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35 minimalist bedroom ideas to transform your space

By Elise Hodge

Updated: January 5th, 2024

Find comfort in the understated, stripped-back aesthetic.

A minimalist design is all about no-fuss, straightforward, uncluttered spaces with essential items that still make a statement. Uncluttered homes create a calm ambience and decrease stress. Since the bedroom is your space to relax and recharge, a minimalist bedroom design is a great idea.

You don’t have to throw away all your prized possessions. A minimalist space only means scaling back to the most necessary items. Choose your favourite pieces and have them on display, but put away what you don’t need.

You can go for a neutral colour palette and still add a pop of colour here and there. It doesn’t have to be complicated and restricting! Let’s keep the good vibes going by checking out the 35 minimalist bedroom ideas below.

1. Warm and homely

A minimalist bedroom goes for a simple look that you don’t have to compromise on making your home warm and homely.

White bed linen and plain walls can already provide a minimalist foundation, while framed pictures, soft floor coverings, neutral-coloured pillows, plants, and curtains bring cosiness to the space.

Simple wooden bedframe in minimalist bedroom
Image: Deconovo on Unsplash

2. Monochromatic minimalist bedroom

If you were ever wondering what the definition of a monochromatic and minimal bedroom would be, this is it! Choose the base colour of your choice, like white or cream, and use various shades of it in the space. The differences in shade bring depth to the room while still keeping it simple.

Cosy bedroom with white pillows and bedding beside window
Image: Charlotte May on Pexels

3. Wood details

Minimalist bedrooms often feature clean lines and a simple colour palette, creating that rustic feeling.

Even in small elements like furniture, shelving, or trim, incorporating wood details adds warmth and natural texture to the space. The organic and inviting nature of wood can make the room feel more comfortable and homey.

Bedroom in japanese minimalist style with white modern wall

4. Bringing the outside in

Bringing items into your indoor space that typically belong outdoors can help make a space seem more open and natural. Who can go wrong with a selection of indoor plants to help purify the air?

On top of that, you might love the idea of a hanging chair in your bedroom, which provides a place to sit and serves as a fun feature of the space.

Minimalist white bedroom with mirror and plants
Image: Minh Pham on Unsplash

5. White minimalist bedroom

A white-on-white bedroom would be stunning, especially in various shades of white and different textures, to add dimension and create interest.

White minimalist bedrooms usually have white bedding and walls. The bed frame can be more off-white, and the floors, rug, and other decorations can play more around grey and creamy white shades.

all-white bedroom near glasswindow
Image: Hutomo Abrianto on Unsplash

6. Floating shelf

Floating shelvings are a fabulous idea for a low bed. Whether you’re putting it near the bed head or the foot of the bed, it is a nifty storage space that does not take up any much-needed space on the ground.

To achieve a minimal look with your shelves, stick to the same colour palette and only put the necessary items on top.

bedroom interior overlooking a city skyline
Image: Andrea Davis on Unsplash

7. Adding colour

If you love colour but still want a minimal look, choosing neutrals with a pop of colour will do the trick. You can bring these colours in through cabinets, plants, shelves, or bedding. That way, you can still bring personality into the space.

Modern white and green minimalist bedroom

8. Bright and airy

Picture yourself basking in the soft glow of natural light that floods the room, courtesy of stunning wide windows gracing your bedroom walls. Oh, how they effortlessly blur the lines between indoor cosiness and the great outdoors!

Thanks to these windows, your room can come alive from sunrise to sunset. You can also add an indoor plant at the corner of the room to bring in more natural elements.

White bedroom with wood floor and patterned rug
Image: Sonnie Hiles on Unsplash

9. Jute Decor

Jute and rattan are natural finishes that are on-trend right now. The woven look is so natural and gives a boho vibe. Combining minimal furnishings with a boho touch is a match made in heaven.

Beige bedroom with rattan and jute basket, chair, and lamp

10. Feature pendants

This is a tip for you if you love minimal spaces yet still want your space to pack a punch.

The bedding and furnishings can be extremely simple and minimalist, yet the feature pendants above the bed become the room’s centrepiece. You can choose oversized, quirky, or over-the-top lights as long as they stand out.

