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By Airtasker

Updated: September 23rd, 2021

What’s better than a sparkling clean kitchen? Watching someone else clean it.

Win Mum a year’s worth of help this Mother’s Day!




There’s always an endless to-do list, which seems to get longer by the day.

What if this Mother’s Day you could get your Mum (or you), someone to help out with tasks all year round? Best. Gift. Ever.

This is your chance! Win your Mum $2,400 worth of Airtasker credit for a whole year simply by signing up using the form above.

Think of what you could save your Mum from every month with Airtasker:

May Get on top of the ironing with a basket or two done every week.
June Enjoy Saturday sports with the kids while an Airtasker tackles the weekly grocery shopping.
July  How’s the oven looking? Post a task for oven cleaning (perhaps the fridge & pantry too!)
August Get an Airtasker to thoroughly dust the house then follow up with a vacuum.
September Cleaning windows inside and out is a great way to kick off the spring cleaning. Don’t forget the screens too!
October Give the garden a prune, sweep and a mow to get it ready for summer.
November Take a break from vacuuming and mopping this month.
December Get the house party season ready with some weekly cleaning or even help putting up those Christmas decorations!
January The grass grows like crazy in summer, so if you get someone midweek to mow it then it’s perfect for use on the weekends.
February If the kitchen cupboards have become a bit of a mess, post a task and get someone to tidy them for you.
March Get ready for the seasonal shift and get someone to do a post-Christmas de-clutter.
April With so many long weekends, now’s the time for some home decorating. Get a headstart on the task ahead with your Airtasker this month.

Win Mum Airtasker for a year. Sign up today!



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  1. Angela Chaplin

    I would love to win this prize.

  2. Jenny Whitworth

    My mum is a beautiful person and has had a rough life. She is elderly and unwell now but still living in a independent unit. She gave so much to the community when we were young and now it would be nice to give something back to her. She is a kind, shy but intelligent lady who always put everyone else’s needs before hers. She wants for nothing and leads a simple life with a man under her roof who ruined her life and many others. She in her gracious ways has allowed this man to live under her roof without complaint and held all her own emotions together to allow him to have a roof over his head. I don’t know how she has done this but that is the strong mum I know who would not hurt anyone no matter what the circumstances. I love her for who she is and what she stands for and this gift would certainly give her some peace in the remaining days in her life.

    Mum this is my happiness for you. As you deserve better in this life.

    Love Forever

  3. Paul

    It’s so fantastic that you can think of such a great promotion

  4. Cara

    All great ideas that I think will make great presents for Mum! ♡

  5. Vivian

    Would love to win this prize. Having health problems and would be so wonderful to have help until I can get back on my feet.

  6. Jasleen singh

    Would be ever so grateful if any help with cleaning the home and the yard on a regular basis.

  7. Gary Armand

    Would like our tree pruned in the back yard

  8. carolyn weingarth

    you are the best site ever..the very best of luck to you all

  9. Amanda O'Brien

    What a dream competition. A chance to clone myself and get things done!

  10. Joanne Marchi

    I would to have all of the above listed

  11. Fernando Tavares

    Yes , at last something good for our mothers, just great. Thank you AIRTASKER

  12. Carolyn Greene

    How good is your company doing this for a lovely mum as to something done differently each month
    I just joined had one job good results

  13. Jazmyn farrow

    This is an awesome prize

  14. Sandra Taylor

    Great ideas & to-do list!!

  15. Ali Bhatti

    Being an international student it’s hard to save up money for this beautiful day. If there’s a win I would love to shout my mum a mad prize 🙂

  16. Van Sparkman

    This would be bonzer, thanks for thinking on how to improve her life for a year.

  17. DeeDee

    I cannot express into words how this would help my mum, she recently had a fall and is limited for the next 6 months of what she can do having airtasker would mean help near by would come in to do the things she can’t or assist her would be the best gift I live 4 hrs away so makes it hard to help at times

  18. Mandy Allan

    Have used Airtasker several times
    Fantastic idea

  19. Anne Chellingworth

    A wonderful reminder of all the chores covered during the year and how spoilt you would feel winning that generous credit.

  20. Vanessa Howe

    Wonderful prize – fingers crossed

  21. Nikita

    This sounds perfect for any mother. Mothers are those souls who makes sure every person in her house gets the best. She gives so many sacrifices & always keeps the last piece of cake for her child, even if she loved the taste but she will act as if she did not like it. All mothers should be respected be that mine or yours. Hence, would love to comfort her by giving a little break from her daily routined works via the Airtasker jobs.

  22. Margaret Conley

    I would love to win and get the house in better shape like maybe painting and get a garden going

  23. Mandi Smith

    I love the suggestions I think I might have to do it anyway win or loss

  24. Angie

    Mums rock!

  25. Ann

    Yes please would love this prize, need a years break

  26. Suzanne O'Connor

    Just a brilliant service. Every tasker to date has gone “over and above” fulfilling our contracts. Great way of completing those small tasks which are no longer small as we get older.

  27. Lynn

    This right here is definitely the best gift you could give your mother!!

  28. Virginia McEntee

    Yes please!!

  29. William pettingill

    Great work Airtasker ! And who better to give it to then to someone’s mum very nice of you and I’m actually a person who does tasks thanks 🙂