25 Toy storage ideas

By Elise Hodge

Published: April 14th, 2023

Organise your home with some space-saving solutions.

As kids grow, so do their interests, and it’s no wonder that sometimes it can feel like there’s an overwhelming amount of toys to keep putting away. The good news is you can tidy them up in many different ways.

If you’re ready to kickstart the cleaning spree, look at these toy storage ideas to get inspired.

Fewer toys = less mess

To adults, organising toy storage is about keeping the home clean, but you may not know that it’s beneficial for kids to be kept away neatly. Research from the University of Toledo, Ohio, shows that kids focus better and feel that they can play more creatively when there are fewer options. This means longer, more focused play time and more me-time for caregivers.

Group similar toys

Grouping similar toys helps keep things organised, making them easy to find and clean up.

Have storage solutions in as many rooms as you can

Even if it’s as simple as a basket, having storage in each room ensures there will always be a nearby location where toys can be put away.

Here are some toy storage ideas to inspire how to incorporate this into your home.

1. Animal baskets

Find cute animal-shaped ones for a sweet, playful take on storage baskets. The unique designs are easily identifiable, and having different kinds of animals is a great way to organise. You can assign a specific animal per child, too.

Toys and rag dolls in cloth stylish baskets on the table.

2. Wooden cubby

Wooden furniture makes a space look effortlessly put together. They’re also a great material for cubbies as they’re durable. You can play around with the colours for each drawer and organise it by toy type or size — there are no limits to how you put everything away.

Modern eco style interior of child room with wooden crates

3. Colour coordination 

There’s nothing more satisfying than colour coordination. Coloured baskets and acrylic trays filled with just one toy colour make a great sight. It’s also a great way to teach kids about the rainbow aside from tidying up.

White shelving with colorful storage baskets

4. Bench seat and bookshelf 

Create a makeshift reading nook with shelving for books that double as seating. Keep one of your child’s favourite dolls within reach for a cosy-looking space they can practise their vocabulary.

Cozy place for rest with shelf near window in room

5. Cleverly concealed

Speaking of bench seats, here’s another clever idea for tucking the toys away. A regular bench with drawers is a great way to hide small toys.

Toddler toy storage solutions in window bench in living room

6. Console storage

Keep even your living room or family room clutter-free. Maximise the drawers in your entertainment console. They’re an inconspicuous place to hide away your child’s favourite action figures and dolls.

Console storage under a TV in the living room

7. Woven baskets

Limited space? Share your shelf space with the kids while keeping it classy. Woven baskets are another great option to hide toys in the living room, the master bedroom, or even your home office.

White storage shelves rack with woven boxes

8. Shadow boxes

Shadow boxes are great storage units. They allow you to see everything easily — no drawer pulling or high places to reach to find the contents. This lets your child choose which to display at a time, plus you can add space for books or sports items they use regularly.

simple shadow box shelf with toys inside

9. Bath basket

Bath toys are a great idea as they keep your little ones occupied while they get clean and make bath time more fun. Put together a small bath basket to keep the children’s toys and essentials in a corner of the bathroom for quick and easy access.

Baby products, toys and towels in a tub basket

10. Upcycled boxes

If you’ve got extra crates lying around, don’t be afraid to upcycle them after a thorough clean and a fresh repaint. You can use them as display boxes, shelves, or storage baskets.

id room interior with gold posters on the wall, toys and pillows placed on crate shelves

11. Traditional dressers 

Dressers are a long-lasting purchase you can keep around until the kids are older. Just add small compartment baskets into each drawer for easy organising.

Stylish room interior with wooden chest of drawers

12. Toy storage labels

Go that extra mile with your toy organising by adding labels. This is perfect for opaque boxes or baskets to minimise opening up each drawer when looking for something specific.

title of toy for comfortable storage and sorting in plastic case box

13. Makeshift toolboxes

Toolboxes are a great storage unit, especially for small toys and accessories. The compartments allow for easy organising; it’s all up to you and your kids how you’ll separate each item.

Nursery room with colorful toys in wooden box

14. Loft bedrooms

As your children grow up, they’ll need more space for storage and schoolwork. Make the most out of smaller spaces with loft-style beds that allow you to add more storage space to keep your things away.

Stylish children's room with bunk bed

15. Tiny houses

Looking for unique ways to display children’s toys? Opt for house-shaped shelves. They’re a cute and quirky way to build a nice home for your child’s most prized possessions.

Cute children's room with house shaped shelves

16. Built-in bunk storage

When your kids share a room, built-in bunk drawers are a great way to incorporate more storage without taking up too much space. You can get creative with drawer placements, such as under the bottom mattress and in the steps going up to the top bed.

Interior of children room with bunk bed

17. Pops of colour

White stacking cubbies in all-white rooms create a calm, seamless look to the space. It’s easy to dress up with colourful boxes to keep the toys in.

White shelving with colorful storage baskets

18. Just out of reach 

Higher shelves are great when you’ve got toddlers still in their terrible twos who like to get their hands on everything. This keeps the more fragile items safer for the big kids to reach.

Kids room decor, wooden floating shelves

19. Hexagon stacking shelves

Think of building blocks but just for display. Hexagonal stacking shelves are unique and playful for playrooms, bedrooms, or living rooms.

Child room interior with colorful shelves near brick wall

20. Hanging nets

Another great space-saving storage solution is to hang up nets over wall hooks. They’re a cute way to store toys currently in rotation, like teddy bears and dolls, if they’re things the kids often reach for.

teddy bear inside a hanging macramé

21. Clear boxes

The best thing about clear boxes is that they’re straightforward storage solutions you can keep in the kids’ line of sight. If they’re looking for something specific, they can find it right away. You can sort each box by colour palette or toy type, too.

Transparent plastic containers with various children's toys on shelves

22. Toy house 

Create a big house-shaped shelf to display toys or store small books and video game CDs.

House shaped shelf in a children's play room

23. Storage seating 

There are tons of multifunctional seating available these days. Storage seating is a great way to tuck away toys neatly.

Wooden storage box seat

24. Baskets under the bed

Make the most out of every inch of space you have with storage baskets.

Storage bin solutions for toys in baby and toddlers room

25. Craft station 

Sometimes it can be hard to keep all the children’s pens, pencils, and craft items organised, so you need an effective storage solution to keep everything neat. Stack up storage boxes with labels to keep them tidy.

Transparent containers with craft supplies in kindergarten


There are many ways to tidy up your children’s things. Hopefully, you’ve discovered how best to tuck away the toys throughout the home with these 25 toy storage ideas!


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