Inspiration: Barbie Fancy Dress Costume via Airtasker

By Katie

Updated: January 3rd, 2024

It’s true you can get almost anything made with Airtasker and I decided to put it to the ultimate test. "Inspiration: Barbie Fancy Dress Costume via Airtasker"

It’s true you can get almost anything made with Airtasker and I decided to put it to the ultimate test. I had a fancy dress party for my local surf club coming up and the theme was ‘When I grow up, I want to be….’

Being quite tall I struggle to fit in the usual costumes that you can buy online and I wanted to have the ultimate wow-factor. I had a great idea to go as packaged Barbie dolls* and even convinced a friend to be my ken doll. Here’s what we were aiming for:

barbie and ken costume inspiration

So I put up a task on Airtasker to make fancy dress costume. The Airtasker only had 10 days to complete the task and needed to get their own supplies e.g. cardboard boxes, print outs and work out how we would hold it up.

I assigned Jennifer S. who hadn’t completed a task before but did live near me in Bondi and also uploaded photos of past costumes that she has made. Jennifer was super excited about the project and was a great communicator, making some excellent suggestions along the way. I gave her full creative control and asked for her to provide me some photo updates on the progress.

barbie costume making

barbie costume supplies

On the day of the party I had to pick them up and I have to admit this was the hardest bit. They couldn’t be flattened but luckily I had access to a 4WD car, otherwise it would of been an interesting walk down Bondi road. We did however have to walk past a number of restaurants on the way to the party and we bought a smile to many diners faces, even asked to pose for photos.

Better yet, we WON BEST DRESSED!! Here’s our final look:

barbie and ken fancy dress costume done by Airtasker

barbie tennis fancy dress costume done by Airtasker

Now, what to get made for the next party? Any suggestions…

*Please note: I did not want to be a Barbie doll growing up – merely just an awesome costume.



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  1. Tim

    OMG hilars – I’ve had a juggernaut X-men costume made via Airtasker too 🙂

  2. ben

    great costumes, how much did you pay ??

  3. Katie

    Hey Ben, I paid $150 for both of them including materials – can’t wait till my next costume party already 🙂