35 Wedding cake ideas

By Elise Hodge

Updated: April 17th, 2023

Choose a classic cake or make a bold statement with something out of the box!

Weddings are a significant life event that deserves a decadent dessert you’ll want to remember for a lifetime. What better treat than a wedding cake to celebrate the occasion?

Wedding cakes serve as the centrepiece of the whole event. No idea is too big or too small when deciding the kind of design, decoration, and flavour for your dream cake. If you’re unsure where to start, hopefully, you’ll find inspiration in this selection of delectable wedding cake ideas.

1. Floral purple

Go beyond the traditional white. Let your personality show with bright, bold colour choices with a soft floral design.

wedding cake with purple flower detail

2. Classic white

Dress up your classic white wedding cake with more modern, textured icing. Top it off with your favourite flower for a playful pop of colour.

classic four-tiered white wedding cake

3. Sweet and romantic

Heart-shaped cakes aren’t just for Valentine’s Day. Allow your wedding day to take the form of romance any way you like. Top it off with a custom cake topper for that extra touch of sweetness.

wedding cake with a heart-shaped topper

4. Doughnut cake

Who says you can’t combine desserts? Wedding cakes are a great opportunity to show you and your partner’s personality. If you both share a love for all things sweet, deck your wedding cake with desserts you love — like doughnuts!

doughnut wedding cake

5. Laced with flowers

For a different approach to a floral theme, have your baker position the flowers just at the centre, lacing them around the cake. It lends a delicate touch to the whole design. Don’t forget to choose flowers that stand out from your cake’s colours.

floral lace wedding cake

6. Artistic strokes

A unique take for an artistic couple is to go with vibrant brush strokes. This type of design can speak volumes about your personality.

wedding cake with vibrant brush strokes

7. Multicoloured tiers

The beauty of tiered cakes is the endless possibilities to explore with each layer. Have the cake colours match your bridesmaid colours for a seamless theme or even colours that completely stand out from your wedding celebration.

multi-coloured wedding cake

8. Personalised cake topper

Nothing shows a couple’s personality more than a cake topper. It’s the most creative way to customise your cake and bring out the best in each partner. You can explore other types of ornamental pieces depending on your interests. Think: Legos, charming toy figures, ceramic dolls, and more.

wedding cake with Lego topper

9. Semi-naked cake

The rustic-themed dream cake is almost always semi-naked. Loved for its exposed spongy base, it has a beautiful texture you can easily dress up with carefully curated toppings.

semi-naked wedding cake with a rustic theme

10. Festive foliage

Foliage toppers are a fantastic decoration for rustic-themed weddings. There are a variety of different-shaped leaves to choose from. Olive, sage, rosemary, and thyme are great options for food-safe greens.

wedding cake with a lively foliage topper

11. Elaborate detailing

In love with details? Talk about intricate designs with your baker. Show them samples of the level of detail you’re interested in. This style works for single and tiered cakes.

wedding cake with elaborate gold detailing

12. Cascading piping

Whether your wedding cake is a tall multilayered beauty or a single-tiered delight, piping that cascades diagonally down adds movement as a point of interest in the design. This works especially well for classic white cakes for that extra oomph!

wedding cake with cascading piping

13. Naked cake

Not a fan of icing? Take the minimalist route with a naked cake. Chat with your baker to get the perfect filling between the layers to keep it soft and moist throughout the celebration.

naked wedding cake

14. Towering florals

Add a variety of fresh flowers standing upright to your cake. Not only does it add height to your cake, but it also makes for a stylish centrepiece as well.

wedding cake with towering florals

15. The timeless minimalist

You don’t need to do lavish details on the cake if it’s not your style. Let the surrounding decorations elevate the look effortlessly.

minimalist wedding cake

16. Glamorous gold accents

You might appreciate delicate accents to your cake if you have a penchant for gold details. Try chatting with your baker about how you’d like to apply edible gold leaf to your cake if that’s your thing!

