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How to save money on energy bills

By Airtasker

Updated: June 16th, 2023

The cost of living may be going up, but you can keep your energy bills down with these practical tips.

With life slowly and safely going back to normal, 2022 started to look like a good year for everyone. But with the rising inflation rate and the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, more and more people are getting hit by its repercussions. One of them is energy bills going through the roof.

If you’re looking for ways to minimise your energy bills, you can always start by making small changes to your home. Here are a few tips:

Tip 1: Draught-proof your home.   

Man putting rubber draught strip onto window

If your home is fairly old, chances are that heat is lost through draughts in your house. These are gaps in windows, doors, and chimneys. Getting these sealed up will save you a good amount of money in the long run. With less heat escaping your home, there’s no need to turn the heater to the max!

> Hire an expert draught-proofer 

Tip 2: Install power-saving lights.

It’s time to get rid of those old and horror movie-esque light bulbs! Older types of bulbs, like incandescent ones, generally lead to more power usage. So it would make sense to swap to a power-efficient setup like LEDs.

Newer light bulbs typically use 30-80% less power than traditional ones. Not only that, but it’s also durable, which means lesser turnaround and more money saved.

Maybe you have a vintage light fixture or a delicate chandelier. Whatever the case, a professional can help you switch to energy-efficient lighting.

> Find light installers near you 

Tip 3: Top up on your insulation.

Contractor insulating house roof from inside

Energy bills usually go up during the cold season, as homes crank up the heat to keep everyone snug and cosy throughout the day. But did you know you can still lose a lot of heat, especially if you have inadequate insulation?

Upgrading your insulation can save you a decent amount if done right. It helps lessen the energy used up by your heater in exchange for good heat retention.

Extra tip: Have your pipes checked by a professional to ensure that no heat is seeping through them.

> Book a roof insulation service

Tip 4: Repair your appliances.

Nothing’s worse than waiting twice as long to heat your food, all because of a faulty microwave! Your microwave isn’t just eating up your time; it may be sucking in more power than it needs. Settling for faulty appliances can lead to more power used or even injury.

Whether it’s your fridge or faulty microwave, repairing them can save you a lot in the long run. If you’re wary of repairing your appliances yourself, it’s best to call in a professional.

> Get your appliances fixed

Tip 5: Upgrade your windows.

Worker installing plastic window indoors

When we say upgrading your ‘windows,’ we don’t mean your desktop computer! Kidding aside, windows contribute to keeping your home warm or cool when needed. But did you know energy-saving windows can drastically help you save on your bills?

Switching from a single-pane to a double-pane window can improve your house’s heat retention. Windows can also provide lots of natural light in the morning and late afternoon.

That said, there are countless types of windows to fit; it all depends on your location and seasons. There are ones meant for colder places and the same for warmer areas. So it makes sense to have a professional help you choose and fit your windows.

> Find a window fitter near you

Tip 6: Automate your lights and appliances.

Smart devices can help you save on your power bill by automating your lights and appliances. This way, you’ll avoid the risk of leaving any lights or electronics on without you knowing.

The best part? Smart lights and appliances are now accessible to everyone! So, even if your appliances aren’t smart-compatible, there are power strips that can get the same results done.

So, go on and automate your home because an optimal house is a house that saves.

> Find a home lighting automation expert

Tip 7: Get your heating and cooling systems checked. 

We often assume our heating and cooling will just always work fantastic, until it doesn’t. Before you find yourself shivering in bed, have a professional check your heating and cooling systems. Your specialist can uncover any hidden costs that may be hurting your wallet.

> Get your electric boiler repaired


Here are more tips for maintaining or upgrading your heating:

1. Get a smart thermostat.

Woman adjusting a smart thermostat with an app on her phone

If you’re still using analogue thermostats, it might be time for an upgrade. A smart thermostat can help you dial in the exact amount of heat and power your space needs. Don’t skip out on getting good heat control for your home.

> Book a thermostat installation service

2. Get your boiler inspected, repaired, or replaced.

Faulty central heating can be a headache. If you have a boiler for your heating system, whether gas or electric, make sure it’s functioning at its best capacity. A faulty boiler can lead to more expenses down the road and drain your wallet.

Hire an expert to inspect your boiler and identify any necessary repairs. Or, switch to an energy-efficient boiler if you have the extra budget.

Tip 8: Practice energy-saving habits.

Closeup finger turning off light switch to save money on electricity bill

Small energy-saving habits can drastically help lower unwanted costs. For example, make sure your appliances are unplugged and the lights are switched off before you leave the house or go to bed.

Take a look at your daily habits at home, and adjust your energy usage from there. A more energy-conscious life not only saves you money on your energy bills but also minimises your carbon footprint.

Give your home and wallet some love.

When your home is treated right, it’ll treat you back with love – you might as well get repairs and upgrades done to keep your energy costs down.

If you’re determined to save more money on energy bills, hire professionals for any upgrade, repair, and installation you need. Hop on to Airtasker and post a task now!



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