35+ Bedroom colour schemes

By Elise Hodge

Published: March 10th, 2023

Transform your bedroom from drab to fab with bright, bold colours and quirky patterns!

The bedroom is the one place in the home where you can let your personality shine through. What better way to do that than with a colour scheme that captures you?

If you’re unsure where or how to start creating a colour scheme that works for you, this is the perfect place. Read on to discover bedroom colour scheme ideas that can transform your space.

1. Rich and warm

Looking for warmth? Fiery colours like red, orange, and yellow in a shade or two deeper will make it feel even cosier. Think maroon, burnt orange, or mustard paired with dark browns or greys for a rich, luxurious feel. Incorporate your main colour in a few big pieces like bedding, comfortable seating, or even the wall.

bedroom with rich colours and warm tones

2. Grey and soft pink

This colour scheme is for you if you’re after something a little more peaceful and subtly feminine. Grey is a calming colour to evoke a more relaxing environment when you’re unwinding after a long day. Opt for light or pastel pinks for pops of colour.

bedroom with gray walls and pink furniture

3. Teal and cream

Teal’s mix of green and blue is another excellent option as a calming accent or main colour for the bedroom. Compliment the colour with creams and hints of soft pastel to allow it to shine.

Blue, beige and emerald green bedding on king size bed in contemporary bedroom interior with golden accents

4. Cream and gold

Sometimes a luxurious interior is just about keeping it clean with whites, creams, and delicate hints of gold. Select durable gold pieces to incorporate into your bedroom. You don’t have to spend too much to achieve the look either, you can get creative and add gold-coloured leaves, book spines, or picture frames.

bedroom with cream and gold accents

5. Nurturing nature

Create the ultimate oasis in your home by bringing nature’s colours to the bedroom. Mix your green sheets or walls with colours and materials found in nature. Wooden furniture, woven baskets, and upcycled materials are great additions to your bedroom. Indoor plants are optional but always a fantastic addition.

nature-inspired bedroom

6. Stylish seafoam

Love the beach? Take it home by styling your home with seafoam green sheets against predominantly white and light brown colours throughout the room.

Stylish bedroom in white and seafoam color

7. Pretty in purple

If you’re mad about purple, this colour scheme is for you. White, beige, and grey are easy to partner with purple. You can also experiment with similar or analogous colours throughout the room, like blue and indigo accents.

Modern bedroom with purple colour interiors

8. Tropical paradise

Want to bring bright tropical energy into your bedroom? Green prints and pastel pink make for a wonderful combination. A strong colour like black can also help bring in a little more structure for select furniture in your room.

bedroom with tropical paradise theme

9. A splash of lemonade

All about bright, bold colours? Look to nature for inspiration. You can use colours from fruits like lemonade — yellows and greens are an excellent and playful combination.

Interior of modern stylish bedroom with yellow accents

10. Gold and blues

An alternative to neutral colours for a laidback look is going with shades of blue. Combine it with strong gold tones you can see in furniture, frames, or even clocks.

bedroom with blue and gold accents

11. Deep blue hues

Blue is another calming colour option. Play with different shades and patterns of blue. White, cream and light wood will let the colours shine bright.

Stylish bedroom interior with dark blue wall

12. Rustic rose

Subdued rose for your primary colour will work well with rustic tones like creams and browns. You can add furniture made of natural material and some plants to keep that rustic vibe alive.

White interior of bedroom in the attic with double bed with pink stylish pillows

13. Sophisticated pastel

Using soft pastel tones can create a relaxing and comfortable vibe. Don’t be afraid to mix different pastels with dark greys and browns. Try to limit the pastels to four colours so you can avoid your room looking too chaotic.

Pastel blue, pink and orange bedding on double bed in chic bedroom interior

14. Cotton candy colours

Turn your room into a cotton candy dream. Pastel blue is one of the most versatile colours, making it easy to start. Pair it with one to two other pastels for a playful room.

Lilac, mint green, and blush pink accents in the bedroom

15. Living in lush

Want to add greenery to your room seamlessly? Choose earthy colours to put down, like browns and creams. Textured materials also help to create that roughness or smoothness that mimics soil, leaves, and stones.

Cozy bright bedroom with indoor plants.

16. Marvelous mustard

Mustard makes for a warm and energetic ambience. Make it brighter by adding brown and cream. If you’re keen on experimenting, add splashes of green with plants.

