25 Pink bedroom ideas that ooze style

By Elise Hodge

Updated: January 5th, 2024

Time to restyle your bedroom? Have fun with pink for a pretty, playful, or peaceful space!

Pink is arguably the most feminine and girly of all of the colours. But pink doesn’t always have to be incorporated in a “girly” setting. Pink can be highly sophisticated and classy, especially in a master bedroom. With the endless variations of the colour, there are so many facets of pink. It can be pretty, peaceful, or can pack a punch if needed. It can be soft and feminine or edgy and punky. There are endless ways that you can take on the colour and incorporate it successfully into your space. Plus, pink works with many different colours, like green, teal, yellow, orange, white, and grey.

So whether you plan to spruce up a little girl’s room or are after a more sophisticated look for your guest room or master, there are many ways to style pink.

Check out these 25 pink bedroom ideas that ooze class and style to inspire you to create your perfect pink paradise.

1. Satin and velvet

Give your bedroom a sophisticated and elegant look by playing with different textures like satin and velvet. These materials, especially in the colour pink, create visual interest while providing a smooth and soft feel to your skin when you lay in bed. They make rooms cosy and elevate the overall aesthetic of the space.

Bed with beautiful silky linens in stylish room interior
Image: New Africa on Shutterstock

2. Geometric wallpaper

Wallpaper is a great way to bring colour and interest into any space. You could either source wallpaper with various shades of pink for this look or even paint your wall light pink and add more elements to the wall.

Bedroom with a geometric wallpaper and bed with pink sheets and pillows

3. Study vanity space

If you have room for it, adding a study space that doubles as a vanity in your bedroom is a good idea. Add some lighting to get even light when putting on your makeup and getting ready for the day. The desk space can also be used for work and study. Win-win!

simple minimalist bedroom with a bed, desk, and chair
Image: MAHZA D’BRATA on Unsplash

4. Pink and grey

Pink-and-grey is seriously such a beautiful combination. It is a great example of adding colour to a neutral-coloured bedroom. If you have a plain grey bedroom and want to add some pink, it can be easily done by adding feature cushions and a throw rug. This bedroom is definitely for a classy fashionista!

Two small lampshades hanging in modern pastel girly bedroom
Image: Ground Picture on Shutterstock

5. Morning light

Create a relaxing space with morning light permeating through your bedroom window. Paint your walls light to welcome the cosy feeling of mornings, and get pink accent items like curtains and chairs to complete the room.

Interior of light elegant bedroom
Image: Max Rahubovskiy on Pexels

6. Elegant touches

You can make a sweet bedroom with elegant touches by simply choosing a subtle colour and mixing it with cream. You can add an elegant chandelier, a comfortable peach-coloured covering, or a comfortable chair to set the tone for the rest of the space.

spacious luxury apartment bedroom in pink colors
Image: Pinkystock on Shutterstock

7. Sister space

If you have two girls sharing a room, take inspiration from this idea. Throw some splashes of pink into the bedroom and have your girls sleep in the same space. This is also a sweet sister space for your girls to hang out in.

white and red throw pillows on two separate beds
Image: Blake Woolwine on Unsplash

8. Neutral tones

Style your bedroom using neutral tones with subtle pink for a classy feel. You can pick a gold bed frame or simple furniture, while your bed can have fluffy pillows and soft pink blankets.

Grey nightstand next to a bed with pink sheets
Image: Holly Stratton on Unsplash

9. Blush and wood

If you want to add some pink to your space but don’t want it to be too bright, then blush tones are a great idea! You can also add wooden tones on the bedhead and bedside tables, which look great with pink.

blush pink bedroom with wood accents and cat posters
Image: LỬNG Studio on Pexels

10. Pattern play

Design a cool bedroom with the use of pattern play. You shouldn’t be afraid to mix patterns; this is a great way to start!

Pink girls bedroom interior
Image: BCFC on Shutterstock

11. Feature wall

If you don’t want to paint all your walls, a feature wall is a great idea! You can paint a wall pink or pick a patterned wallpaper for the wall behind your bed.

Floral wall above bed
Image: Lauren Forando on Unsplash

12. Golden details

Another great colour combination with pink is gold! You can also combine white or black furnishing with pink bedding to make the gold accents pop.

