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How to make money during summer break

By Airtasker

Updated: June 19th, 2023

Summer can be a great opportunity to earn extra income.

The summer months are often synonymous with relaxing and traveling. But they can also be a great opportunity to earn extra money.

A survey of over 1,000 adults shows that 93% of working Americans do side hustles, and some make as much as $483 per month. Are you looking for ways to make money in the summer?

Here’s a list of side hustles you can do, from online summer jobs to outdoor activities like gardening and dog walking.

How to make money during summer break

1. Baking

Spending lots of time indoors to beat the summer heat? Take this opportunity to bring out your baking pans and have fun in the kitchen. Cakes, muffins, cookies, pies, and donuts–yum! It’s time to let the world know about your talent as a baker.

2. Cooking meals

If baking is not your forte, you can offer more general cooking or catering services for summer events. You might even find some customers looking for home-cooked meals.

3. Renting out your home

colorful guest house, bedroom for renting out during summer for extra income

Many travelers are looking for more affordable options than hotels, so why not rent out your extra space? This is especially a good option if you live near a beach, lake, or in a popular neighborhood.

4. House sitting

You’ll be staying at a house and taking care of it while the owners are on vacation or business trips. This falls under a list of easy ways to make money in the summer! Expect that you may have to water plants, do some light cleaning, and bring in the mail, depending on your agreement with the owner.

5. Babysitting

Busy parents or couples who need some time to themselves will have you to turn to when looking for a reliable babysitter! Taking care of kids can turn into a repeat arrangement, lasting for weeks or even months.

6. Pet sitting

Many people go on trips during summer, and they can’t always bring their beloved pets along. You can offer pet sitting services while assuring your customers their pets are loved and well-fed while they’re away.

7. Walking dogs

Pet lovers, here’s another fun summer job! You’ll still be working with animals, but for a shorter duration. The great thing about dog walking is you can have many clients and spend lots of time with cute doggos.

8. Travel planning

woman planning travel for client as a summer side hustle

Preparing for trips can be stressful! Make couples’ and families’ lives easier by organizing their flight details, tours, transportation, and dining locations.

9. Planning events

Think weddings, graduations, conferences, and parties! As an event planner, you’ll be able to help clients fulfill their vision.

10. Makeup services

closeup hands holding brush eyeshadow palette, makeup artist summer job

All those hours watching makeup tutorials and practicing can finally pay off! Makeup artists often provide their own cosmetics and equipment. They help clients achieve their makeup and hair inspiration for special days.

11. Event entertainment

If you have a talent for singing, dancing, or even performing magic tricks, why not make money off your skills? You can book private summer events such as children’s birthday parties, weddings, and company events.

12. Photography and videography

photographer taking pictures of bride and groom outdoors, summer part-time job

Every event needs photos to commemorate it. While most people use their phones to document milestones, nothing compares to professionally taken photos and videos!

13. Delivering food

Everyone’s looking forward to convenience these days, especially getting food without enduring the hot weather. Help someone swamped with work or an elderly who can’t go out for food or groceries by delivering orders right to their doorstep.

14. Package delivery

If you don’t want to handle food or perishable items, how about general delivery jobs instead? With the popularity of online shopping, you won’t have any problem with this as a summer side hustle.

15. Transportation services

It’s one of the most common part-time jobs out there. You could be a driver for a tour group, pick someone up from the airport, or become a chauffeur for a wedding.

16. Carpentry

Summer is the perfect season for home improvement projects! Carpenters work on both large and small-scale projects. Some examples are building home extensions and refurbishing wooden furniture.

17. Fitness training

Do you have a knack for fitness and think you’d be a great personal trainer? Help people in your community achieve their fittest, healthiest selves this summer!

18. Gardening

woman gardener hands replanting houseplant in bigger pot indoors

Many people have started gardening projects themselves. But don’t worry; There are still lots of homeowners looking for someone to maintain their lawn and garden.

