Do you consider gelato #life?

Could you tell the difference between milk, Belgian and sugar-free chocolate in a blind taste test?

Rate your taste buds so much you reckon you could get them insured?

Then we want you

My name is Anna and I’m a Product Innovation Specialist at Gelatissimo. If you’re a semi-professional gelato eater, then you might have heard of us. Every day our artisan gelato makers are making delicious gelato fresh in store with only the best ingredients.

We’re constantly working on delicious new flavours and to make sure we’re staying on top of our game, we’re after the most refined taste buds in Australia to help us out by testing and evaluating our current range as well as our new flavours of gelato before they’re released.

If you’re confident you can assess the quality of flavours on the basis of texture, colour, smell and appearance and can evaluate the nuances of flavours as objectively as possible, then we want you to be our Gelato Taste Tester.

You’ll be required on Friday 27 September at Gelatissimo’s Sydney office in Rydalmere for four hours of intensive tasting. You’ll be paid $500 for your valuable time and even more valuable taste buds.

Rules of taste-testing:

1. Make sure you’re in an environment with minimal distractions. Gelato tasting is serious business, so the sensory tasting needs to be as true and unbiased as possible.

2. Taste with your eyes. Is the appearance of the gelato visually appealing? If so, that’s a great start.

3. Next is the fun bit, the actual tasting. Taste from a spoon turned upside down and place the gelato directly onto your tongue to make sure you’re using all 10,000 of your trusty taste buds.

4. While you’re there, why don’t you take another spoonful (how can you resist?) and this time think about the texture. Gelato is known to be smooth and creamy, so make sure that requirement is met.

5. Have a cup of water nearby to rinse out your mouth between flavours, and then start again!

6. Your tongue and taste buds must be prepared for the job. The day before, please minimise caffeine, chilli and particularly hot food to ensure your palate is cleansed and your taste buds are undamaged. Please have a small breakfast to ensure your taste buds are at their most receptive. You’ll leave full, don’t worry.

Tough job, but someone has to do it. Apply below by telling us why you’re the best person for the job.
I believe I will be perfect for this task as I have always had a curious palate and always jump at the chance to try new, weird, and wonderful flavours and menu items. Whenever I visit a gelato store, I like to get the most unique flavours (some have been better experiences than others); with the most memorable one being lavender-flavoured gelato. I've had great successes in the past, blind taste testing different potato chip and cola brands and correctly guessing all of them. Of course coming from an Asian heritage has helped develop my wide knowledge of flavours from many other countries as well.

Emily M.



Hi Anna, gotta put my hand up for this one. What a great way to spend a day! I'm a food enthusiast generally and gelato is no exception. Maybe it's true #gelatoislife ;) I have a discerning palate, don't smoke or drink coffee, so my taste buds are happily acute - I'd even call them refined. In terms of Gelatissimo, I'm a dark chocolate lover so usually go for your dairy-free chocolate, as I enjoy it's intense rich flavour. I'm willing to be won over by new flavours though...Happy to lay off the chilli and hot foods the day before to calm the receptors. Did I mention that I'm exceedingly curious? Can't wait to put my curiosity to good use on a gelato adventure, discovering new taste sensations. I can be available on the 27th - please let me know if it is morning or afternoon.
I will be great to do this task as I love gelato. It will be an amazing experience to do something that I am passionate about.
Hi Anna!
I love trying new things and most definately have a sweet tooth and take my tasting very seriously ! Not just flavour that sells food so much more contributes to the product!! I would love to help you out with this, I look forward to hearing from you!
Hello my name is Sasha Del Vecchio and i'm a 22 years old Italian boy. I think i'm the right person for this job because i eat ice cream every day since i was a child and i think i'm able to recognize a good ice cream also without taste it. This is my dream job so i would be very happy to join your team.

Julie H.



Count me in! My boyfriend is a chocolatier and I have tasted a lot of riverina gelato & messina gelato, travelled 40 countries & enjoyed so many. I’ve done the same for tim tams & cadburys creme eggs too over the years. As a personal trainer, I cam pretty good at recognizing sugar free, and as a Concierge I have attention to detail - So excited ! Pick me!

