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40 Bedroom wallpaper ideas in your home

By Elise Hodge

Published: August 7th, 2020

Bold or subtle, textured or patterned... With wallpaper you can do almost anything!

Wallpaper is back and it’s looking better than ever! From the subtle seagrass textured wallpaper to the loud tropical prints. You can really achieve any interior design style that you’re looking to recreate in your bedroom. So here are over 40 bedroom wallpaper ideas that will pleasantly surprise you.

1. Subtle Palms

Wow, what a beautiful way to start! I love the beautifully muted colours that make up this bedroom. And the pattern of the subtle palms through the wallpaper installation is just the right amount of texture to compliment the details in the rest of the bedroom. The grey hanging towel and throw over the bed work beautifully with the hint of grey coming through the wallpaper.

Source: Cotwold Interior

If you’re looking for a grey bedroom, this is the perfect way to achieve it, without it being too… grey.

2. Country Scene

Check out this relaxing country scene! If you’re wanting to bring the beauty of your outdoor surroundings in, or perhaps you live in a city and would like to feel amongst nature, then adding a mural style wallpaper will do the trick. This beautiful country scene features trees that are in a pastel colour scheme. The pale green curtains on either side also work so well in tying everything together.

Bedroom wallpaper
Source: Susan Harter Mural Paper

3. Muted Geometry

Here is another very muted, yet effective colour palette! I love how this bedroom almost looks like it has a black and white filter over it, however the hints of pink add a pop of colour without it being ‘too much’. The pale pink that is featured in the geometric pattern in the wallpaper has also been carried through to the pale pink cushions sitting on top of the bed.

Source: Inside Number 49

4. Matchy Matchy 80’s vibes

If you’re a lover of all things vintage and especially the 80’s, then this bright and quirky wallpaper is for you! The wallpaper itself looks like abstract flower bouquets filled with pops of primary colours. And I love that the pattern has been carried through to the bedding and curtains. Quirky, fun, bright and bold are just some of the words I would use to describe this matchy matchy room!

Source: The 80s Interior

But ’80’s perhaps wallpaper isn’t your thing, so you’ll need some tips about how to remove wallpaper from the walls.

5. Boho Baby

Forget the tubs of paint and try something a little bit fun for bub instead. I love this cute wallpaper that is made up of illustrations of alpacas, rabbits and cacti. This style is so boho and sweet! If you’re going for a wallpaper with colour, bringing that colour into different parts of the room will work so well – just like that amazing pink rug and throw which matches with the mountain pattern behind the alpacas. So cute!

Pink bedroom
Source: Anewall Decor

If you’re looking to design the perfect baby room, here are our top nursery ideas for your home.

6. Floral Feature

Make a bold statement with an oversized floral feature wall! This wallpaper is made up of peony roses which look so beautiful I can almost smell their sweet scent permeating from the walls. When your wallpaper is this beautiful and interesting, you won’t need to go to too much trouble with the rest of your decor. Just some simple pieces to compliment the wall and your space will be complete.

Source: Ria Fletcher

7. In the Tropics

Wow, I would feel like I’m forever in Hawaii if this was my bedroom. Here is another bedroom wallpaper that makes a statement. It’s bold, it’s loud, it’s quirky. The pastel pink panel above the bed works well in softening the bright green leafy wallpaper. And the simple monochromatic decor works as a contrast. All in all, what a beautiful sight to see!

Source: Marie Laleiser

8. Feminine Touch

If you have a small space to work with, try not to discredit utilising a wallpaper. You never know, it may be just what your small space needs. This little room reminds me of an attic where Cinderella would live (if Cinderella was treated a little better)! The wallpaper is soft and feminine which is carried through to the soft and feminine colours used for the bedding.

Feminine wallpaper
Source: Geri Designs

9. Pattern Play

I know it’s a scary thought, but don’t be afraid of mixing patterns! The blue and white abstract wallpaper really lifts the room with its sky-like colour. And the trendy zebra print rug is a surprising choice with the other seemingly classic choices, however, it just seems to work! The brown zig-zag jute rug also works well in complementing all the other patterns in the space.

Blue bedroom
Source: Keshia Williams Real Estate

Wallpaper can be tricky, so it’s always best left to professional wallpaper installers.

10. Geometric and Neutral

There’s just something about a neutral bedroom that is so calming. I love the geometric wallpaper that makes this area look oh so trendy. The bold black lines around the cream shapes work really well as a contrast against the black pillows with the cream detailing. The symmetrical windows and lamps also work well with the overall look of the space.

Bedroom wallpaper
Source: With Indesign

11. Amongst the Vines

If you love indoor plants but just can’t seem to keep them alive, then why not introduce greenery into your walls?! I love the look of the climbing vines that look as if they are growing wild up, down and across the walls. The little white and pink flowers also help to add a feminity to the overall wallpaper design.

