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Kids Bedroom Ideas for Boys

By Airtasker

Updated: January 3rd, 2024

Where do you start when it comes to some kick-ass boys bedroom ideas?

When you are young, your bedroom is your castle. It’s the only thing that is truly “yours” and is often a hideout for work, rest and play as both a child and young adult.

We’ve all heard the saying ‘sugar and spice and all things nice’ for little girls. But, when it comes to boys it’s a completely different story! Habitually little boys are made of frogs and snails and puppy dog tails; a perfect metaphor for the rough and tumble breed of us humans.

Okay, I get it, boys will be boys from a very early age. Monster trucks, playing with insects, mud pies and splashing in puddles are commonly a favourite past time. So, where exactly do we start when it comes to some kick-ass boys bedroom ideas? Are there special bedroom layout ideas and options that should be considered when decking out a room for a boy?

The secret is to create a landscape that mimics their talents and interests, and this can be applied to any age really, male or female.

Below are some boys bedroom ideas that could help inspire you to create a room for your little man to be ultra-proud of his abode.

With the right materials, these gorgeous designs can be crafted if you are nifty with a few building tools. And, like me, if you’re not so talented on the tools, there is always the option to hire a handyman who can help.

1. Extra bedding

Source: Hello Bowsers

This tent bed includes an extra pull out for when there is a friend over to stay. Add some glow in the dark stars around the room, a blackboard painted wall, some plastic or potted plants, and you have an area fit for a camp out every night. I just love this design.

2. Encourage play time


This elegant design makes excellent use of the floor space by incorporating a race track on the floor. Every boy’s dream – a real race track in his room! Check out the simple car module for the bed too. Another piece of furniture art that could be built rather than purchased.

3. Embrace their passion

Source: Pinterest

This is particularly important for the older boys. Sport is often close to the heart of many young men. Why not create a bedroom zone that encompasses everything they love? The area above the bed could be used for extra bedding space, or create an area with some bean bags perhaps where they can go for uninterrupted study time.

4. Make use of empty spaces

Tent: Blue I Style

Adding spaces within spaces is a great way to encourage some imagination for your child’s development. You can be as elaborate or as basic as you like. A simple tepee tent can be great use of the usually wasted area in the corner of the room and provides a cute little cubby zone.

5. Store It

Source: Pinterest

Cleaning up after playtime doesn’t need to be a chore if you make it fun. Configure some storage space into the décor of the room so your child will want to put toys neatly back in “their places”. This cool shelf idea can be used for anything and is especially great to display his favourite trucks. This can also come in handy later on for things like books and trophies.

If you are of the DIY-kind or enjoy a flat pack or two, check out these kids bedroom ideas IKEA hacks as well.

The secret to boys bedroom ideas is to create some bedroom layout ideas and concepts that will embrace the essence of your child, encourage play and development, create a relaxed sleep zone and offer privacy and stability when they are young adults.



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