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23 Side hustles for couples

By Airtasker

Published: November 25th, 2022

Do what you love with the person you love.

Are you and your significant other saving up for some plans down the road? Maybe you’re setting aside a wedding fund, preparing to start a family, or saving up for your dream vacation. Or perhaps you want to get ahead of the curve and prep a nest egg for early retirement.

Whatever the goal is, starting a side hustle together is a great way to achieve it faster. There are ways couples can make money while indulging in their favorite hobbies, improving skills, going to new places, or just staying at home!

Check out these great jobs couples can do together.

1. Home repair and maintenance tasks

Home repair. Couple fixing someone's kitchen sink to earn extra money. Woman passing a wrench to her boyfriend fixing the sink

Here’s a side hustle perfect for couples good with fixer-uppers! If you and your partner make a great team when fixing a leaky sink or repairing a wonky table, you could take on home repair as a side gig.

Many home repair tasks require two or more persons, so having your partner with you can come in handy with heavy lifting or climbing up a steep ladder. And if the request involves many little tasks that don’t need a partner, you can divide and conquer, getting more done in half the time.

2. Installing appliances and assembling furniture

Furniture assembly side hustle. Couple assembling a cabinet. Woman holding the instructions while the man puts screws into a cabinet panel

Not everyone has the time or skills to set up new appliances or assemble new furniture. And not everyone would consider it a fun task. But if you’re that couple who loves installing new appliances all on your own, this side hustle is for you. Not only will you help others enjoy their new TVs or shelves as soon as possible, but you’ll earn a quick buck, too.

3. Delivering groceries

Grocery delivery. Happy young couple loading grocery bags into a car trunk

Getting groceries isn’t just an errand married couples do together; it’s a great opportunity to make money together, too. When getting groceries for other people, divide and conquer. You can split the grocery list in half and tackle it faster with your partner. Minimal time spent, maximum number of clients!

4. Helping people move

Couple carrying sofa. Moving side hustle

Have you and your partner become experts at packing furniture, hauling boxes, and moving them to your new apartment? If you’ve become a pro at moving, moving services will make an excellent side hustle.

Packing usually needs more than one person to handle all the tasks after all. Plus, you and your partner can spend some bonding time on the road between pickup and dropoff. Team up with your partner and earn money by helping others move to their new homes.

5. Cleaning houses

House cleaning side hustle. Young Caucasian couple cleaning table using rag and diffuser

Cleaning a house is one of the mundane chores you most likely already do as a couple. Maybe you’re an expert at scrubbing the bathroom clean, while your S.O. is a wiz at dusting. Did you know that you and your partner can earn extra cash by doing all this for others?

While cleaning house is usually a solo type of side hustle, couples make the perfect team for intensive cleaning assignments and large homes or offices.

6. Gardening work

Handsome Asian couple watering plants in outdoor garden to earn extra money gardening

This is the perfect side hustle for couples who love plants and outdoor bonding. When you start a garden maintenance business with your significant other, you’ll get to enjoy the outdoors, take care of plants together, and most importantly, earn extra money.

When doing garden work as a side hustle, you can take on the same tasks side-by-side, or divide the tasks. You could do the weeding and fertilizer application, while your partner cuts the grass and prunes the trees.

7. Painting houses

Couple painting a wall. House painting side hustle

Painting houses with your partner can be quite a productive side hustle. Since most painting clients will achieve a faster turnaround time, having your partner paint one wall while you prime another will help keep your customers happy. If you are working with high ladders, you and your partner can take turns spotting each other and handing tools to each other. Bonus: You might even get some renovation and repainting ideas for your own home while working with your clients.

8. Office administration tasks

Spouses calculating income and expenses of client using calculator, notebook, and laptop. Office admin job from home

While office administration typically looks like a solo gig, you and your partner could easily turn it into a side hustle for couples. If you find an office administration client who needs a payroll assistant and someone to take charge of correspondence, you can sign up as a team.

9. Virtual assistant

Smiling man talking to client on the phone while his wife reads paper documents and prepares reports. Virtual assistant job

A virtual assistant gig is perfect if you want a side hustle for couples that won’t require you to go out.

As virtual assistants, you and your partner would assist clients by scheduling appointments, making and taking calls, organizing emails, doing research, and preparing reports.

Depending on the job you get, you might work with one client together or have different virtual “bosses.” Either way, you and your spouse will get to work side-by-side at home while doing virtual assistant jobs. That’s more time spent with each other, making all that extra dough!

10. Online research

Suppose you and your partner enjoy falling into a Wikipedia rabbit hole of research or love your work as academics. In that case, online research will make the perfect side hustle.

You could split a list of sources or assign one of you to write an outline and document sources while the other fleshes out the research. It also helps to have an extra set of eyes to go through the document, especially when the research is lengthy.