Source: Honor Illustrates

12. World Traveller

Hands up if you have the travel bug! If you’re now sitting there with your arm in the sky, then this wallpaper is for you! You could even make it an interactive wall and add stickers to track all the amazing places you’ve been! You could have the world map as a feature on one wall or wrap it around on all four walls to create a very cool effect!

Source: Infinite Home

13. Golden Polka Dots

How chic does this look! The golden polka dots really add fun and sophistication to this room. I always like to imagine what the room would look like without the wallpaper verses with the wallpaper. And this room definitely is enhanced for the better with the addition of the gold polka dot wallpaper! The gold finish matches perfectly with the other gold finishes in the room which makes for a very cohesive space.

Source: Sarah Richardson Design

14. Blue Hues

Blue is so calming and I love how it has been used in this room! The wallpaper has just enough colour and quirk without being too in your face. And I love that the blue accents from the wallpaper have been brought through to the table lamps, feature pillow and details on the bed head. And then the subtle pink on the wallpaper has been brought through to the other feature pillows and carpet. Beautiful!

Source: Barringer Custom Homes

15. Up, Up and Away

Wow, how cool is this boy kids room?! Your child will surely feel like they are going on an adventure every time they enter their room whether they’re reading, going to sleep or just hanging out. The hot air balloon wallpaper has been installed just in the bed area to give that feeling of a separation between the other spaces in the room. Up, up and away!

Source: Pro Interior Hub

16. Safari Luxe

Here is another sweet kids room! If your children are animal obsessed or you are teaching them all about the wonderful world of animals, then this wallpaper not only looks great but will be educational as well. You could point to each animal and (depending on their age) they could name the animal, make the sound or even say a cool fact about that animal!

Source: Anewall Decor

17. Vintage Vibes

Oh, I love how vintage this wallpaper is. The muted duck egg blue is so elegant and classic colour to use that will be in fashion for years to come. And I especially love the horse and cart print that is repeated throughout the wallpaper which gives a very vintage and heritage feel.

Blue wallpaper
Source: Milalo Design

18. Carnival Statement Walls

If your kids are a little wild and it always feels like a circus in your house, then why not take it a little further and depict that in your walls! Embrace their uniqueness and creative spirits. The kids will love creating circus acts, strumming the guitar and running amuck in this loud, bold and creative space! Stay wild, wild child!

Red bedroom
Source: Work and Sea

19. Monochromatic Florals

Similar to number 6, here is a bold statement made with an oversized floral design wallpaper! I love that the flowers are in black and white, which really enhance the other monochromatic details of the room. And the positioning of the flowers almost looks as if they are creating a bedhead, due to the main flowers being positioned around the bed.

Bedroom wallpaper
Source: About Murals

20. Cool Kids Room

Kids rooms can still be trendy and match with the decor of your house, whilst still looking like a kids room and being stimulating enough for little growing minds! I love the wallpaper that has been used in this room that is made up of crescent moon shapes. The black and white design goes so well with the black and white bunk beds and cabinetry.

Source: Bedrooms of Insta

21. Pink Perfection

I just love this bedroom with the contrasting pink and muted green. The wallpaper itself looks very Japanese inspired with pink sakura trees blooming in the spring. The table lamp, bedding and pillow on the chair are the perfect shade of pink and the cabinetry, chair and bedside table are the perfect contrast. A match made in pink perfection heaven!

Source: Johnson House Journey

22. Library Wallpaper

Always feel inspired by a wall full of books. If you don’t have a gazillion books in your collection (and ones that look aesthetically pleasing together), then a library wallpaper will do the trick! The vintage look of the books brings so much warmth into this space. And it even looks as if the occupants of this space are so inspired that they’ve even set up a podcasting area!

Source: Hummingbird Wallpaper

23. Warm and Retro

Bring all the warm and retro vibes into the nursery with this beautiful artistic wallpaper mural. Minimalist artworks with simple shapes are so in right now. I also love that bubba’s name has been added in the same colour scheme as the wallpaper. And the cute toys match with the overall look so beautifully.

Source: Anewall Decor

24. Whimsical Woodland

Wow, I love how whimsical this woodland wallpaper is! I would feel like an ethereal fairy prancing through the woods if I lived in this space. The decor has been kept very natural with the raw wood and muted with the decor pieces that perfectly compliment the colours of the wallpaper. So serene and relaxing.

Source: Aj Maison

25. Coastal Contrasts

How beachy and coastal is this bedroom. The blue and white geometric wallpaper adds texture and pattern against the white bedding, whilst the blue pillows, lampshades, curtain details and decor items help to tie the wallpaper in with the room. And who doesn’t love a brightly contrasted yellow ottoman to offset all the colour scheme!

Source: Grace Home Furnishings

26. Pressed Petal Watercolour

Stunning, soft and oh so dainty. I love how subtle this pressed petal watercolour wallpaper is. If you’re wanting to incorporate wallpaper into our bedroom design but don’t want anything too bold, then this is for you! I love how the rest of the design choices are very soft. I can just imagine how relaxing it would be to wake up in this beautiful space.

