A coat of black paint adds a classic touch to your space. And it looks great with black cabinets, drawers and floating shelves. I particularly love the touches of autumnal orange and timber in this room.

Black kitchen
Source: Neptune Home

29. Simple and minimalist

This Scandinavian-style black kitchen keeps things to a minimum, with a plain light wall, same coloured floating shelf and black cabinetry with rectangular drawers. This kind of design is very simple to dress up, too. All it takes is a few wooden chopping boards, some bowls and plates, and a bit of glassware.

Black kitchen
Source: Stylizimo

30. Sleek modern design

Here’s another example of a very simple design. This time, everything is black. The walls are completely bare, void of any picture hangings or shelves. I really like the handles on the kitchen doors – they’re so modern yet minimal!

Black kitchen
Source: Reform cph

If you love the modern look, you’ll love these other modern kitchen designs too.

31. Black rangehood

If you’re going for a black-and-white kitchen, then it’s important to think about how much of each colour you want, and where you want to make the biggest statement. I love that this rangehood is black because it really stands out in this kitchen. And it ties in nicely with the kitchen cupboards and drawers. Meanwhile, the marble countertop and white herringbone tiled splashback add character and detail to this space.

Black kitchen
Source: The Design Chaser

32. Statement light

Black kitchens don’t have to be all stripped back and simple. You can infuse a lot of character by choosing a unique statement piece, like this gorgeous ceiling light. Its natural unstructured look is a great addition to the otherwise streamlined design in this room.

Black kitchen
Source: Fiona Lynch

33. Huge black kitchen cabinet

Go all out with a huge kitchen cabinet that fills up an entire wall in your kitchen. This cabinet has all the storage space you could ever need. It’s got open shelves for displaying your favourite pieces, closed doors for keeping any mess hidden away, and plenty of drawers for storing cutlery and cooking utensils.

Black kitchen
Source: Cocoa Lapine Design

34. Strip lighting

One way to make your black kitchen a little more bright is by adding strip lighting underneath your cabinets. This adds a warm glow that not only provides light as you wash the dishes or prepare food, but also adds a warm ambience to your space.

Black kitchen
Source: DKO

35. Black marble splashback

When you see marble splashbacks, they’re often white marble with touches of black. But this one flips traditional on its head! It’s an all-black marble splashback with a touch of white grain throughout. This makes the perfect feature piece for a black-and-timber kitchen. And I love how this one is simply an extension of the bench, with the marble starting from the countertop and climbing all the way up the wall behind the stove to meet the cabinet.

Black kitchen
Source: 202 Design

36. High-end finishes

Your fittings can make or break your overall design. If you’re wanting to style a very elegant black kitchen, then you need to take your fittings into careful consideration. This kitchen uses the most exquisite pieces, with gorgeous marble benchtops, solid timber cabinetry and lovely brass hardware holding up the shelving as well as brass for the tapware and lighting fixtures.

Black kitchen
Source: 202 Design

37. Smart kitchen shelving

Make the most of your space with smart open shelving. By incorporating shelving into your kitchen island, you can create more storage space for items like bowls and plates, or even pretty decor items. Apart from the beautiful shelving, I love how this kitchen design incorporates a mix of styles, with exposed brick on the far left wall and tiny ceramic tiles in cream and black on the right wall.

Black kitchen
Source: British Standard Cupboards

38. Timber island

Add a rustic touch to your modern black kitchen by incorporating a vintage-inspired island like this one. I love this one because it stands out against the stark black cabinetry and marble-style splashback.

If you want to recreate this style, have a hunt around your local thrift stores for a preloved timber piece like this. You can simply sand it down and then add a clear coat of finish or a fresh coat of paint to change the colour and style.

Black kitchen
Source: Devol Kitchens

39. Add a personal touch

Black kitchens can tend to be very modern and one dimensional. But just because you have a modern kitchen, doesn’t mean you can’t add personal touches. I love how this design incorporates a gorgeous little framed print on the bench and a tiny vase of greenery. It’s these little additions that make a kitchen truly yours. So spend time figuring out what elements you can add to your bench to make your space reflect your family’s style and story.

Black kitchen
Source: Beginning in the Middle

40. Monochrome splashback

Get fancy with a funky splashback like this one. The bold pattern really makes it stand out from the rest of the kitchen. When it comes to installing a splashback, you can keep it contained to one small area of the kitchen. Or you can go all out and stretch it across the bench, like this one. Personally, I love how this splashback encompasses all of the space, making for a beautiful, fun finish!

Black kitchen
Source: Boho Helene

Key takeaways

Opposites attract

As you explore the many different types of black kitchens, you’ll begin to see that you don’t have to go all or nothing. In fact, the reason why black kitchens are so popular is that black looks striking against other contrasting colours, like a white splashback or light-timber flooring. So remember, opposites really do attract!

Choose your shade

Not every shade of black is the same, and this plays a huge part in the look of your finished kitchen. The shade you choose to go with will depend entirely on the kind of space you’re wanting to fill. If you have a small kitchen, you might want to stick with a bluer shade, or if you have a large kitchen with plenty of lighting, you might opt for a starker true black. Before you decide on your shade, pick up a few swatches from your local paint store and see how they look against existing pieces of furniture and appliances in your kitchen.

Mix and match

When it comes to black, you’re not limited by materials, patterns or textures. In fact, a multi-patterned or textured kitchen can look really great! Consider mixing elements like tiles, wood and marble for a striking finish. Remember, just like you’d put together a black outfit with all sorts of layers, you’re going to want to layer your kitchen.

Add natural touches

Black can be a very cool colour, especially if there’s a lot of it in one room. One way to warm up your black kitchen is to integrate plenty of honey-coloured timber. I recommend adding wooden accessories like chopping boards, utensils and bowls. Alternatively, opt for a wooden kitchen island or timber flooring to provide this much-needed contrast.

Choose a statement piece

One way to make your black kitchen really pop is to create a standout feature piece. This could be a splashback in a contrasting colour, a fancy lighting fixture, a painting, or a rug. If you’re looking for some inspo here, why not take a look at these splashback ideas or other kitchen ideas.

Consider your hardware

Another way to make your kitchen stand out is to choose tapware that makes a statement. I personally love brass hardware because it looks clean and modern against a black foundation. But don’t limit yourself to brass hardware for your tapware alone – you can integrate it with your lighting and handles as well!

I hope you enjoyed these beautiful black kitchen ideas, and that you’re leaving with plenty of inspiration for your very own design.

Before you go, I’d love to hear from you. Which design stood out to you the most? Maybe it was the open shelving or the all-black kitchen or the monochrome splashback. Comment and tell me about your favourite design!


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