25 Hallway ideas

By Elise Hodge

Updated: January 8th, 2024

Bring your tired hallway to life with these creative ideas!

Hallways invite everyone into your home, connecting every room through one passage. While it might seem easy to dismiss it as an intentionally bare space, decorating it adds personality to the place and can even serve as another functional area.

While it might seem challenging, many ways to design your hallway exist. It doesn’t have to be complicated, either. Here are some easy ways to add a personal touch to the passage.

Console Tables and Drawers
Console tables and drawers are an excellent option for adding personality to a space, as you can rest your favourite decor here. Opting for drawers is another alternative to display knickknacks and a clever way to add extra storage.

Decorative Pieces
Aside from knickknacks, you could add convenient catchall bowls for keys and spare change. You can also get creative by nestling a vase of flowers on a table or hanging up charming wall art.

Mirrors are perfect for outfit checks on the go, and their reflective finish allows more light to pass through and illuminate your space. Plus, mirrors help to make any space feel larger than they are.

Ready to look for more hallway ideas? Here’s a small collection of options to inspire your next weekend project!

1. Low-maintenance chic

cosy boho interior hallway

Easily elevate a space with low-maintenance additions to the space. A mirror that blends well with your interiors or dried plants for textured decor.

2. Plant haven

hallway garden tucked by wooden stairs

Plants are a great way to add a fresh pop of colour to an indoor space. Considering hallways have the most foot traffic, you’ll constantly be reminded to water your green friends. Create a mini garden or dot small potted plants across a shelf to make a plant haven in the middle of your home.

3. Tall mirrors

floor to ceiling mirrors in hallway

Putting mirrors on your walls will help open up your space, making it feel a lot bigger than it is. They’re great for reflecting clean lines and interiors, too.

4. Shoe nook

round mirror on green wall in stylish hallway interior

Need space for guests to keep their shoes away by your entry hall? A small shoe nook helps keep things tidy. It can be as simple as a chair with storage underneath to tuck footwear away or a shoe cabinet.

5. Elegant entrance

elegant modern hallway entrance with chandelier

Looking to make a glamorous impression with your home’s entry hall? Adding a centre table to house elegant florals will make all the difference. You can also opt to hang a chandelier for more light.

6. Wall art

stylish scandinavian hallway interior

If you love art, why not hang a piece you fancy in the hallway? It’s a clever design method without adding clutter in a narrow space.

7. A spot by the window

bright hallway with window seating

If you have a hallway next to a big window, you can add seating to enjoy the view. It can be as simple as just seating that works as storage or a complete set of tables and chairs to hang out.

8. Minimalist design

chic gray entrance hallway

Looking to create a minimalist space? Working with monochromatic colours for your interiors will go a long way in keeping the space looking clean and elevated.

9. Pops of colour

colourful entryway with purple rug and wall

Welcome guests into your home entryway with a colourful rug. It’s another fantastic way to add visual interest without cluttering your space.

10. Grandiose frames

hallway with floor to ceiling mirror

Work with floor-to-ceiling frames to make a big statement. It can be a painting or even a mirror.

11. Garden wall

oxygen wall with tropical plants

Looking to add more greenery to your home? Go big with a lush green wall. You can work with natural or artificial plants for a more low-maintenance option.

12. Classic meets modern

modern mirror in hallway

Mix chic, warm wood and greys with gold accent pieces to create a space that combines classic and modern styles.

13. Storage space

Modern hallway with stylish furniture and accessories

Hallways don’t have to be for decor only, but you can also use them for added storage space for essentials you might need on the way out of the house. Store things like scarves, hats, or jackets in case you forget them in your room.

14. Decorative art pieces

decorative art pieces in hallway

Display the best of your unique art pieces throughout your hallway. Space them throughout your home to maintain visual interest.

15. Family photo display

Interior of a bright hallway with shelves for frames

Looking for a unique way to display your family photos without bringing in a bookshelf or console? Install floating shelves to house them all.

16. Textured runner

cosy hallway with textured runner and furniture

Hallways certainly don’t have to be complicated or crowded. Sometimes, you only need a rug; a textured runner can make a difference.

17. Round mirror statement

hallway dresser and round mirror

Make a statement in your hallway with a round mirror. A mirror works great as a reflection of light in a small space, and its unique shape also works as an artistic display piece.

18. Work nook

desk nook by hallway

When you’ve got limited space in the home, you can add a convenient workspace in the hallway. Opt for a chair tucked under the table to keep the walkway open.

19. Dried florals

florals by hallway

Dried florals are a great way to bring softness to a bare space. If you can, select colours that work with your interiors.

20. Create contrast

modern black and white hallway interior

Using contrasting colours for display pieces can bring a dynamic look to a space. The key is adding unique display pieces to avoid looking too monotonous.

21. Hallway planter

decorative florals in hallway

Not too keen on adding too many greens? A planter of flowers can bring freshness to the space and make just as big of an impact as a wall of greens.

22. Sitting area

sitting area by hallway

If you have a hallway entrance, a bench would be the perfect piece of furniture to add to your space. The convenience of sitting by your entrance is excellent for when you need to put shoes on or if you need a place to rest groceries.

23. Hidden storage

Modern hallway interior

Want to make the most out of the hallway? Create a hidden closet space by adding a decorative wall to distract from cubbies or drawers.

24. Hallway table

minimalist hallway with small desk

You don’t have to add something too fancy to create visual interest in your hallway. A small table can do the trick. Adding a lamp or a vase can help fill the space.

25. Wall-mounted shelves

bookshelves in hallway

Anything wall-mounted is always a good idea, especially in a small space. Wall-mounted furniture keeps things looking organised and allows for much more floor space. Use it to house your books or memorabilia.

Hopefully, you’ve taken new ideas from this list. If you’re ready to switch up your hallway’s design but don’t know how to approach it, connect with an interior designer near you to kickstart the process.


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