Miss P.

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I would absolutely love to be part of this important task. I am honest, reliable and a huge fan of gelato. I eat it when it’s hot outside and I eat it during winter - ‘always’ is the right time for gelato!
I completely agree that gelato should be eaten spoon down, with the bowl of the spoon slowly dragged over the tongue to savour every last tasty morsel!
HI there

I have highly perceptive taste buds and sense of smell. I can describe a scent or taste in colour and physical feeling.

Since childhood I have been exposed to the the delicious international variety of food and also a bronze CERT in wines which opened up another amazing tasting ability to the tasting pallet.

I am happy to provide you with honest good or bad feedback regarding your products.

Kind regards
I am the best person for this task as i have a passion and love for gelato! I am very particular with which types of gelato i like and i believe i will be a good judge at which flavours the business should take into stores! I can give constructive and truthful feedback that will help to further develop the product.
I would love this job because I love gelato, have great senses and used to work as a taste tester a few years ago!
We've got a lot of characters here, with a lot of different tastebuds. So let me tell you about me:
I'm not Italian. I don't have an "ice-cream" bod, nor do i gorge on the stuff every day. I'm not a master taster with years of experience, or a professional chef making the most famous ice-cream in the world
But let me tell you what I do have, and what I think is the most important quality not only in a quality ice cream taste tester, but in a human being: Soul. One look into my eyes and you'll see a passion for life that simply can't be replicated; a love for the best and sweetest things in life, and here that means Gelato.
I can guarantee that being brought into your office, I can show you that giggly, childhood **** for life that you want to evoke in all your customers.
Side note: Green Apple is arguably the best flavor i've tasted. If you could give me some info on how to get a tub of the stuff, I'll love you more than I already do.
Hi there! I am an Italian ice cream and gelato lover. Ice cream is my favourite sweet and would love to be a taster for Gelatissimo. I also worked casually for an Italian gelato shop back home -can’t make it but surely can taste it. I can easily recognise its quality, how creamy it is, and if is true gelato just by looking, without tasting. In my experience I have eaten a great variety of gelato and ice cream and promise you won’t be disappointed by my tasting.
I will be great for this task as I am Italian, I really love gelato and I know perfectly the taste of the real one.

In Italy we grow up with bread and ice cream, trust me!! 🤣

I could do the tasting after 5.30pm if it is possible as I work during the day, but I don't want to miss this great chance!!

You couldn't believe it, but the ad was posted on the Milanese Imbruttito Facebook page where I noticed it. Please check on Facebook!

I can tell them a lady from Milano was assigned to this hard job!! 😊🍦
Somebody needs to do it!!

You will attract all the Milanese (Imbruttiti) in Sydney.

Gelato - gelato - gelato
I’ll be probably one of the only people that can say loud and proudly that I’ve eaten just your gelato for roughly a good of 3-5 months straight,( and I’m not kidding you when I say i only ate Gelato, nothing else or nothing more than just Gelato) I ate so much of it I gain 10kg and I still eat gelato to this day( not so much a only-gelato diet, but it’s still one of the top food groups that I do eat). I’m a serial Sleep-Binge-Eater but of course only half of that 3 or so months was me sleep-eating, the times I was awake I was either eating more gelato or going to my local store to get more of the large take home tubs( 3x1L tubs only last me about 4-5 days tops, so you can probably imagine how poor I am due to my Gelato-habit). But nevertheless if chosen for this amazing dream job, I’ll hitchhike/bus it/**** I’ll even busk my way to your office to complete said task and whatever else you might need done around the office after I’ve eaten another 10kg worth of gelato, and I’ll even clean your office at the end of the day, ( anlittle exercise will help shed the 10kg extra I’ve added onto my frame/baggage limate for the way back home).