Interior of bedroom with fuzzy bedding and quirky modern lighting
Image: Max Rahubovskiy on Pexels

11. Line art

This bedroom idea is classy, bright, and timeless. It brings some personality into your bedroom through framed art, echoing a room’s minimalist vibe. This style would be so great for a spare room, make sure you get it hung in the right spot with someone to help with your picture hanging.

Black, white, and yellow bedroom with line art on wall
Image: Kam Idris on Unsplash

12. Symmetry  meets asymmetry

Both symmetry and asymmetry can work well in a space. So if you’re unsure whether to go with symmetry or asymmetry, why not both?

Place the same type of table on either side of the bed, then put different things on each bedside table to incorporate asymmetry and help to create a very organic and lived-in look.

Cosy bedroom with gray and green pillows
Image: dada _design on Pexels

13. Black and white minimalist bedroom

Another minimalist style you can go for is using light or dark finishings. If you can’t decide, you can always go for both. Black and white are so different colours, yet they still work so well together, especially if used in minimalist design.

Monochrome black and white minimalist bedroom

14. Brick wall

A brick wall brings texture and warmth to a bedroom. Wooden or light-coloured bed frames work well for this, as the grains in wood match the tones in brick. If you don’t have an existing brick wall, you could always add some brick the traditional way or even use a brick wallpaper!

Bedroom with wooden floor and bed next to a brick wall

15. Tranquil tan

Creamy dark room colours like ivory, brown, tan, and taupe look modern and appear classic in a bedroom. You can use these colours in cushions and bedding, complementing them with darker tones for furniture and a bed frame.

Modern bedroom in creamy dark room colors ivory, chocolate, tan, and taupe.

16. Charcoal and beige

A neutral colour scheme is a perfect choice for minimalist design, and the combination of charcoal and beige in a room is exceptional! Charcoal is a great colour as it is still classy but a little softer than black, and beige matches seamlessly with natural finishes like wood in the room.

Minimalistic bedroom interior with grey bed, beige bedclothes, wooden night table and elegant personal accessories

17. Rattan pendant

Light pendants are a great way of creating interest in a space. A rattan pendant in your room would place it at centre stage. When the space’s decor and furnishings are minimal and unobtrusive, the eyes get directed to the pendant. What a great feature!

White bed with pinkish sheets and a rattan pendant light
Image: SANDRA REI on Pexels

18. Thoughtful touches

A misconception in minimalist design is that it can’t be personal and thoughtful, but you can absolutely bring a personal touch to your room.

Even though the bedding and furnishings are simple, you can still put your favourite motivational quote or inspirational message above the bed or display your travel trinkets or collections on the side table!

Bed with a potted plant on bedside table and a "stay weird" banner on the wall
Image: Charlota Blunarova on Unsplash

19. Narrow space

If you’re working with a narrow or small space, minimal design is a great idea as it will help the space feel as big as possible rather than cramming too much in the small area. You can paint a feature wall or add a light pendant to add character to the space without taking up any floor space.

Grey and white painted bedroom with double bed
Image: Max Rahubovskiy on Pexels

20. Hanging bulb

Give your bedroom an industrial look by having filament bulbs as lamps for your bedside table. For a more rustic feel, you can add some metal shelves on the walls to display your favourite decorative pieces.

Bedroom interior with lamp near wall in sunlight
Image: Anete Lusina on Pexels

21. Minimal prints

No matter what mood or vibe you are going for in your space, there are countless minimal prints available out there that can achieve the look you want. Make sure that the prints you choose still match the room’s overall feeling.

Spacious interior of a large bedroom with brown rug lying in front of a king size bed that has a clock and a painting hanging over it

22. In the attic

With uncluttered simplicity, having a minimalist bedroom in your attic maximises space and exudes cosy charm. Natural light can stream through windows, creating a tranquil oasis. Embrace the unique architectural details and enjoy the tucked-away privacy of an attic retreat that soothes the soul.

Small attic bedroom in a family house with morning breakfast service on the bed

23. Colour among neutrals

This one’s for you if you’re going for a minimalist look and have lots of simple furnishings yet still want a pop of colour. Even if your space is mostly white, adding some blooms will add a burst of colour to the room!

Plus, if you have a certain favourite colour or flower, you can chop and change your bouquet as you please, or until your current flowers look a little sad and it’s time to replace them with fresh ones.