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11. Data entry

Want a side hustle that’s not too stressful but can still be done with your favorite person? You can try looking for data entry jobs, especially those with long lists and quick turnaround times. Besides the advantage of finishing the job faster, you and your significant other can help proofread and check each other’s work to make sure it’s error-free.

And speaking of proofreading…

12. Proofreading

Did you know proofreading isn’t just for solo side hustlers but also for couples? You and your partner can take on different proofreading jobs simultaneously, divide a lengthy academic paper or thesis into two manageable portions, or even do two rounds of proofreading on the same material.

It always helps to have that extra set of eyes (and hands) to ensure your client doesn’t have an embarrassing typo!

13. Academic writing

Are you and your partner experts at academic or professional writing? You can rake in some extra cash by writing academic materials in your spare time.

You and your partner can come up with a “conveyor belt” system, with one of you writing and the other doing proofreading and formatting. Or maybe you have different areas of expertise; your partner can do one sub-specialty while you take on the other topics.

Another benefit to this type of side hustle? You can do it without even leaving your comfy home!

14. Copywriting

Writing website content, articles, blogs, or ads can be a great way to earn extra money without having to leave your desk. If you and your partner both are writers, setting up a copywriting side business is right up your alley.

15. Content creation

Closeup hand. Young woman drawing on graphic tablet at desk. Graphic design side hustle from home

Creating content together is another way to work with your significant other and make extra cash. Suppose you and/ or your partner are good at writing or graphic design. In that case, you can offer your services to small businesses that need content for their website or social media feeds.

16. Social media management

Social media management often covers posting content, answering comments and messages, setting up ads, and reviewing analytics.

Since social media management gigs consist of multiple tasks, you and your partner may want to assign one person to posting and responding to comments while the other works on setting up ads and monitoring analytics reports. Having someone to share the load with will be beneficial once you get multiple clients!

17. Modeling

Woman photographer and model girlfriend at the beach in summer shooting creative, happy pictures. Taking photos for a small business to use on social media

Do you and your partner love taking photos of each other? Or perhaps your partner considers you their muse? Take this favorite bonding moment beyond the ‘gram and turn it into a side hustle!

You can find work as a model and photographer duo! Small businesses that need beautiful product photos will appreciate finding both a model and a photographer in one go. This arrangement saves them time, plus they know the model and photographer already have experience working together.

18. House sitting

Rear view couple relaxing on sofa, looking at greenery through wide window. House sitting side hustle

Do you want to spend quality time with your partner in a different setting? If you’re still saving up for your dream vacation, you could take on house sitting as a side gig.

House sitting is a great, low-stress way to make some extra cash as a couple since it mainly involves just switching lights on and off, watering plants and feeding pets, plus some light cleaning. Besides that, you and your partner will have tons of downtime to spend with each other. Definitely at the top of the list of best jobs for married couples to do together!

19. Babysitting

If you and your partner are planning to have kids sometime in the future, try signing up for babysitting jobs. It’s a great side hustle idea for couples who want to spend time with kids and have a “test run” of what life as a parent could be like. If only one of you has had some child-minding experience, you could see how you work as a team once you have kids of your own.

Babysitting is also a good idea for couples who are already parents and love spending time with kids. Not only do you have the experience and passion clients will appreciate, but you’ll also know what to expect when you walk through that door!

This can be an incredibly fulfilling side hustle and even quite lucrative if you live in an area with lots of young kids.

20. Clothing repairs

Are you and your partner quite skilled with the sewing machine? Maybe you’re great at fixing rips and tears, while your partner can tailor a jacket in record time! If this sounds like something you’d enjoy doing in your downtime, it’s time to become the go-to clothing repair couple in your neighborhood!

21. Pet sitting

Beautiful happy couple relaxing on a couch with a dog. Pet sitting

Suppose you and your partner are more comfortable looking after furbabies than human babies or would enjoy walking dogs. In that case, you could consider offering pet sitting or dog walking services.

When pet sitting, you could have clients drop off their pets at your home or stay over at the client’s home. Watching over pets as a couple can be a good test before you get a pet of your own, plus it helps to have a partner around if the pet gets a bit rowdy.

22. Pet grooming

Grooming pets is another good business idea for couples, especially if you live in an area with many pet owners. Some pets may need more than one person handling them while grooming, so it’s great to have a person you can trust nearby. Just make sure you and your partner invest in the proper tools and training before setting up your side gig!

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23. Dog walking

Dog walking job. Happy senior couple each walking a dog by the river

Dog walking is another great side hustle for couples who love dogs! If you’re already thinking of offering pet sitting and pet grooming, you and your partner might want to consider expanding your services to include dog walking.

Not only will you get to see your favorite person surrounded by half a dozen cute dogs; you’ll get to earn extra cash for spending time with all of them at once! (Oh, and it’s a great way to get some exercise with your partner, too!)

Start making money together and find the best jobs for couples.

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