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38 Window covering ideas for your home

By Elise Hodge

Updated: April 29th, 2023

If you want to hide the glare or let the light in, window coverings will do the trick!

Window coverings are perhaps one of the most important functional decorations you can have at home. They help control the amount of sunlight that comes through as well as add that extra layer of privacy — especially if your home has floor-to-ceiling type windows.

When it comes to selecting coverings, you may be overwhelmed by how many options there are. Here are some great window-covering ideas to help guide you in choosing one that fits your style and interiors.

1. Kitchen blinds

white kitchen with big window with blinds, wooden countertop and silver sink

Lighting in the kitchen can affect the ambience of your cooking space. It allows you clear visibility of all the necessary food and tools for your meals and essentially avoids accidents from happening. The best — and cheapest — type of light you can have is natural light. Let it in with blinds that match your window frame for a seamless look.

2. Sheer roller blinds

sheer roll blinds on the windows, the sun does not penetrate the house

Sheer blinds are an excellent solution to privacy without sacrificing the amount of light that comes pouring into the room. They’re perfect for any space in the home where you want enough natural light without being exposed directly to the heat of the sun.

3. Outdoor blinds

window with outdoor venetian blinds

Outdoor blinds are a smart, low-maintenance alternative to your standard blinds. They help keep your indoor temperatures cooler and minimise the need for frequent cleaning when it comes to dust accumulation.

4. White shutters

luxury white indoor plantation shutters in bedroom

Shutters are solid, fixed window coverings that help control natural light. Unlike blinds which are usually attached to the top of the window frame, shutters are more permanent and more durable to dress your windows. Go for white shutters to achieve a clean, beachy look for your interiors.

5. Wooden blinds

modern window blinds indoors rolled up

Looking for something more sophisticated and warm to work with? Wooden blinds are an excellent timeless addition to any space. Often, you can get them coloured to suit your wooden interiors.

6. Soft luminettes

luminette window shades

Luminettes are sheer fabrics that have vertical vanes that mimic a draping effect. They’re the perfect privacy sheet that allows enough light in without having to worry about being seen from the outside.

7. Bamboo blinds

bamboo blinds, Asian traditional home decoration

Live on the more sunny side of town? Bamboo blinds are an affordable, eco-friendly, and long-lasting alternative to protecting your home from too much sunlight.

8. Curtain & sheer combo

modern living room interior with beautiful blackout and sheer curtains on window

One of the most common window covering combos is the curtain and sheers. They provide the best of both light and blackout effects. If you’re using a thinner material for your fabric window coverings, then they can work really well to disperse light and create privacy without completely getting rid of natural light.

9. Faux wood blinds

faux wood blinds rolled down, stylish room with wooden ladder against white wall

When you live in a more humid environment but still want that luxurious look from wooden blinds, faux wood is a great alternative.

10. Layered with print curtains

double-layer curtains in fabric with floral pattern and white tulle

Curtains can complete your home’s interiors. When you’re into a more maximalist approach, don’t be afraid to use printed curtains over a sheer drape.

11. Layered with patterned sheers

double-layer curtains in blue fabric and floral fabric

For a more subtle approach to design on your window coverings, you can opt for the curtain and sheer combo and have your sheers patterned instead.

12. Sheer curtains

A living room with two large windows covered with sheer curtains. White walls and wood flooring

Sheer curtains bring a soft and flowy feel to any space. It also doesn’t always have to be your standard white colour, feel free to explore other colours that suit your interiors.

13. Duo fabric roller blinds

Window fabric roller blinds, duo system for day and night. Morning light shining through the window

In recent years, the popularity of duo fabric roller blinds has grown, and with good reason. These window coverings allow you to customise how much light comes in with both sunscreen and blackout blinds. They’re great for bedrooms or areas in the house you’d like to be able to nap in.

14. Natural light

Floor-to-ceiling geometric windows. Curtains covering lower windows, upper windows with no covering to allow natural light

When you have statement windows, you can choose to cover the bigger windows and let the natural light in through the smaller panels.

15. Floor-to-ceiling curtains

White floor-to-ceiling curtains. Simple and elegant bright living room with big windows behind white curtains. Big beige couch and seat, modern coffee table, and black lamp

Whether or not your windows take up the whole floor-to-ceiling space, you can still make use of floor-to-ceiling curtains. The added height creates the perfect opportunity for curtains to fall in a neat, pleated manner.

16. Blackout blinds

Automatic roller blackout shades on large windows in dining room. Modern interior with green plants and wood decor panels on the wall

If you have a preference for ultimate privacy, blackout blinds are for you. As its name suggests, they help completely block out the sun with thick fabric whenever you need — perfect for intimate setups like the dining area or bedroom.

17. Pleated shades

white pleated blinds, shadows of indoor plants shine through

Love clean lines in your interiors? Pleated shades feature long, crisp folds of fabric as they’re pulled up. They’re a more fashionable option for modern interiors.