Light bedroom
Source: Emma Hayes Textiles

27. On the Ceiling

Okay, I know it’s called wallpaper but wallpaper doesn’t always just belong on the walls. Why not try something a little different and put it on the ceiling instead?! This sweet double girls room is pretty much a mirror image of itself, apart from the adorable R and L letters above the bods. I love that when the girls look up they will see a beautiful flower arrangement right before their eyes!

Source: Bedrooms of Insta

28. Magical Monstera

Here is another way that wallpaper can be used in a subtle and effective way to create pattern and texture to a simple space. The large monstera leaves look so magical and work well with this trendy space. I love that they have a slight blue tinge which goes with the deep blue rug under the bed and is a beautiful match against the timber bed frame.

Source: Lauren Pressey

29. Timeless Black and White

Black and white is so timeless, so it really is a no brainer. This white tile style wallpaper is the perfect geometric backdrop for the bed and decor. I love the black frames with the minimalist line illustrations that go beautifully with the lines of the wallpaper. Timber has been used to break up the monochrome which looks neat and classy.

Source: Nice Matches Etsy

30. Textured Serenity

How beautiful is this textured wallpaper! The subtle texture through the wallpaper creates so much calm and serenity. It looks almost like water or cloud-like. Light, airy and relaxing. I love how the table lamp is slightly sheer and is the perfect colour glass next to the wall.

Source: Julie Provenzano Group

31. Forest Feature

This wallpaper is a work of art. Even though the bed is nestled in a small space, the forest feature wall really helps to bring some character and interest into the room and to frame the bed. The forest ‘trunks’ are all very uniform and could be mistaken for black and white stripes if looked at from far away.

Source: Peter Kiss Photography

32. Grey Herringbone

Here is a very on-trend kids room! The grey herringbone style wallpaper looks great against the other elements of the room. White texture through the wallpaper softens the look and gives definition to the timber look of the slats. I also love the little wooden floating shelf installed on the wall which helps to complete the look.

Grey bedroom
Source: Nice Matches Etsy

33. Dino Decor

Who’s got a child that is mad for dinosaurs?! Well, this one is for you. I can just imagine the look on a little one’s face when they see their bedroom transformation with the help of wallpaper! Similar to number 16, this wallpaper would be a great educational tactic by pointing to the dinosaurs and getting your little one to recite their names!

Dino wallpaper
Source: Brewers Paints

34. Pink Vibes Only

How sweet is this pink room! I just love that framed print that really sums up the whole space… “Pink Vibes Only”! I would’ve absolutely loved a room like this when I was little, and it would’ve totally taken me into my teenage years too! I love the large white flower wallpaper with a pink background that is the perfect finish for this darling room.

Kids bedroom
Source: Minnie And Me Interiors

35. Dreamy Cloudland

What a dreamy wallpaper for all your dreams to melt into. The blue sky with the soft white clouds and soaring birds is such a relaxing scene to peer at as you float away into dreamland. The sky blue bedding and curtains really enhance the overall space and make everything look so dreamy.

Source: Da Mi Na Design

36. Stripes Galore

This stripy wall is oh-so classy with a touch of glamour and fun. I love that the decor paired with the wallpaper doesn’t necessarily match but works so well nonetheless. The small white framed prints are just enough to add a little something extra but doesn’t distract from the glorious wallpaper. And I love the addition of the red-striped basket which goes well with the wallpaper.

Source: Chango and Co

37. Spotty Dalmatian

Imagine having a cute little dalmatian and this cool bedroom for it to relax with you in! The spotty wallpaper makes a bold statement but the pattern is cleverly carried through to the cushion and table lamp to tie everything in together. So quirky and cool!

Source: Musewall Studio

38. Welcome to Wonderland

How lovely is this Alice in Wonderland inspired wallpaper?! The design is so whimsical filled with so much different imagery that creates different stories across the wall. I can see a cute little bridge leading to a door, hot air balloons flying in the sky, chess pieces and lots of other special whimsical designs.

Grey bedroom
Source: Willo The Wisp Design

39. Dainty Floral

Here’s another bedroom I would’ve loved having when I was little (and one that would’ve definitely taken me into my teenage years too). The beautiful bouquets of bright flowers covering the walls bring so much happiness and colour to the space. The bright colours have been carried through to the pillows, however, the rest of the bedding has been kept simple. How beautiful.

Floral wallpaper
Source: Anewall Decor

40. Gorgeous Gingham

And last but not least is this gorgeous gingham wallpaper. I absolutely love the style of this one. It reminds me of a picnic blanket, but for your walls. The black and white design goes beautifully against the pink bed head and emerald pillows. So classic and on-trend at the same time!

Source: The Divine Living Space

So there we have it, 40 bedroom wallpaper ideas to inspire even the most indecisive renovator! I absolutely love the wallpapers with the trees and whimsical scenes that make it seem like you are in a forest as well as the really subtle wallpapers that are clean and effortless. What were your favourites? Let me know below!


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