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19. Home repairs

Do you have some handy skills? When people are not that adept at home DIY projects and repairs, you can step in to help them out to earn some extra cash.

20. Computer & IT services

Know a thing or two about repairing laptops and setting up printers? You can find many computer and IT side hustles over summer break, from computer repair tasks to IT support and web development.

21. Car washing

Everyone loves a spotless and shiny car, but fewer people enjoy or have the time to wash their own cars. If you’re up for the task, car wash jobs are a quick and simple way to earn money over the summer. With cars needing a wash every few weeks, you can potentially have repeat customers and a steady income!

22. Lifeguard

Looking for an outdoor side hustle? Being a lifeguard at a pool or beach can be the perfect side hustle. Before you dive in, you can opt to take some lifeguarding classes to improve your skills first.

23. Swimming lessons

Swimming is an essential skill that both kids and adults need, and summer is the perfect time to learn! As a swimming instructor, you’ll teach people the basics, such as proper breathing and arm strokes.

24. Pool cleaning

top view man cleaning pool, removing fallen leaves on a summer day

Pool maintenance is a must, especially if one is planning to have an epic summer party. The job may include cleaning the filter and scrubbing the pool’s surfaces. Check out our guide for some essential pool cleaning tips you need to know.

25. Product flipping

Summer is a great season for exploring garage sales and thrift stores. This is your chance to buy popular items at good prices and resell them for more online. Do your research beforehand and know what vintage stuff to look out for.

26. Moving services

man helping mother and children unload boxes from moving van

Whether it’s a new family moving homes or a college student moving into their dorm, this is a good way to earn extra cash. Offer moving help if you have a spacious vehicle and are physically fit to lift heavy items.

27. Virtual assistant

A virtual assistant helps clients do administrative tasks, such as setting up meetings, managing files, and responding to emails and phone calls.

28. Resume writing

You’ll be working closely with clients and getting to know their experiences, skills, and background to craft the best possible resume for their job applications. This service may also include helping clients write a cover letter.

29. Tour guide

Do you know lots of interesting facts and go-to places in your city? Perhaps you live near a historical landmark, park, or museum. Being a tour guide may be the perfect job, especially if you’re great with people and would love to show them a great time.

Before that, you might consider getting the appropriate training first. The International Tour Management Institute (ITMI) offers Tour Guide Certifications.

30. Music tutor or dance instructor

School’s out, and many children – and adults – are looking for new ways to pass the time. If you have the appropriate skills and instruments and the patience to be a good teacher, this is the perfect side hustle for you. Music instructors can teach how to play the piano, violin, or cello. Dance instructors can help students learn more about ballet, hip-hop, and many more.

31. Tutoring

Summer is also a time for students to brush up on various subjects, such as English, Math, and Physics. Aside from tutoring, you can teach public speaking skills or tutor someone for college entrance exams.

32. Transcribing

It may sound easy, but transcription requires skill and precision! Transcribing one-hour-long audio or video recordings could take 3-10 hours. To be a good transcriptionist, you’ll need to be a fast and accurate typist and have good hearing skills. You can also get transcription software to help you do the job more efficiently.

33. Translating

Are you bilingual or multilingual? You can make money this summer by becoming a freelance translator or interpreter. Many people need help translating languages like Italian, French, German, Arabic, Chinese, and Spanish.

34. Social media management

Let’s say you’re always online and have a knack for creating witty captions and engaging content. Managing a small business’ social media account, even just for the summer, can be a great way to earn money and hone some skills. At the same time, you’ll be helping a small business grow its online presence!

Find all sorts of summer side hustles on Airtasker.

You can find countless ways to make money during the summer, and we’re here to help you find the perfect summer job. Sign up on Airtasker now to start exploring summer side hustles you can do.

Can’t find the right job for you on this list? If you’re still in university, we’ve also prepared a list of side hustles for college students.



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