20 Hallway table decor ideas

By Elise Hodge

Updated: January 8th, 2024

Spruce up your hallway with a fabulous display!

The table in your hallway is often the focal point of the whole space. It makes sense to keep the table well-kept. You can always mirror your home’s interior styling or opt for a different look. And if your hallway table is saturated in your entranceway, it can be the perfect place to put all your essential items.


Books on display in a home tell so much about a person; plus, they look gorgeous when stacked!


You could use an interesting vase as a decor piece or fill it with beautiful blooms to add some freshness to your space.


Lamps are not only practical in a space by providing light at night, but they also look gorgeous as decor pieces.

Curious about all the different ways to style your hallway table? Read on to discover more ideas.

1. Planted on warm wood

warm wood table with potted plant

Make a statement by parking a larger potted plant over your hallway table. This is a great way to elevate what might be a shorter plant and play around with your interior’s furniture height.

2. Quirky decor

unique table platform for vase

Quirky table pieces not only bring vibrance to your space but add character to it, too. It’s a great way to show off your personality if you’re into adorable oddities.

3. Slim vase for tall blooms

bright yellow chair in monochrome interior

Working with a small table? Maximise height. Pairing long-stemmed blooms with a tall and slim vase will do wonders to not only bring height to your tablescape but lend a tender elegance to the space, too.

4. Contrasting colours

green table with mustard vase

Let your hallway decor pop by choosing colours that stand out against your interior. For example, an emerald green table and mustard vase make for a great combo that’s refreshing and playful over a white wall.

5. Rad rattan

black console with rattan storage boxes by entrance

Rattan textures are ideal for their neutral colours and woven finish. They work well with dark, neutral, or light colour palettes. Decorate your hallway table with rattan pieces that can be artistic decorations or storage boxes.

6. Makeshift table

bench turned hallway table

If you don’t want to splurge on a hallway table, you can always upcycle a spare bench you might have for displaying your favourite decoration pieces. The more you can fit together, the more eclectic and visually interesting it will be.

7. Stacked books

stacked books and a thing of leaves

Love to read? Pile your most prized literature possessions on your hallway table as a display. If you can, stack them by size, with the largest at the bottom for balance.

8. Elegant pieces

elegant center pieces on table

If you’ve got a collection of small but elegant table pieces, the hallway table is a great place to display them.

9. Neutral tones

neutral hallway table display

If you’re ever wondering what colour scheme to use, then neutral tones are a good choice. They bring an air of effortless sophistication to any space.

10. Glamorous gold

gold coloured plant pots

If you’re all about gold but don’t want to spend too much on decor, opt for small but functional pieces. Gold potting for succulents or indoor plants is a great alternative.

11. Candles by the frames

candles by row of frames

Adding long, sleek candles by a row of frames — mirror included — can help create variety in what might seem like a uniform row of similar shapes.

12. Indoor plants

potted plant on hallway shelf

There’s nothing quite like a fresh pop of green indoors. Position your potted plant on an all-white or neutral table to let it stand out.

13. Centered pieces

centered table displays

Can’t decide on just one centrepiece for your hallway table? Group them all in the middle! Remember to balance their heights, for example, keeping the sole tall piece in the middle.

14. Fine art displays

framed handdrawn display pieces

If you love collecting art pieces or creating your own, display them on your hallway table!

15. Paired pops of colour

artsy table display

When you have framed wall art on your table, bring display pieces that match the art’s colour palette. This is a great way to add variety to your decor.

16. Stacked display

mirror coffee table with display

Maximise a small table by stacking your display over each other. This is great for a pile of books and a centrepiece.

17. Perfectly placed warmth

warm brown display pieces

Keep your table display simple by bringing in wood pieces. The brown hues can create warmth in an otherwise plain white interior.

18. Variety of shapes

neutral colour palette display

Play with a variety of shapes for your display. Try sphere lamps with basic frames and unique vases.

19. Frame by frame

frames leaning on wall

Don’t want to hang up too many things on your wall? Use your table as a platform and lean them against the wall instead!

20. Vibrant art

painted art on table display

Who doesn’t love art? Display a vibrant painted art piece in your collection and use it as your hallway’s focal point.

There are many ways you can go about decorating your hallway table. If you’re still unsure how to approach it, consult your interior designer to see how you can work through the vibe you might have in mind.


Elise H

I've recently moved into a new home and I've been having so much fun decorating it with pretty wall prints and Scandinavian-inspired furniture. So as well as being a freelance writer, I'm always on the lookout for new design pieces for my home!

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