Please consider my application, as if I do not win this I’ll probably either die drowning in gelato debt or eat myself into a early gelato deathbed( to be honest the gelato deathbed doesn’t sound to bad of an idea even if I dont get the job, but I’d would prefer the little adventure beforehand)
May the Gelato be ever so good to you,
Jadie xo
I love gelato!! I would love to be selected for this taste testing please!!

I have eaten gelato many different places around the world and understand the level of quality you are aiming for, I am able to constructively critique to help ensure you continue with that.

Can’t wait to hear if I am chosen!
I'm not a Gelato lover and I certainly cannot vouch for the reliability of my sensory receptors and anybody who can, please let me know what they're smoking because I'd like to try it. What I am is a Quantitative Analyst specialising in statistical analysis and data reconfiguration. In other words, I can use Math to quantify the "beep" out of anything and model complex regressions to determine the R value to better understand whether something in my mouth will be appreciated by a statistically significant population is probably what I can bring to the table (or ice cream parlour) better than any other candidate.
I have tasted a lot of ice cream in my time. In my younger days, I worked in an ice cream parlour for 2 years and loved every minute of it!
I have a fantastic sense of smell and love all different types of cuisines.
I am your girl!
I will be great because I have lived in a few different countries and have tasted a lot of icecream in various flavours.

Anna L.

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Italian, moved in Australia 5 yrs ago. Great eater of gelato and ice creams. Why me? Because I love try new flavours
Hi there Gelatissimo team!

When it comes to food others may know more. But when it comes to gelato, I know exactly what the people are looking for. The very best gelato needs to meet a very high standard for me. But I know Gelatissimo is up to the task.
I've ventured to Italy many times and I've been able to identify the very best Italy has to offer. Don't believe me? Check out my article here
Now I hear you say it's easy to lay claim to enjoying gelato. And I fully expect people to come back and tell you the flavours are awesome. But when it comes to tasting gelato you need someone who will give you the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. And I can give you that too. I've written comprehensively about how to avoid bad gelato -
I want your new flavours to succeed. To hit the high benchmarks of your customers. Don't settle for an amateur, go with someone who knows gelato like no other.

Hope to talk soon Anna!
I have grown up in an italian household with many incredible foods at my disposal. One of my fondest memories is going to nonnas house in the school holidays & making up our own icecream & experimenting with flavours. I think this would be a great experience & i would really love to help shape the future of gelatissimo’s icecream.
As a University Student, I don't often find myself free between being swamped with assignments and panicking about work.

But when I do find myself with a lick of time (pun intended), I often frequent the Gelatissimo in Adelaide with a friend, as a small break away from reality.

I am no professional connoisseur, I will not try deceive you, but I am wholly passionate about my flavours. I always lean towards mixing one sorbet and one sweet flavour - the contrasting tastes titillates my tongue! I've had other gelatos - in cafes, in restaurants, even in pubs - but nothing compares to Gelatissimo.

To me, being a gelato taste tester this isn't an opportunity to make money - it's an opportunity to make a difference. To have my tongue heard in making Gelatissimo as great as it can be!

The 27th of September is during my mid-semester break, so although Sydney is no small distance away, to embark upon a road trip there with friends would be a journey with a truly magnificent treasure at the end of it.

Thank you for listening. I hope you consider me as a candidate for this great honour.

- Harry Hall
My tastebuds have been remarked upon as being similar to that of Superman's, or Clark Kent if you are familiar with the fact that he is superman, in the sense that they are heightened. (And could probably fly - if they chose to)
I have the keen sense of smell and eagerness to please remnant of dog-celebrity Lassie, but the humility and badboy persona of X-men's Wolverine.

