Wall shelving ideas

By Rhiannon W

Updated: January 3rd, 2024

If you don’t have spare cupboards or a lot of space, utilising shelves becomes important for decorating and storage. There "Wall shelving ideas"

If you don’t have spare cupboards or a lot of space, utilising shelves becomes important for decorating and storage. There are so many different styles of shelves that will fit within your decor. So, we’ve put together an inspiring collection of wall shelving ideas, using different materials that can be used to construct wall shelving in a fun and functional way.

The only other thing to consider is how to put it up without ruining your wall. Good news, we’ve got you covered with one of our Airtasker Handymen who will be able to take care of installing your wall shelving.

wall shelving ideas

Mounted wall shelving

Standalone shelving is out, and mountable wall shelving is in! Get creative with design, display and styling – think ‘open’ spaces and the ‘floating’ look.  Mounted wall shelving has a nice aesthetic and can still be very functional.

Added bonus: getting rid of standalone shelving against walls also means no more marks on floors and carpets, and more bench space.

mounted wall shelving ideas
Source: Apartment Therapy

Industrial wall shelving

The use of pipes, cast iron, copper and other metal materials for shelving creates a trendy, industrial look.  Go for a typical ‘edgy’ style that industrial design is known for, or take a different angle by using colour, a copper finish, or light to create a unique, fresh style.  Push the limits!

industrial copper wall shelving
Source: Steel Roots Design

Love this look? There’s plenty more from where that came from in our Industrial wall shelving ideas for your home post.

Cube shelves

Cube or cuboid shelves are a great way to bring a unique, uncomplicated style to life in a home. The infinite range of colours, sizes and styles they come in will allow you to experiment with different looks.  Try positioning them in a variety of ways before wall mounting.

cube wall shelving ideas
Source: Urban Outfitters

Design your own wall shelving systems

‘Design it yourself’ wall shelving systems are like a grown up version of Straws and Connectors; they’re your own art project on a wall. Think steel frames and wooden boards connected with joins in any arrangement you’d like.  You can jigsaw puzzle pieces together to create a unique, modern feature.

If you’ve got an idea of what you’d like in mind, Airtasker has some very talented Handymen who can help bring your design to life.

design your own wall shelving
Source: Design Milk

Wire shelving

Wire shelving is no longer just for the pantry or shower. Gain storage space and achieve a homily feel by mounting wire baskets on walls as storage nooks, to display greenery, hang prints and jewelry.

wire wall shelving
Source: Pinterest

Leaning shelves

Leaning shelves are freestanding shelves that are angled against the wall to give a ‘leaning’ or ‘ladder’ appearance. The depth and width of each shelf can be uniform for a patterned effect, or varied for the asymmetrical look. Individual shelves can even serve a specific purpose, such as storing a computer.  If you want to use it as a storage rack for items such as towels, go full ladder style (i.e. use a real ladder) and drape towels over each rung.

leaning wall shelving
Source: Oleander + Palm

Geometric shelving

Take your styling to the next level by decorating your walls with artfully placed shapes and sizes – think triangles, rectangular prisms, circles and hexagons. Stack them against each other, spread them out, or consider random placement. Using geometric shelving made out of natural materials against a white wall will give a contemporary, fresh look. Minimalism is the way to go when considering what to display on these shelves.

geometric wall shelving
Source: I Spy DIY

Repurposed personal items

If you’ve held on to personal items that you don’t use anymore but can’t bear to part with, consider whether or not you could repurpose those items in to something more functional. How about a hanging acoustic guitar wall shelf to represent your love of music? Take a look at what you’ve got laying around the garage and think outside of the box.

repurposed guitar wall shelving
Source: ReFab Diaries

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