Art deco style bedroom interior with green, pink and gold colors
Image: ninoon on Shutterstock

13. Bunny bedroom

If you’ve got a little one obsessed with a specific animal, like a bunny, why not celebrate that? Throw in some stuffed animals, display bunny figures on shelves, or even put wall decals to enhance the theme. White and soft pinks will be perfect for this idea.

Pink stuffed bunny on a bed with white and pink pillows
Image: Karolina Grabowska on Pexels

14. Vintage vibes

Your bedroom can be pretty as a picture if it has so many beautiful vintage items. You can place a comfortable woven chair by the bedside, vintage furniture like a dresser or drawer, and beautiful woven items. This is for the grown-up girl who loves pink!

Cozy bedroom interior with retro armchair, vintage chest dwarf and bed
Image: Reviaka Ina on Shutterstock

15. Vibrant colours

Don’t be afraid to mix and match various bright colours for your bedroom. Pick out a neutral colour for your walls, like white or grey, and then use bedding, wall decorations, and accent colours that pop. It makes the room look so chic while giving it so much personality.

Bedroom with bright blue and pink wall accents
Image: Kenny Eliason on Unsplash

16. Wall decals

If you’re unsure about wallpaper but want to add an image to your wall, then wall decals are a great idea! You can have roses on the wall, or if you share your bedroom with a loved one, use the decals to mark your spots on the bed.

Bedroom with wall decals and pink-and-white plaid bedding
Image: Jelena Mirkovic on Unsplash

17. In the details

It’s all in the details of a pink bedroom, and those details come with so many beautiful touches! Add a fun pink rug, patterned wallpaper, flowers, curtains, and bedding. You can even add a comfortable pink chair for a place to relax!

Pink woman's bedroom interior
Image: Slobodan Miskovic on Shutterstock

18. Canopy corner

How sweet would a pink canopy in the corner be for a darling girl’s bedroom? The canopy adds a whimsical touch to the space, making the little bed the perfect spot to read a book and imagine different fantastical scenarios.

Interior for a little girl's bedroom in pink color
Image: Cameramannz on Shutterstock

19. Pink and white

Pink and white is such a remarkable combination. Pink brings vibrance into the room, while crisp white accentuates the height of a room and makes it look spacious. It is also good to add a canopy, prints, and some small furniture in other colours for some added personality.

bed with white and pink printed bedding
Image: Cats Coming on Pexels

20. Bohemian pink

Express your individuality with a boho-style pink bedroom. Incorporating pink elements into your boho-inspired bedroom can infuse a sense of joy and lightheartedness into the space. The natural elements in the boho style further enhance the tranquil ambience, allowing you to unwind and recharge.

white bed with red, pink, and white bed linen
Image: SANDRA REI on Unsplash

21. Fantastic flamingos

How fantastic would it be to have flamingo friends on your bedroom wall? Wall decals work so well to achieve this look. Plus, if you have a flamingo-obsessed child, add a cushion and a throw blanket with flamingos to enhance the theme!

Bedroom with flamingos on wall and bed
Image: Max Rahubovskiy on Pexels

22. Pretty pink

If you’re going for a pink bedroom, make it the definition of pretty pink! Pick out mostly pink items such as pillows, bedding, side tables, decor, curtains, and wallpaper to give it a beautiful feminine appeal.

Cozy pink bedroom corner with baby pink velvet fabric bed decorated by blanket, pillows and pink floor lamp
Image: NMC2S on Shutterstock

23. Subtle blush

In contrast to the last bedroom, you can also create a space that almost doesn’t look pink! Apply the subtleness of blush pink tones on the wall to create a classy space. You can also add light pendants above the bed so it appears elegant. Classy and fabulous, indeed!

Comfortable bedroom in modern flat
Image: Max Rahubovskiy on Pexels

24. Warm tones

Warm tones as a colour palette for rooms are on trend. It reminds you of the beautiful colours of sunrise and sunset, making your bedroom a warm and welcoming space.

Teenage girl's bedroom interior with stylish furniture and beautiful decor elements
Image: New Africa on Shutterstock

25. Striped wallpaper

Striped wallpaper is just so fun. It reminds you of a circus or a cinema popcorn stand. If you’re not too keen on painting your entire room in stripes, you can paint one as a feature wall and add other decors to add more character. Add some white bedding and furnishings and have a simply beautiful room!

Bedroom with pink bed and purple striped walls

So there, we have 25 pink bedroom ideas to inspire you to add a feminine touch to your space! What were your favourite pink bedrooms? What will you be trying? Let us know below!


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