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How To Clean Pesky Carpet Stains

By Airtasker

Updated: February 21st, 2020

Pets, children, parties, or even our own clumsiness (let’s face it, we all have those moments) can be the reason "How To Clean Pesky Carpet Stains"

Pets, children, parties, or even our own clumsiness (let’s face it, we all have those moments) can be the reason for an unsightly stain on the carpet.

But even the most stubborn carpet stains can be removed with a little care and the right method and ingredients. There’s no need to spend your hard-earned money on expensive carpet shampoos or professional carpet cleaning; everything you need is more than likely already in your pantry or laundry cupboard.

carpet stain removal
Source: A+ Chemdry Carpet Cleaning

Before trying any of these carpet stain removal methods, the most important thing to remember is to – NEVER rub or scrub a stain, you’ll only push it deeper into the carpet. Instead, scoop as much of the spillage into a spoon as possible and then blot with a paper towel or clean cloth to remove moisture, working from the outside of the stain towards the centre so you don’t spread it around.

Once you’ve cleared up the spillage, here are a few methods for cleaning carpet stains:

Coffee & tea
Beer or soda water is an excellent choice for removing coffee and tea stains from carpet. Blot the excess moisture with a paper towel, and then pour some room-temperature beer onto the stain. Use a clean cloth to repeatedly blot the area and repeat until the stain has completely disappeared. To finish, pour over a cup of water to flush out beer residue from the carpet. You can remove coffee stains with the same method using soda water.

Red wine

red wine stain carpet removal
Source: Consumer

Immediately after spilling the wine, pour on some soda water or white wine to dilute and lift the colour and then gently dab (not smear!) with a clean cloth to soak up moisture. Cover with salt and vacuum when dry.

Pet urine
Has Fido done a piddle on the carpet? Vinegar and bicarbonate of soda are your best friends for both stain and odour removal. Pour on enough vinegar to soak the stain and then add a small amount of bicarb. Make sure you do it in this order or your carpet will turn into a kids volcanic science experiment! Place a bowl upside down over the mixture to keep the reaction contained – don’t worry if you hear it crackling, it’s just doing its job. Let it dry for a couple of days, then sweep and vacuum.

Grease & oil

shaving cream
Source: Lifehacker

It’s possible to remove greasy stains from carpet with, believe it or not, shaving cream. Just work some into the stain, let it dry and then rub off with a clean cloth.

Bicarbonate of soda will clean and deodorise nasty vomit stains. Simply scoop up what you are able, then cover the area with bicarb and vacuum when completely dry.

And lastly, a simple all-round homemade carpet stain remover recipe that really works!

You will need:
A spray bottle
Bicarbonate of soda
1 tbsp white vinegar
1 tbsp dishwashing liquid
2 cups of water

Sprinkle bicarb over the stain, leave for 10 minutes, then vacuum. If the stain is dry, spritz first with water to dampen.

Mix together 1 tbsp of white vinegar and 1 tbsp of dishwashing liquid into the spray bottle, with 2 cups of water and spray the affected area. If you don’t have an empty spray bottle, sponge the stain with the solution and then blot with a white cloth until the liquid is absorbed.

If the stain is stubborn you may use a scrubbing brush on top of the solution.

Lastly, sponge the stain with cold water and blot again until the liquid is absorbed.

This article was written by Airtasker – Vanessa G.

Have you any more carpet stain removal tips? Let us know in the comments below.



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