Get your IKEA furniture assembled

Airtasker and IKEA Australia - making furnishing your home or office even easier.

How it works

Step 1

Select Post my IKEA task
& sign up to Airtasker.

Step 2

Post your task - tell us what, where and when you want your items assembled, then suggest a fair budget for the task.

Step 3

Wait for the offers to roll in, then pick the best person for the task!

What is Airtasker?

Airtasker is where people who want work done can find people who want to work - we're a community marketplace built on trust. You want your furniture assembled, your house cleaned or a logo designed? Airtasker is the place to turn to. Tell us what you need done by posting a task and you’ll receive offers from Taskers. Then simply choose your person for the task by checking out their offer, profile and asking any questions you might need answered. Once you accept an offer, the payment is securely held with Airtasker Pay and you only release it to the Tasker when the task is complete.

How do I get it assembled?

Simple! Follow the steps above, post your task and get your furniture assembled.

Who’s going to put it together?

Taskers with IKEA Badges carry out assembly tasks posted through our Airtasker IKEA portal. These badges are exclusive to those with both extensive furniture assembly experience and a Police Check Badge.

What can I get assembled?

Please see the list below for a guide on what you can get assembled. We’ll be adding more furniture categories shortly.

How much does it cost?

While following the IKEA portal steps, you’ll be able to specify the IKEA furniture you want assembled. Your chosen items appear with a suggested budget for the task and these suggestions can also be found in our quick-glance guide below. If you want several items assembled, make sure you include the product ID's. This can help you get better value offers from Taskers.

Suggested assembly prices

Bedsfrom $50
Chairsfrom $25
Tablesfrom $45
Wardrobesfrom $89
Sofasfrom $65
Storage unitsfrom $40

Why should I post an IKEA task instead of a general furniture assembly task?

Assembly tasks posted through this Airtasker IKEA portal are completed by Taskers with an IKEA Badge. This badge means that they’ve met criteria laid out by IKEA Australia. General furniture assembly tasks are open to receiving offers from all members, not just those with the IKEA Badge.

Get your IKEA Badge today!

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