18. Roman shades

brown roman blind shade curtains, forest mountain window view in living room

Roman shades offer another look to window covers as they fold up into low-hanging pleats for an elegant textured look. They come in a variety of fabrics, too, so you have the option of selecting the level of privacy for your home.

19. Thick blackout curtains

thick blackout curtains, panoramic view of nice cozy bedroom with beach view

When selecting blackout curtains, it’s important to consider the fabric type. Wool surge or medium-weight synthetic suedes are your best option to capture that luxurious look.

20. Solar shades

modern living room with automatic roller blinds

Looking for ultimate protection when you’ve got bigger windows in your home? Solar shades are made with UV-blocking fabric that helps keep the sun and heat out.

21. Outdoor wooden window shades

balcony with outdoor wooden window blinds

Looking for an inexpensive window covering to install outside your home? Wooden shades are a great long-lasting option that’s easy to install and replace.

22. Panel blinds

floor-to-ceiling panel blinds blocking out the sun

Panel blinds fold back into themselves sideways rather than up and down. These window covers provide just enough privacy while also allowing you to see silhouettes of plants and people outside.

23. Vertical fabric blinds

Sunlight shining through full length white vertical fabric blinds in front of three glass sliding french doors leading to a patio. Creating shadow stripes

Still keen on panel blinds but want to see more of the view? Vertical fabric blinds have slimmer cuts per panel and casts an elegant striped shadow into the room.

24. Colourful shutters

Two Italian windows on the white wall facade with open red colour classic shutters and flowers on the windowsill

Add an extra layer of shade for your windows with shutters. Opting for a colourful pair of shutters makes an excellent accent detail for your home’s exteriors.

25. Crochet curtains

backlit flower-patterned crochet curtain

For a more detailed touch to your interiors, crochet curtains can do wonders.

26. Macramé curtain

window with typical Majorcan shutters and a macramé curtain

Whether you love the boho style or you’re looking at creating a more rustic space, macramé curtains might just be for you. It’s a great artistic piece that works with neutrals and earthy colours. If you’re up for it, you can make it yourself too!

27. Colour-coordinated interiors

grey sofa with soft pink pillows and lamp, near big window with pink curtains

When designing your interiors, consider colour coordination. Matching your drapes to small accent pieces can round out the look of your space.

28. Linen curtains

white-themed bed sheets and flowy linen curtain in the morning

For a natural, modern look, linen or linen blend fabrics are great for curtains. Once they catch wind, they billow into the room and create a soft airy look.

29. Motorised roller blinds

Motorised roller blinds in the living room, large automatic solar shades on the windows. Modern interior with a relax chair by the window

When comfort is your priority, motorised roller blinds are the perfect addition to the space. A simple command or push of a button allows you to adjust the lighting and privacy.

30. Custom timber shutters

wooden blinds behind sofa, contemporary living room with part of sofa in sunny day

Timber shutters are great for sound and thermal insulation. Not only will you be minimising the heat, you’ll be able to filter out the extra noise from outside. This works great for bedrooms or bathrooms when you’re in the mood to relax and unwind.

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31. Semi-covered

Two big arch windows in living room, partially covered by curtains. Contemporary TV living room with two sofas

It can be difficult to add drapery to irregularly shaped windows like the arched type. You can always install windows up to 70% of the way and allow natural light to filter in from the top-most section.

32. Curtains over blinds

Curtains over blinds in a living room interior. Vintage armchairs, orange coffee table with two cups and plants standing by the window

Play with texture when you combine curtains and blinds to cover your windows. The horizontal lines allow light to leak beautifully into your space. If it gets too bright, you can always block it out completely with the curtains.

33. Cordless blinds

pleated cordless blinds close up on apartment window, white colour fabric

Cordless blinds are installed into your window frame for a clean, seamless look. They can be put away both top-down and bottom-up.

34. Outdoor and indoor curtain combo

black external roller blinds on panoramic windows

When you’re looking for double the shade and less cleaning, go for outdoor roller blinds and curtains for your indoor use.

35. Colour contrast

Roman blind in the interior, close-up. Curtain blue blackout fabric, sheer white linen, yellow wall

Play to the strengths of contrasting colours. Light and dark colours or colours on opposite sides of the colour wheel help create visual interest in your space.

36. Smart blinds

Smart wooden blinds on large windows interior. Living room with armchair and houseplants near windows

Aside from motorised blinds, there are smart blinds that you can program to open according to a schedule or whenever you arrive home.

37. Embroidered curtains

Embroidered curtain. Noble and elegant symmetrical design

Embroidered curtains can instantly elevate a space. For the ultimate upscale look, opt for gold-coloured details in the design.

38. Awning

Balcony with awning opened, covered by sun-shield

Awnings or overhangs are another great option for outdoor shades to filter out additional light from heating up your home.

Window coverings are an undoubtedly useful addition to any home. They keep the light and heat out, plus provide you maximum privacy whenever you need it. Hopefully, you’ve found ideas you’d like to incorporate into your own home. Whenever you’re ready, you can connect with professional curtains and blinds installers near you.


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