Exhausted from life as a baggage handler

By Modi

Updated: January 3rd, 2024

When Majed realised he was spending his waking hours in the dark, he knew it was time.

Being a shift worker can sometimes make you feel completely disoriented. You’re working when the whole world is sleeping and you’re in bed when people are out and about. The gruelling schedule could wreak havoc on your personal life since it’s extremely unlikely you’ll see your family for weeks at a time.

Majed was working as an airport baggage handler when he realised he’d had enough. He was missing out on all his family’s milestones because he was either asleep or at work. He realised he was spending most of his waking hours in the dark. Majed was still young and didn’t think he could sustain this lifestyle any longer – so he quit and joined Airtasker.

What’s it like being on Airtasker?

Joining Airtasker has been one of the most pivotal decisions of my life. My job as a baggage handler at Sydney airport was pretty depressing. The hours were long and demanding and it was tiring. You’re lifting more than 600 bags daily and at 20-30kg per bag, it’s extremely physical. I’m young so I could hack it but I knew I didn’t want to be doing it long term. It got to the point  where I was hardly seeing my family and that was really hard. Family is super important to me and I realised wasn’t happy so I decided to quit.

I joined Airtasker providing cleaning services and to be honest, it wasn’t easy at the start. When you’re just starting out, you’ve got no credentials and no reviews so its understandable that people wouldn’t pick you for their tasks. I was determined to change that! At the start, I would quote a lower price and always went above and beyond so that people would pick me and give me 5 star reviews for my work. I knew what my goals were and I kept at it. Within a month I was on the Gold tier and that just made me more motivated to keep going.

Top tips: Always check the labels of what you’re cleaning so that you don’t damage the fabric. Different fabrics need to be treated and cleaned differently – if you use the wrong method you could destroy your furniture.

Has anything about Airtasker surprised you?

I thought it would take me longer to build my reputation but it happened really quickly. As long as you’re focused and committed, it really isn’t that hard. This has made me realise that there’s an incredible opportunity here for me to grow and earn more. I started out small but with the money I’ve earned, I’ve already been able to upgrade my equipment and buy a new van. I’ve also just purchased a new carpet extractor (they’re not cheap!) so I’ve been able to offer carpet cleaning as part of my services. When I started out I was just doing a lot of general cleans but within months, my scope of work has expanded and I’m so proud of myself for that.

Tasker Snapshot

  • Cleaning specialist
  • Over 50 completed tasks since February 2019
  • 4.9 stars from 36 reviews

One thing about Airtasker that has been a pleasant surprise is how wonderful the community is. I haven’t experienced any form of discrimination and everyone has been so nice to me. I’ve connected with so many of the Taskers – they’ve welcomed me into their homes and the level of hospitality I’ve received is mind blowing.

What type of cleaning work do you do?

I started with small cleans but with more equipment and some friends helping out I now do a whole lot more!

  • End of lease cleans
  • High Pressure Washing
  • Carpet/Upholstery Cleaning
  • Steam Cleaning
  • Mould Removal

I love wiping down a dirty surface and even as a kid I’ve always liked keeping my room neat and spotless.

Where do you see yourself in the future

I want to keep doing more Airtasker tasks to get even more reviews and get my reputation up. I want to get more experience and buy better equipment so that I’m adequately equiped to perform the higher value tasks..

Want to book Majed for a clean? Check out Majed’s profile and reviews and request a quote.

Interested in joining the Airtasker community? Find out more about becoming an Airtasker.



Modi is the Community Impact Manager at Airtasker. Modi can usually be found with her nose in a book or patting random dogs on the street.

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