Airtasker Community Summit: Q&A Session

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Updated: September 23rd, 2021

At the Airtasker Community Summit one of the most popular sessions of the day was the Q&A with the Airtasker "Airtasker Community Summit: Q&A Session"

At the Airtasker Community Summit one of the most popular sessions of the day was the Q&A with the Airtasker team. We had so many questions submitted that we ran out of time to go through them all, however, we had so many questions submitted that we ran out of time to go through them all.  However, we want to make sure that your questions are answered.

1. The Service Fee is high, will it be reduced?
When a task is completed on Airtasker there is a 15% Service Fee applied to cover variable insurance and transactional costs, and also ongoing maintenance costs to continuously improve and develop the Airtasker platform, to maximise the opportunity to earn more.

2. What are you doing to improve Airtasker Support?
As the Airtasker marketplace continues to grow we are continuously hiring and training new staff members. We have a great team in Sydney, complemented by an international team to help get back to members faster.

3. What is Completion Rate and how does it work when cancelling tasks due to the Job Poster providing inadequate information?
Completion Rates measure how reliable and committed members are to the tasks. For an Airtasker Worker, it is the percentage of completed tasks out of the total you had your offer accepted on. For Job Posters, it is the percentage of completed tasks out of the total you’ve accepted an offer on. Only if you cause the task cancellation is your Completion Rate affected.on.

4. What does Airtasker Insurance cover and not cover?
Airtasker Insurance covers many task activities however there is an in-depth list of inclusions and exclusions that all members should be aware of, read more about insurance.

5. How is Airtasker going to combat the rising number of personal details on tasks and trying to take tasks off the platform?
As the marketplace grows in terms of tasks and members, there’s an increasing amount of resources put behind looking out for this content. However, as we are a community, it’s important that the members also flag this type of content so that it can be removed effectively and efficiently. We are also placing more emphasis on new member education with programs via Airtasker Academy and educational onboarding.

6. When photos are viewed, instead of individual loading can there be a swipe to view function on the Apps?
This is really great feedback and although it’s not in the product roadmap at the moment, we will definitely add it to our feature requests.

7. For Task Alerts can the radius be increased above 50km? For remote locations, it’s not large enough.
Yes, this is something we’ll add to the feature request list.

8. Sometimes it takes weeks to receive payment, why is this and why can’t payment be received quicker.
If the Job Poster does not release payment after the task has been completed, we encourage you to contact them via private message to request payment. If after 48 hours there’s no response from the Job Poster, please contact and they will be able to help you.

9. Why are Airtasker Workers restricted for 24hrs when a task is cancelled?
As we try to improve the quality of the Airtasker marketplace, so that all members have an enjoyable experience, temporary restrictions are placed on Airtasker Workers if they are the reason behind the cancellation. It’s important to make sure that you check the reason that the Job Poster has put and either agree or disagree with it.

10. Why are there differences between the iOS and Android Apps?
There are slight changes when it comes to user design for different operating systems, however, we’re focusing on making sure that the same features are available on all systems.

11. How can Airtasker Workers keep payment records similar to records?
It’s important to remember that Airtasker provides the platform to help you earn more and provides a tax receipt for the 15% Service Fee deducted. However, as Airtasker Workers are entrepreneurs they will need to make sure that they follow the proper processes when it comes to record keeping and declaring income – especially if earning via Airtasker full time. It’s important to check with a qualified accountant and/or financial advisor, who will be able to help you set up your business.

12. Can there be a function to show when you’re logged in and logged out?
We’ll add this to the feature request list and look into a bit further.

13. How can we warn other members about unreliable Job Posters?
Leaving an accurate review of a Job Poster is the best way to communicate to other members what it was like to work with someone.

14. Can the mobile Apps have GPS when browsing tasks so that they only show you certain tasks as you move locations?
This is a really great idea that we’ll add the feature request list to research a bit more.

15. The 500 character limit is difficult, can this be increased?
We can look into this, we will just have to check to see that it won’t be a problem and schedule it with the product and development team.

16. What is Airtasker doing to make sure that Job Posters provide a more accurate task description, instead of basic “move furniture”?
We’ll be building more customised task templates that make it easier and clearer to Job Posters the type of information that needs to be included.

17. Can there be better task browsing capabilities e.g. negative keywords?
Yes, we are looking at improving this function, however, in the meantime try to use the keyword search function to narrow down your search.

18. Shortlisting would be a great function to keep an eye on tasks that you’re semi-interested in but haven’t made an offer on yet. Can we have this?
Great idea and we’ve had a quick initial look into a similar function and there might be more news on this later in the year.

19. Can there be ‘power members’ who can help moderate?
All members can already help moderate by flagging inappropriate content. The more members that help, the quicker the content is removed.



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