25 TV wall ideas for a modern home

By Elise Hodge

Updated: March 11th, 2024

Give your favourite entertainment system the display it deserves with these modern TV wall ideas!

Entertainment walls are one of the most fun spaces to decorate in the home, especially if you’re fond of watching TV for movie marathons or unwinding with friends and family.

There are many ways to decorate the space to make it look like a work of art. You can display your favourite decor with shelving, install TV wall cabinet storage, or keep it simple with interior details. 

Take inspiration from these 25 modern TV wall ideas as you decorate your entertainment space.

1. White wall panels

modern entertainment area with paneled walls

Going all white for your interiors doesn’t have to be boring. Adding panels creates visual interest and helps to soundproof your room with the insulation.

2. White, black, and wood

living room tv wall with black matte wall

An elegant mix of colours you can use is black, white, and brown. You can use wood and dried plants to bring in some texture. This approach brings a classic modern style to your interiors.

3. Framed TV

framed tv wall with armchair seating

Centre your TV in a wall panel to create a framed appearance. It’s a great way to add detail to a seemingly plain wall. Don’t be afraid to add some elements like a floor lamp and console to surround the frame for more depth.

4. Black and white

wood-paneled tv wall with two-toned console

Whether or not your home’s interiors work with black and white, using this colour combo for your shelving and console creates a clean and uncluttered look.

5. Window storage

tv wall with window type shelving

Incorporate some more shelf space next to your TV. This small but clever addition can work as storage for books and display centres for knickknacks and frames.

6. TV firewall 

luxury living room with fireplace and tv wall

Take chilly nights indoors with this idea. Mounting your TV over the fireplace is a great way to maximise your space, especially in cold weather.

7. Wood paneling

stylish wooden tv wall

Wood panelling can instantly bring warmth into any space. Select contrasting coloured furniture to brighten up the room and make it feel cosier.

8. Cubby windows

wide screen TV on cubby display

Want a different way to display unique art pieces? Use cubby panelling as your TV stand for a change! Putting bins in the cubby is also great for storage!

9. Tucked away 

hidden cabinet in tv wall

Another sophisticated way to frame your equipment is nestling it in the middle of a built-in tv cabinet storage. It’s a fantastic way to maximise the walls around your entertainment.

10. Accent wall

green accent wall tv area

Play up your modern built-in TV wall unit designs by switching the colour from the rest of your home. It adds interest, and you can also design your space with more colour options. 

11. Grey feature wall

TV living room with cement wall

If you prefer a brutalist approach to your interior, opt for concrete or cement walls. It’s perfect for a dark, moody approach to your style.

12. Marble feature

luxurious living room with marble tv accent wall

Marble is a scratch-resistant and durable material you can use for the interior. Because of its veined design, it also adds a level of luxury to your space.

13. Decorated consoles 

minimalist tv wall with artistic decor

Displaying unique vases and art pieces on your console can effortlessly elevate what might seem like a bare TV wall. 

14. Fresh florals

floral display on TV console

Whether natural or artificial, adding florals to your console’s display can instantly refresh the space.

15. Assorted storage 

tv wall with built-in storage

Surrounding your TV with different types of storage, from bookshelves to  cabinets and drawers, can make all the difference. It’s another way to turn your entertainment space into a multifunctional area.

16. Symmetrical designs 

symmetrical TV wall decor

Using symmetry in your home creates visual balance in your space. Use your TV as the focal point in your entertainment space to build out your interiors.

17. Backlit TV

backlit TV wall

Looking to create a warm atmosphere in your living room? Add a backlight behind your TV’s wall mount.  

18. Smooth and seamless storage wooden wall storage

Create nearly hidden storage in your entertainment space by using the same material or colour for your storage space. 

19. Wood accents

wood accent paneling on tv wall

Looking for the best way to design around your TV? Working with wood accents is excellent, especially for neutral colour schemes. 

20. Wood slats 

modern wood slat walls

Wood slat walls create a more modern space and the perfect backdrop to a sleek black TV. Pair it with pops of colourful furniture to add fun to the room.

21. Potted plants

japanese style tv wall with plants

Plants are always an excellent option for bringing life into any room. It’s a great way to add colour without committing to expensive furniture you’re not sure you’ll still love in a couple of years.

22. A clean white slate 

clean white walls for tv room

Want a clean look? Opt for an all-white wall and console. It presents a cool, calm space to unwind.

23. Lush with leaves

tv console decorated with plants

Love plants? Make the most of it and allow an abundance of leaves to cascade over your console for a cosy, homey vibe.

24. Floating shelves

white brick tv wall

If you aren’t a fan of massive shelves on either side of your TV, floating shelves are a good idea. They take up less space and achieve that chic look. 

25. Painted wall 

painted tv wall

Don’t be afraid to get creative with your walls. Paint a mural or a solid-coloured shape to add more interest to the space. 

Level up your entertainment space: Get inspired and consult an interior designer today!

Transforming your entertainment space? Take inspiration from the 25 amazing TV wall ideas we’ve listed above! There are plenty of options to suit your style, whether you prefer minimalist designs, bold color schemes, or incorporating natural elements.

Ready to start designing your entertainment space’s TV wall? Consult an interior designer near you to ensure you’re on the right track.


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