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8 Jobs for lazy people that pay well

By Airtasker

Published: November 4th, 2022

Looking for low-stress, high-paying jobs? Check out these easy jobs on Airtasker.

It’s safe to say that most of us would prefer to make money without doing anything too strenuous, right? For example, getting paid to watch Netflix and eat popcorn; wouldn’t that be a great job?

While we’re pretty sure that level of paid laziness doesn’t quite exist, there are plenty of tasks on Airtasker that will put dollars in your account without anything close to overexertion. Read on for our best jobs for lazy people list!

1. Line stand-in 

standing in line outside store, easy side hustle for lazy people

No one likes standing in a line, but there are plenty of lines to stand in! Whether it’s lining up for the latest iPhone or a couple of pairs of new sneakers (one to rock and one to stock), people are happy to pay you to simply stand in a line for them!

As you browse tasks on Airtasker, you will often stumble across a dream job like this. Sure, this can be a time-heavy job, but chuck in your headphones, throw on a podcast, and get paid for literally standing around doing nothing!

2. Makeup model 

freelance makeup model sitting in makeup tutorial lesson while teacher demonstrates in front of students

Be it for a makeup school or freelance makeup artist who is looking to hone their craft and build a portfolio, makeup models are in demand. Just sit down and get paid to look good! If you can line up the timing, you can handle this task before a night out, so you can head off looking your best and get paid for the prep time.

3. Dog walker

If you love dogs and like to keep fit, dog walking is perfect for you! You can find dog walking tasks on Airtasker from dog owners who want to give their pets the best care but are time-poor. As a result, they are happy to pay you to give their furry friend attention and exercise for an average fee of $15 to $40!

4. House sitting

man watching TV and eating popcorn on a couch, house sitting side hustle for lazy people

This is possibly the closest you’ll come to the dream Netflix and popcorn job we mentioned earlier. When people head away for extended periods, they like the peace of mind that comes with someone minding their house, watering their plants, and, in some cases, caring for pets. This means you get paid to sit at (someone’s) home and, yes, watch Netflix while eating popcorn. The dream has come full circle!

5. Babysitting

The fee for babysitting on Airtasker usually starts at around $20 per hour and heads upwards based on complexity and experience. Much like dog walking, this can be easy and fun! Play some games, watch a few cartoons, then pop the kids to bed for the rest of the night while you..sit on the couch watching Netflix and eating popcorn? Maybe this is more possible than we thought…

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6. Dress a cat

cat outdoors with pink tutu and ribbon, easy job of dressing a cat

This is not a joke; we once saw an Airtasker task that requested someone to dress a cat. It requested that the cat wear leotards, a tutu, and four ballerina slippers. The cat’s name was ‘Miss burrito,’ and the request included that the Tasker MUST sing Cat Stevens songs while dressing the cat (or Madonna’s ‘Material Girl’). Depending on Miss Burrito’s temperament, we assume this job wouldn’t have been too hard.

7. Coffee delivery

happy man delivering coffee to earn extra cash, easy jobs

Sometimes, you just really need a coffee. You can be that shining ray of sunlight for the person who simply needs a delicious cup o’ joe to get them through the rest of the day. All you need to do is pick up a coffee and take it to the person in need to get paid. Easy money for quick work!

8. Quiz master

A fun way to make money is by helping people with their quiz nights! You can run the night as the quiz master or simply create the questions and send them off without leaving your couch. Dive into some interesting general knowledge, learn a few fun things, then get paid. Low effort, entertaining work, and loads of interesting facts stored in the memory banks for your next dinner party.

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Make money doing lazy jobs on Airtasker.

A quick perusal of our Tasks page will reveal plenty of lazy jobs that pay well! We’re talking low effort for some extra dollars and probably some great stories as well. Be sure to bookmark our Browse tasks page so you can easily access the available jobs whenever you are ready to make some extra money!

FAQs on easy jobs

How can a lazy person make money?

There are plenty of ways to make a little extra cash without having to put in too much effort. The best way to find them is by searching the Airtasker Tasks page to browse the available tasks in your area or online. You can have total control over the jobs you apply for and even request your preferred rate. If accepted by the Poster, you can make money for completing an easy task.

What jobs don’t require much effort?

Some of the best low-effort jobs are house sitting, being a makeup or hair model, and pet sitting. You may even be lucky enough to score a gig as a line stand-in, which literally pays you to stand around and do nothing!

Can you accept multiple lazy people jobs on Airtasker?

Absolutely. In fact, if you find enough jobs, Airtasker is essentially the place to build careers for lazy people! Private offers are totally free to create, and you can send as many as you like. Airtasker simply charges a service fee after the offer is accepted and the task is assigned; the rest of the money goes to you!



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