In addition to this, I would say goodbye to my very own mother for a lifetime supply of gelato, I would sell my soul to hades for a mere taste of new flavours from gelatissimo, and lastly, I'm a gelatissimo member, which some would call ridiculous, but I call it - smart business practice

Please, let me put my powers and icecream fandom to good use, I'm the hero you need
Hi, this task is just my flavour! I happen to have a degree in taste-testing (does self awarded count?). I've been tasting things my whole life and have around 10,000 taste buds all full of receptors for sweet, sour, bitter, salty and umami. Not only that but I could smell a dolphin from a mile off! (They're salty-sweet with a hint of rainbows). I even work in visual communication so translating the senses is second nature to me. New gelato flavours are always a treat, (apple pie is my number one) and I would more than happily lend you my skills. If you like that sound of that please get in touch (there, covered all the senses for you).
Having a European background l have grown up tasting Italian gelato and seeking the Italian varieties which at the time as a kid, weren't in your Coles or Woolworth, but only specialist Italian retailers. l have been to Europe and tried their favours and how the same brand of gelato over there can taste so different to ours. l also make my own at home experimenting with favours. So to say l enjoy gelato is an understatement and with my experience having tasted gelato from Europe and of course here in Australia l believe I'm the type of person you would be looking for.
I adore gelato, sorbet and the creamier ice creams. I take my time to feel the various textures on my palate. I often find myself smelling the fruitiness or the richness of the gelato or sorbet before taking a spoonful! I’m not afraid to voice my opinion or thoughts about a product if it means we as consumers can enjoy a better alternative!
Hi Gelatossimo!!!
I have a keen taste bud and senses. I literally can smell my boyfriend from few metres away. I can smell food or ingredients from distance away. I have great eyesight and great hearing. I listen to people heart for a living. Haha. You can guess my occupation. Well, hope you can pick me. I love ice cream. Probably eaten over 100 litres in the past 25 years.

Angela J.

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I am a gelato afficiato. I have a highly sophisticated gelato palette and I will be able to detect any odd ingredient that should not be there or tell you if something is missing. Yes, it's THAT good! My services are in great demand nation wide so I suggest you act quickly to secure my taste buds for their service. They agree to abide by all the rules set out in this listing. They also will sign a non-disclosure agreement to ensure anything they taste, remains firmly in their mouth and not out the mouth for the competition to hear! Thank you for your consideration!
I'm a visualisation artist, which means I spend my day translating complicated and abstract concepts into simple illustrations that anyone can understand immediately. Simplifying and visualisising the feedback of customers and clients is an invaluable way to get information across instantly.

How would this help Gelatissimo? Well, what is more abstract and personal than taste and smell? I would be able to explain and articulate my responses to the different flavours in an creative and above all, straightforward way. You'd be able to use the visual feedback to represent the difference nuances between the flavours, and track the entire tasting experience from the first smell and sight, to the three minute aftertaste. These notes would allow you to share the feedback with the team, without the need to explain it yourself, and would help the team to look at the future development of the flavours from a completely different angle!

As a a side note, I also have an excellent sense of smell and can always identify any essences and hidden flavour depths before I even take a bite.

(I also adore ice-cream!)
Hope to hear from you!
I like to think of myself an ice cream, gelato and sorbet connoisseur. I love trying and testing different flavours, textures, and colours. I have a passion for all things food so I would love the opportunity to test the products of my favourite gelato shop!
I am at gelatissimo every day and i believe i have more than what it takes for the job
I love dessert especially ice cream and would love to do this taste test
I love ice cream and i'd be the best ice cream taster ever.
I have always tried(&eat) ice creams from different brands multiple times a week. Ive always discuss with my partner why I love or dislike each favour and comparing them to existing. This role would be perfect for me as it's in my comfort zone and as I've always being analysising the flavours. I would have the knowledge of what types of flavours would be popular and fit the brand.
I'm a huge gelato fan! I've tried many gelatos in many different countries, I'm the person for this!
I will be awesome for the task because ice-cream and gelato is my passion. I can eat it all day long and one of my hobbies is trying every flavour at Gelatissimo and all the new releases. I love my food and love exploring different flavours which is a definite skill set of mine especially when it comes to being a professional taste tester.
I think I would be great for this job! I would really enjoy it and am passionate!
I love gelato, sorbet, all things creamy and delicious. My day job is a coffee roaster, so I spend my days in the cafe using my senses to test espresso and milk beverages. Whereas when I'm in the roastery, I'm using my palate and nose to decide upon new coffees, create new blends, check for defects, and ensure consistency of each coffee's flavour profile week to week.