Elegant and quiet bohemian room with cozy mustard yellow interior

17. Bright and airy

The key to keeping your room bright and airy is to select light colours that lift the mood of your space. One rich dark colour like brown from wood will easily play well within the scheme. If you’d like, you can take airy a step further by adding indoor plants to improve your air circulation.

bright and airy bedroom interiors

18. Sunny indoors

Love bright and playful energy? Incorporate it into your bedroom by pairing sky blue with yellow. Depending on the kind of style you’re going for, you can choose one or the other as your main colour.

brightly coloured attic bedroom with sun roof

19. Shades of grey

Grey is sophisticated, simple, and minimalistic. Experiment with the different shades of grey and mix them with clean whites and warm wood for contrast. Darker colours like black or navy are good alternatives, too.

Grey and white bedroom interior

20. White on white

Opting for a pristine white bedroom is always great. The colour scheme is timeless and easy to find pieces for.

Cozy interior of a bright bedroom with white walls

21. Toybox palette

Whether you’re creating the bedroom for your kids or yourself, going for colours found in toys is always a great option. Look at your favourite toys or characters’ colour palettes to incorporate them into your space.

Shot of a colorful modern children's room

22. Maroon and emerald

If you love the colour green but don’t want to risk it looking like Christmas in your room on the off seasons, go a touch darker with maroon and emerald. It evokes a sense of playful sophistication and character in the space.

Stylish and luxury interior of bedroom with maroon and emerald colours

23. Warm browns

Brown tones bring natural warmth to any space. They work great with wooden furniture. Add white linen to break up the shades of brown.

Cozy bedroom interior with knitted blanket and cushions

24. Subtle reds

Red can be harsh on the eyes. Try darker or softer shades of the colour and incorporate them into things like bedding or pillowcases. It also pairs well with grey and navy.

Grey blanket on red bed with cushions in bedroom interior

25. Orange mocha

When your favourite colour is orange, it can be a little difficult to work with, depending on the look you’re going for. You can let select bright orange pieces by incorporating warm shades of brown to help soften the look.

Bed with orange and brown linens in cozy bedroom

26. Earthy retro

Take inspiration from retro fashion by going with an orange, blush, and gold combo. Select vintage patterned fabrics for your sheets or some vintage furniture to fit your room.

Elegant bedroom with art, golden lamps and stylish bed with velvet, ocher colored headboard

27. Terracotta dream

Love terracotta tones? Combine the colour with other earthy tones and materials to fully capture that rich warmth you get with terracotta.

Bed with orange and brown linens in stylish room interior

28. Coffee colours

You’ll love mixing warm brown furniture with lighter browns and creams if you’re a coffee connoisseur. You can even make use of dried flowers for a natural touch.

Portrait white frame mockup on retro wooden bedside table

29. Mellow yellow

Yellow doesn’t always have to be bright and ‘too much;’ it can also bring a sense of calmness into a space. Mellow yellow, if you will, is pleasant to pair with your standard whites and warm wood.

White and yellow bedding on single wooden bed in contemporary hotel interior

30. Red, gold, and green

Feel like going for a more unusual colour scheme? Take inspiration from the karma chameleon with red, gold, and greens.

bedroom with red, gold, and green interiors

31. The berry palette

If you love berries, you’ll enjoy working with this colour palette. Violet, pink, and blue create a lovely combination. You can also add white as an accent colour to highlight details like lighting and headboards.

bedroom with pink, purple, and blue accents

32. Analogous colours

The key to curating your colour palette is to keep it limited to three vibrant colours. In the example photo, with contrasting and analogous colours in mind, magenta’s primary colour of red is analogous with orange and contrasting with green. That makes these three colours a good combination.

Modern girl's bedroom interior with stylish furniture

33. Blue, grey, and green

An unusual colour combination that works well is blue, grey, and green. They bring calming energy to the room. Add another accent colour like orange or yellow for an interesting element.

Stylish interior of modern bedroom

34. Peach paradise

Turn your bedroom into a peach paradise with the colour over the sheets, throws, and even rugs. Choose light wood with a warm varnish to match the main colour.

bedroom with peach interiors

35. Monochromatic mood

Who’s in the mood for some monochrome? This classy colour scheme is simple and elegant and will stay in fashion for years. Perfect for a guest bedroom or even for your master.

luxurious black monochromatic bedroom interiors

36. Neutral palette

Nothing says neutral quite like your creams, greys, and whites. A sparse contrasting piece can also make all the difference in pulling the space together.

simple bedroom with wooden bed frame details


Creating your colour palette can be tricky, but hopefully, with these ideas, you can play around with the possibilities or experiment with making your own.


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