wedding cake with gold accents

17. Luxurious petal piping

Do a twist on the classic white wedding cake with intricate petal piping. It’s a fairly simple way to create a luxurious dessert as your centrepiece. Top it off with edible pearls for a little bit of sparkle.

close up of a wedding cake with petal piping detail

18. Vintage floral

For a waste-free, fully edible cake, you can decorate it with a mix of edible dried flowers. Some great flower options are carnations, chrysanthemums, lavender, and marigold.

three-tiered white wedding cake with vintage floral detail


19. Flowing with fondant

Sometimes fondant can add that little bit of fun and rush of sweetness to the cake. Don’t be afraid to explore the kinds of flowers your baker can create for your cake.

top view of a wedding cake with flower fondant detail

20. Dark and dramatic

Who says wedding cakes need to be light? When your favourite colour is a deep and dramatic black, you can also have it reflected in your cake. Elevate the design with light-coloured details for contrast.

dark and dramatic metallic wedding cake

21. Warm waves

Doing a beach wedding? Create wave textures as a design element for a minimalist modern cake.

wedding cake with wave designs

22. Elevated layers

Grand weddings deserve grand centrepieces. Set your cake apart by elevating each tier just a little more. It’s a great way to get more height for guests to see its beauty from afar.

wedding cake with transparent elevated layers

23. Sophisticated marble

Still loving the geode trend but want a more sophisticated approach? Marble textures are a fantastic alternative.

wedding cake with marbling design

24. Vibrant with berries

Love a refreshing bite to your cake? An assortment of berries is a great topper, especially for light chiffon cakes or cheesecakes. Not only do they add to the visual, but they also bring a nice textural experience as you eat.

Don’t forget to check if any guests are allergic to the fruits.

wedding cake with berries

25. Decadent chocolate

If you have a soft spot for pure chocolate cakes, take the leap. While it’s an unconventional cake, chocolate cakes bring a sense of nostalgia and romance.

decadent chocolate wedding cake

26. Stunning drip

Define each layer of your cake with beautiful drip details. It’s another clever way to add a romantic touch to an otherwise classic design of a wedding cake.

strawberry drip wedding cake

27. Petite

The beauty of intimate weddings is the simplicity or incredible detail you can weave into your cakes. A single-tiered cake will be significantly easier on your baker, and you can think more about the design you can create.

white minimalist petite wedding cake

28. Boho chic

Capture the beautiful boho vibe in a cake. Keep it simple with a textured crumb coat. Add your favourite kinds of dried flowers to complete the look.

Wedding cake decorated with dry ear of wheat cotton in boho style

29. Subtle gradients

Gradient cakes always make a statement. Choose a colour that best suits your wedding theme to tie it seamlessly to your celebration.

subtle seafoam gradient on a wedding cake

30. Opulent pearls

Pearl-covered wedding cakes are always a sight to see. You can make it different by choosing chocolate malt balls as your pearls.

brown pearl-covered wedding cake

31. Room for squares

Think outside of the box with a square cake. Not only is it easier to portion each serving, but its shape can also easily serve more guests even with fewer tiers.

colourful square-shaped wedding cake

32. Incredible edible art

Find a baker who can turn your cake into the ultimate sculptural masterpiece. A simple white wedding cake can look like art itself with handcrafted toppers.

wedding cake with incredible edible art

33. Fruit-full cake

Another fresh approach to your cake is incorporating different fruit types into each layer. Keep all the layers exposed for a straightforward but elegant look.

fruity wedding cake

34. Handpainted cake

If paintings are your passion, a handpainted cake might be perfect for your wedding. Have your baker imitate your favourite artist’s style for a more personal touch.

hand painted wedding cake

35. Tiered cheesecake

Not fond of cakes in general? Take a more adventurous route with various kinds of cheese to compose each cake tier. It’s a classy way to go around the sweets. Make it an even better party with wine at the ready.

two-tiered wedding cheesecake


Wedding cakes are the most easily customisable part of your wedding. They can speak volumes about your personality and style. If you’ve found a cake that suits your taste, find a baker near you to bring the best part of your celebration to life.


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