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Friday, Sep 27th 2019



Do you consider gelato #life? Could you tell the difference between milk, Belgian and sugar-free chocolate in a blind taste test? Rate your taste buds so much you reckon you could get them insured? Then we want you My name is Anna and I’m a Product Innovation Specialist at Gelatissimo. If you’re a semi-professional gelato eater, then you might have heard of us. Every day our artisan gelato makers are making delicious gelato fresh in store with only the best ingredients. We’re constantly working on delicious new flavours and to make sure we’re staying on top of our game, we’re after the most refined taste buds in Australia to help us out by testing and evaluating our current range as well as our new flavours of gelato before they’re released. If you’re confident you can assess the quality of flavours on the basis of texture, colour, smell and appearance and can evaluate the nuances of flavours as objectively as possible, then we want you to be our Gelato Taste Tester. You’ll be required on Friday 27 September at Gelatissimo’s Sydney office in Rydalmere for four hours of intensive tasting. You’ll be paid $500 for your valuable time and even more valuable taste buds. Rules of taste-testing: 1. Make sure you’re in an environment with minimal distractions. Gelato tasting is serious business, so the sensory tasting needs to be as true and unbiased as possible. 2. Taste with your eyes. Is the appearance of the gelato visually appealing? If so, that’s a great start. 3. Next is the fun bit, the actual tasting. Taste from a spoon turned upside down and place the gelato directly onto your tongue to make sure you’re using all 10,000 of your trusty taste buds. 4. While you’re there, why don’t you take another spoonful (how can you resist?) and this time think about the texture. Gelato is known to be smooth and creamy, so make sure that requirement is met. 5. Have a cup of water nearby to rinse out your mouth between flavours, and then start again! 6. Your tongue and taste buds must be prepared for the job. The day before, please minimise caffeine, chilli and particularly hot food to ensure your palate is cleansed and your taste buds are undamaged. Please have a small breakfast to ensure your taste buds are at their most receptive. You’ll leave full, don’t worry. Tough job, but someone has to do it. Apply below by telling us why you’re the best person for the job.

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"Catherine was excellent for this task - would hire again!"

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"Wow! What an absolutely wonderful experience! It was a very unexpected surprise. The staff and team at Gelatissimo were easy to work with and made me feel very comfortable. With very clear instructions and a fun atmosphere, I felt like this is the best place to work in Sydney! I would 100% do this task again and would be more than ecstatic to work for any of the team members at Gelatissimo again! Such amazing people. Thank you so much"

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Hello Anna and team at Gelatissimo! My name is Catherine Vagnozzi I am 30 years old with NO health problems and my taste buds work extremely well! I have 4 children and every weekend we are at Gelatissimo. From Manly to Weatherill Park to Newtown we will spend the day around one of your many locations knowing we will all get a fantastic, delicious and flavoursome treat after a long day! (We bribe the kids, “You better be good or no ice cream”) I am available the day you require. I am honest reliable, efficient and above all ready to dedicate my entire soul and energy in giving you the best taste test you have ever seen! Thanking you kindly Catherine

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Hi Catherine, Thanks so much for putting your hand up for the task. We'd really like to have you as our Taste Tester - are you still available next Friday? Also are you comfortable to be on camera to film some parts? Thanks, Anna!

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Hi Catherine, Just letting you know that the time of the task is to be there at 11am and finish at 3pm. I'll confirm the address and contact details once I've added the payment details and assigned. Cheers, Anna

Hi Anna! No problem at all. I can’t wait!! Catherine


Hi, I'm Alice and I'm from Italy. I've been a great gelato fan since I was a kid. I've been tasting LOTS of different type of Gelato around Italy, and I do taste the difference when I'm abroad! I've been to Australia for a year, but the past two months I've been to Italy and I've been eating a lot of gelato! I'll be in Australia on the 25th, just in time! ;) I love eating and I'm ready to taste your gelato!

Hi when is the next tasing in BRISBANE?😉

I am a fan of ice-cream and gelato. I eat sweet or ice-cream almost every day. I don't have any allergies and i like to try new favour and food. I am free on the 27th and i would like to join the tasting.

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