Small Kitchen Design Ideas

By Katie

Updated: August 23rd, 2018

We’re all envious of the people who have big spacious kitchen and dining rooms in their homes, but the reality "Small Kitchen Design Ideas"

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We’re all envious of the people who have big spacious kitchen and dining rooms in their homes, but the reality is that it comes with a hefty price tag. While this might mean it’s out of the reach for most us, with some smart small kitchen design ideas you’ll be able to enjoy a kitchen you love.

With a bit of DIY and handyman help you’ll be able to increase your storage and have a lot better usability in your kitchen.

Adding a breakfast nook

When you live in a small home it’s unlikely that you have a big dining room, or even have one at all.

By placing a cute table and a couple of chairs can be the perfect spot for breakfast and dinner. You could even keep matching chairs in the bedroom or living room, that are ready to use whenever you have guests over.

small kitchen design in white
Source: GlitterInce

Paint it white

White makes spaces look bigger and cleaner, so it’s a no brainer to remove any dark tiling, splash backs and give a lick of paint for a refreshing crisp look.

But don’t worry that doesn’t mean you can’t add a splash of colour with home accessories. If you want to be on trend use a metallic such as copper, rose gold or gold. Then use timber to soften the room with chopping boards, seating and shelving.

Looking for some more painting and kitchen ideas, take a look at our kitchen home improvement ideas.

In-built seating

If there’s no room for a table and chairs, why not add seating into the kitchen design. Yes you will be sacrificing precious bench space, but if your apartment or tiny home isn’t an entertaining zone – do you really need a delegated area to eat.

It will also be useful for storage of pots/pans underneath and when you’re not sitting on it, you could use it to rest your heavy shopping, or recipe book holder.

inbuilt kitchen bench small kitchen design
Source: inspirationsdeco

Knock out a wall

Open planned homes are all the rage these days, so if you have a pokey kitchen consider knocking down some (or all) of the wall. This could make room for a desirable island bench or if it’s a structural wall see if you can knock out part of it to turn it into a breakfast bar.

knock out a wall to make a bigger kitchen
Source: inspirationsdeco

Kitchen tools

If you’re a bit of a chef in the kitchen and have more than one pot, pan and ladle – you’ll need space. Instead of storing them in draws and cabinets, which takes up valuable room, take some inspiration from the tool shed and use a pegboard.

Just like with your tools hang your kitchen utensils on underutilised wall space, such as behind the door or inside the pantry.

pot storage in small kitchen
Source: Style Caster

Crockery art

Just like pots and pans, your lovely crockery doesn’t need to take up space in cupboards. Use the sideboard table in the living room or a bit of extra room in the bookcase to keep them in until you need to use them.

Spacer saver

There’s always a bit of extra space by the fridge and cabinetry which can be used smartly as extra storage. Even if it’s just to hold small items such as herbs and chopping boards, every bit of space helps.

extra storage next to fridge in a small kitchen
Source: Style Caster

smart storage small kitchen designs
Source: Home depo

Retractable bench space

When you’re at home viewing opens, bench space in a kitchen is a big non-negotiable for the cooks in the family. Having adequate room to lay out ingredients, chop food and store microwaves/ toasters is important. However, just because there isn’t enough bench space, doesn’t mean you can’t create some.

We love this bench inspired draw which allows you to add some extra space when you need it.

draw added bench space in a small kitchen
Source: diycraftsu

Open shelving

There’s another way to store plates, cups, herbs, and pots, actually just about anything – open shelving. There are many options and styles that you can choose so that it fits within your current design.

When putting up the brackets and shelves make sure you use a spirit level so that it’s straight. If home DIY isn’t your strong point, you can post a handyman task to get it completed for you.

open shelving in small kitchen
Source: Decoholic

Got any other small kitchen design ideas and tips? Let us know in the comments below.



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  1. Margaret Martin

    I found this less than useful – I probably do not have a tiny kitchen but certainly not a huge kitchen. None of these comments were helpful as they simple added clutter to the kitchen which evidenced a small area and what I was trying to remedy. Also the author, assumed a small kitchen seemed to mean a lack of eating space. The reader should be encouraged to develop a tight scope before starting any level of change/renovation.