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Airtasker Stories: A Tale of Two Passports

By Luke Sillett

Updated: August 23rd, 2018

Going the extra (air)mile.

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If there’s one thing you don’t want to be without on a holiday abroad, it’s your passport. But that’s exactly what happened to two siblings after one of their parents (who was heading back home ahead of the rest of the family) mistakenly took their passports back to the UK, leaving the two stranded in Tenerife just a few days before their own flights back.

Instead of panicking however, said parent turned to Airtasker, posting for someone to fly out to Tenerife with the passports and return them to their rightful owners ASAP. Like the hero we need but don’t deserve, Harriet J accepted the task and was on a flight out a day later, managing to return the passports in time for the pair’s return.

Here’s to you, Harriet. We salute you.

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Luke Sillett

I like long walks on the beach, penguins and fried chicken.

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