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Pro Tip: Keeping a high Completion Rate

By Airtasker

Published: November 8th, 2017

Your reliability determines your Completion Rate

We’re committed to helping each other and bringing communities together. For tasks on the platform to be successful it’s important that people can trust and rely on each other to get stuff done. As the saying goes, a happy customer tells a friend, an unhappy customer tells the world.

Ensuring a positive customer experience means more customers on the platform and more importantly – increased earning potential for individual Airtaskers doing tasks on the site!

One way to avoid a poor experience is to avoid cancellations. Let’s be honest – cancellations are the worst – no one likes to be stood up or left high and dry. Your Completion Rate is the key indicator of your reliability on Airtasker. Avoid cancellations to help ensure your success in the Airtasker partnership.

See below for some tips from Top Airtaskers in the Community.


 Pro Tip #1 Don’t overextend yourself – Only offer on tasks you can fit into your schedule. Account for travel time in between tasks to ensure you can make each one on time.
 Pro Tip #2 Keep a diary – Record your commitments to get organised!
 Pro Tip #3 Complete the task on platform – Use the increase price feature to ensure you’re paid for the task in full. Learn more about how to do this.


When tasks go off platform you not only miss out on any insurances you may be eligible for but you are also taking that customer’s future tasks away from yourself and other community members.


Remember your account may be limited or deactivated permanently if you do not follow the Community Guidelines. Learn what may happen if you breach this guidelines.  



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  1. Mostafa radfar

    I always respect platform
    And do every thing the best
    I won’t be cancel but posters maybe some times happen to cancel