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Pro Tip: How to set up your profile

By Airtasker

Published: December 7th, 2017

Put your best foot forward with a photo of your face.

From the very beginning, Airtasker has been built on the idea of creating an online community that is fun and safe environment for all.

This commitment of ours is founded on the principles of transparency and respect. We want everybody who uses Airtasker to feel free and able to trust all the wonderful people on here. So to help foster this trust, we strongly encourage you (and all Community Members) to make sure your profile photo and display name reflects who you really are.

Think about what you want people to see when looking at your profile. Put your best foot forward by using a profile photo like the one you use on your LinkedIn account (if you have one). If you’d like a bit more guidance on why profile photos are important – check out this article.

Here’s why this is a good idea:

  • Trust – People will trust you more if they know who you are.
  • Safety – It’s important that individuals are not anonymous (for everybody’s safety).
  • More tasks – Airtaskers with recognisable profile photos of their face are actually 10% more likely to get tasks!*

What are you waiting for?! Update your own profile now at: Settings > Account > Upload Photo

 Pro Tip #1: Focus on your face – Your headshot with a nice smile works best. There’s no room for your family, dogs or company logo!

 Pro Tip #2: Face the light – Use a well-lit photo with the light coming from in front of you.

 Pro Tip #3: Think Big – Upload a photo that’s at least 600 pixels wide. This will ensure a crisp clear image.

 Pro Tip #4: Avoid Distortion – People prefer colour photos without distortions.


For more information please see this Help Centre Article.

* Airtasker’s Data Science team developed a new machine learning algorithm called “Annie”, (inspired by the American portrait photographer Anne Leibovitz) to determine which Airtasker profile photos had a human face and which didn’t.

Annie was able to identify the total population which photos were easily recognisable face photos and which weren’t by rapidly scanning thousands of images. When comparing these segments to the member’s Win-Rate, we were able to conclude that on average users with a recognisable photo of themselves are 10% more likely to get their offer accepted on tasks!




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  1. Kay

    Thank you for your tips!
    When I set up my profile, that was what I thought if I was going to hire someone I’d like to see who they were.

  2. Marianne

    Good idea – thanks for the tip

  3. John

    Thank you very much for your great tips and I will be using all of them in the future.