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Airtasker Stories: Horace and Damien

By Airtasker

Updated: October 26th, 2021

This father and son pair are using Airtasker to work together and capitalise on their skills.

We caught up with father and son duo Horace and Damien to hear all about how they use Airtasker to work together, earn extra cash, and learn from each other’s skills in the process.

First up, Damien; how did you and your father go into business?

Damien (son): “My dad has always been self-employed; he first started out his career painting and doing odd decorating jobs, but he has since broadened his portfolio and now does a variety of odd jobs such as property development and restoration. When I was younger, he started bringing me to some his jobs and I started to learn on the job.”

Damien and Horace

What skills do you have that your Dad hasn’t yet learned?

Damien: “My house is like a bike museum and I’m really good at repairing and restoring bikes! That’s something that my Dad doesn’t know how to do. I would also say I am pretty good with computers, especially at coding and operating systems, whereas my Dad isn’t so hot on the technical stuff.”

What are the three key life skills that you think are essential to get through life?

Damien: “I think my generation is quite reliant on sat-navs to get around these days, so I think it is important to know how to use one. My geography isn’t great so I am reliant on my sat-nav to get to a job. I also think sending emails is essential. These days, people don’t want to text to book a job, they want to send an email.

Thirdly, I’d say having knowledge of using online platforms for sourcing extra jobs. With the rise in technology and everything going online, it’s important for me to have knowledge of navigating apps that can help us to find more work. My Dad didn’t grow up with this kind of technology, so I’m the one who tends to use it for our job.”

Damien, Airtasker

What are the best things about working as a father and son team?

Damien: “Just that we’re a family! We offer each other a lot of support which is good.”

Great, and Horace, what would you say are the key skills in life that you think you should teach your kids?

Horace: “It’s up to parents to pass on basic skills our kids will need in life. Preparing food and cooking meals are essential skills to have. I also think that is important that you teach them how to iron and wash.”

Horace and Damien

Good advice to live by. What skills has your son taught you?

Horace: “I have picked up a lot of skills from working with my son, he has taught me a great technique for fixing tape!”

What is the first skill that you taught your son?

Horace: “I first taught him how to ride a bike in the park. That’s probably why he’s so into bikes now, so I most likely had something to do with that!”

What is a job or task that you wish you could pay someone to do for you?

“Definitely washing – I don’t mind taking out the bins etc, however washing is the one I would pay someone to do for me if I could!”

We agree! Now one for both of you; what is your favourite type of job that you can complete together?

Horace (Dad): “I like wallpapering; I can wear a shirt and tie whilst doing it as it’s not a very messy job.”

Damien: “I like wood flooring as it’s generally a quick job and I can get in and out!”

Working with your family doesn’t always work out, but it sounds like it’s a real fit for Horace and Damien. Could you work with your Mum or Dad? Let us know in the comments below!

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