Did I mention that I love ice cream?

I am a massive icecream fan (especially Gelatissimo) and this would be a dream day!

1. I am free on the 27th of September
2. I am fabulous.
3. I will eat anything and every gelato.
4. This is my favourite food, please pick me!!!
5. This would be the best day ever!
I love gelato and an answer to the question I sure could tell you the difference between all of the chocolate flavours. As a gelato maker I know a lot about how gelato should taste, look, feel, and I guess even sound. I personally believe I have valuable insight into how Gelatissimo should choose it's flavours so that they actually sell well and are intriguing to customers but taste good so people actually enjoy them. Also I have many thoughts about the names of flavours and how some are too difficult for customers to say and the extra fluffy descriptors should be left in the subtext of the tag not in the name of the flavour (example: wicked double chocolate brownies)
If you are willing to be judged by the harshest and given real feedback about our products that we make then I believe I am your best candidate with over 4 years gelato production experience and 10 years tasting experience I am your perfect fit!
Hello! What an exciting opportunity to finally put my passion into practice and try Gelato for a living! My favorite thing to do is visit Gelatissimo on the Gold Coast and try different flavours. I would love to do this for work and I am available on the dates required. Please contact me with details on how I can participate and I will not disappoint! With a background in professional writing, a flair for cooking and an Ice cream addiction; I am sure I can provide valuable feed backon your flavour combinations. Thank you 🍦🍦🍦
5 reasons why I am the best candidate for this task
1. I am free on 27th of September Friday.
2. I am a big icecream and gelato lover so I go and taste different brands in Australia.
3. I used to work as a pastry chef before in restaurants after graduating culinary course in New York so I have eyes and tastes in detail .
4. I have done taste tasting before for other brands (but not gelato)
5. I want to be part of Gelatissimo brand.
I'm a freelance foodie based in Dundas. I have worked with many consumer food brands and regularly work with Haagen Dazs ice cream. I understand the ideal qualities of Gelato and my palate is itching for some smooth, creamy delight.

Megan C.



This is my dream job !!! Gelato is my favourite food ever .
I have eaten enough gelato in my 40 years on earth to know good ( and bad) gelato when I taste it .
I have no food allergies or special dietary requirements and am very open minded so would be willing and able to taste any flavour you put in front of me . I promise to give my most honest feedback

Please pick me , you will not be disappointed !
I am a Sydney foodie who has travelled around the world and tasted the dishes of many cultures, but I can never pass on a delicious serving of gelato!
I have tried hundreds of gelato flavours in Rome, Florence, Naples, The Islands of Capri and Milan. I can say for sure that I am a gelato fanatic.
I would love to be able to not only help recreate those fond memories back home, but to also share the joy of my favourite food that holds a special place in my heart.
I love some creamy Gelato. I like to think I have a sophisticated pallet
In terms of Gelato, I've licked all the flavours - so i know all there is to know about Gelato and what makes a delicious one, like Gelatissimo makes!
I'm a fairly unique individual, though, and thats why i am applying for this job.

Having 11000 tastebuds, 1000 more than normal, I have a keen sense of the intricacies of what makes a good flavour, and whether the flavours are just right, or if another flavour needs to be added to make it just right (for instance, is there enough lemon in the sorbet, or the right variety of lemon etc)

Also, I have a strong sense of smell - as strong as a dog - which can be burdensome at times, but not when eating Gelato, because it means i can really understand when it is fresh and natural flavoured.

I also have a strong ability to withstand prolonged exposure to coldness - my teeth are not sensitive at all, and my hands can hold icecream all day long...and I don't ever get brain freezes. This means that I can really attack any extreme gelato licking conditions

I also have a profound ability to create flavours - i know i have a brain working over time about what Gelato i would like to have, and i will travel the world over to find that flavour on my mind - or else help create it.

But most of all, my Gelato super-senses means that i re