Airtasker x IKEA Australia trial launched

By Airtasker

Updated: September 23rd, 2021

Airtasker has partnered with IKEA Australia to make furnishing your home or office even easier.

When you shop at the IKEA Tempe store, you can now organise your assembly right there and then.

Who is Airtasker?

Airtasker is an online marketplace for individuals and businesses to outsource tasks, from furniture assembly to house cleaning, pet minding to graphic design tasks. Community members post tasks and receive offers from available Airtasker Workers to complete their task. When an offer is accepted, payment is added via Airtasker Pay. Payment methods include both credit and debit cards. Payment is held until the task is completed and then you will need to release the task payment to the Airtasker Worker.

How can I get my IKEA furniture assembled?

To have your IKEA furniture assembled, visit the IKEA Tempe store. Once you have selected your furniture, you can post your assembly task via an Airtasker kiosk. There are two dedicated Airtasker kiosks located in-store. One is located in the showroom beside the wardrobe section and the other is located in the warehouse section of the store.

When your task has been posted, Airtaskers with an IKEA Badge will make offers to undertake the work.

When you accept an offer, you can add task payment  via credit or debit card, which is securely held until the task has been completed. Once the Airtasker Worker has assembled your furniture you need to release the task payment.

Who will assemble my furniture?

All IKEA furniture assembly tasks posted through an Airtasker kiosk at the IKEA Tempe store will be carried out by an IKEA badged Airtasker Worker who has extensive experience with IKEA furniture assembly and has successfully completed a police check.

What items can I have assembled?

The Airtasker x IKEA Australia assembly trial currently covers Beds, Tables, Chairs, Desks and Wardrobes, Sofas, Sofa Beds and Storage furniture. Additional furniture categories will be progressively added.


How much does it cost to have my furniture assembled?

When you post an IKEA furniture assembly task via an Airtasker kiosk at the Tempe store, it will calculate an estimated budget for the task. Airtasker Workers will be able to make offers on your task, which means the agreed price depends on the offer you choose.

Estimated Assembly Prices

Beds from $50
Chairs from $25
Tables from $45
Wardrobes from $89
Sofas from $65
Storage units from $40

Assembly of multiple furniture items will attract a discount.

What’s the difference between an IKEA task and a general furniture assembly task on Airtasker?

IKEA assembly tasks posted via an Airtasker kiosk within IKEA store(s) can only be completed by an Airtasker who has an IKEA Badge. This badge means that they’ve successfully met the criteria set by IKEA Australia. Regular furniture assembly tasks can receive an offer from any Airtasker Worker.

How can I do IKEA assembly tasks as an Airtasker Worker?

To learn more about applying for an IKEA Badge to undertake IKEA assembly tasks visit



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