Vase with beautiful alstroemeria flowers and decor on bedside table in bedroom

24. Dried palm

Dried bouquets and foliage are pleasing to the eyes. Not only do they look great, but they last forever. Dried palm leaves bring a touch of nature indoors, adding a sense of organic beauty and serenity to the bedroom.

Interior of sunny modern bedroom with bed covered with grey bed linen, beige plaid and a huge palm leaf in white vase on windowsill.

25. Curtain border

Four-poster beds scream beauty and luxury, especially when adorned with sheer white curtains trailing on the floor. The space will appear more relaxing with little furnishings and decor pieces. Just imagine how well you’d sleep watching the subtle movements of the curtains.

bedroom with wooden four poster bed with white bed linen and sheer curtains

26. Black finishes

It’s a good idea to create some definition when working with a room full of white by using black finishes. You can have a black bed frame with white sheets, black lights and panels with white walls, or a black door frame to a white door. This creates a very modern yet minimal look.

Interior of white minimalistic bedroom with king-size bed, lamps and painting

27. Mixing textures and patterns

Even if you have limited furnishings and decor in your minimal bedroom, that doesn’t mean you have to leave out textures and patterns. Adding textures and patterns makes your minimal space more interesting. Different patterns can come through cushions and rugs, among other things.

Neat bedroom with irregular-shaped rug, wide, window, and sofa
Image: Isaac Martin on Unsplash

28. Subtle and soft colour palette

Colour schemes are important when creating a minimal bedroom. You definitely don’t want to have too much colour, as it will defeat the whole purpose of being minimal and make the room look busy. Soft creams and subtle greys are good options for these kinds of bedrooms.

Morning in stylish bedroom in simple minimalist interior with double bed with pillows, soft blanket, and a mirror on wooden floor

29. Bedroom lighting

Bedroom lighting can turn any space from drab to fab. Not only is lighting important to be able to see when it gets dark, but you can also make it a feature of your space during the day with creative lighting pendants and fixtures.

Bedroom with plants, blue walls, and a small chandelier
Image: Spacejoy on Unsplash

30. Soft green

Soft green is perfect for a minimalist room due to its calming and natural appeal. Plus, it complements such style effortlessly and infuses the space with a tranquil atmosphere. As a soothing colour reminiscent of nature, it fosters a serene ambience without overwhelming the space.

Empty light green wall in modern bedroom with bed, plants, and armchair

31. Minimalist modern farmhouse

This unique fusion combines the timeless charm of the farmhouse style with the sleek simplicity of minimalism. Clean lines, neutral hues, and natural textures blend harmoniously, creating a serene and uncluttered space that honours tradition while embracing contemporary elegance.

modern farmhouse style bedroom with white walls, deep yellow simple decor, made bed and basket light fixtures

32. Bedside table

While it’s important to emphasise your bed, it won’t hurt to pay attention to your bedside table styling too. Get a unique and functional bedside table, and viola, you now have a great surface to sit a drink on and place your favourite book or other decor you want to display or put within easy reach.

A basket hanging lamp above a white bedside table with plant
Image: Zane Persaud on Unsplash

33. Gallery wall

If you’re not a big fan of line art or minimalist prints, your usual prints will still fit in a minimalist bedroom. The beauty of a gallery wall is that you can mix and match your favourite prints. You can put them in similar-looking frames for a more uniform and minimalist vibe.

white minimalist bedroom with summer landscape in window and a gallery wall

34. Warm colour palette

Even though your goal is a minimal look, you don’t have to be scared of adding some colour! You can use a warm colour palette for the bedding in your bedroom. If you have items in warm mustard and orange tones, they also work so well with wooden furnishings.

Bed with orange and brown linens in stylish room interior

35. Minimalist Zen

Combining the harmonious elements of Japanese and Scandinavian styles, Japandi embraces clean lines, natural materials, and a neutral colour palette. Emphasising functionality and purpose, it creates a clutter-free space.

With its Zen influence and focus on balance, Japandi effortlessly complements the essence of minimalism, providing a cosy and inviting sanctuary.

Japanese minimalist bedroom in white and beige tones, with double bed, tatami mats, and meditation zen space

So there we have it – 35 minimal bedroom ideas to help you get inspired. What were your favourite minimalist bedrooms in this collection? We’d love to know below!


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