An etiquette guide to keeping tradies happy

By Airtasker

Updated: January 3rd, 2024

We asked tradies to share the things they really appreciate when working a job.

We love a good cuppa, and our Taskers have shown they are no exception. We recently asked 1,000 tradespeople and those who have hired them to share the things they really appreciate when working a job and those things that can be a little annoying too.

No matter what the job, our study revealed that 61% of tradespeople say they most appreciate being offered a drink. But it seems some homes are drier than the Sahara desert, as a third of homeowners say they don’t offer any drinks at all. It gets trickier when you find out that just offering tea can be a bug bear too for those coffee drinkers, so best to play it safe and stick with “can I get you a drink?”.

And what’s a good brew without a biscuit? A disappointment, that’s what. We love them so much they don’t want to give them away, as less than half of those we surveyed say they offer them to tradespeople.

They say a problem shared is a problem halved, so here are more of the top gripes for tradespeople:

  • Receiving late payment
  • Unrealistic cost expectations from homeowners when requesting a quote
  • Clients booking them in for a job that’s not ready to work on yet
  • Customers pointing out faults before the job has finished
  • Being stereotyped due to past experiences with someone else in the same
  • People calling them out of business hours

We’ve put all these handy nuggets of information from our Taskers into an etiquette guide so you can make sure the next time someone is helping in your home, you are their favourite customer and you’ll get a good job done in return!

Airtasker’s 6-Step Etiquette Guide for Tradespeople

1) Clear their workspace

It doesn’t have to be Marie Kondo standards of cleanliness, but according to our study, having a tidy and clear workspace is the best way to get your relationship with the tradesperson off to a flying start. Unfortunately less than half of customers we asked said they did this. If you can, have a quick tidy, clear any clutter and yesterday’s clothes that didn’t make it as far as the washing basket, and make sure your Tasker can reach everything they need for the job.

2) Ask if they’d like a drink – and more than once!

It’s a cliche for a reason, tea and coffee helps us all work better, so make sure it’s on tap when you have someone working in your home. It makes the perfect welcome in to your humble abode and gives you a chance to have a chat. Just don’t forget that vital biscuit offering too, if you have any you’re willing to part with, of course.

3) Share the facilities

Our study shockingly revealed that only 66% of homeowners give tradespeople access to their bathroom. So to keep your workers from crossing their legs, we advise pointing out the facilities on their arrival. And that goes for plugs and running water, as 60% of homeowners told us they forget to mention those too.

4) Silence is not always golden

A lot of us prefer some background music whilst we work and there can be nothing more boring than watching paint dry than doing it in silence. Only 39% of people welcoming them in their home let them listen to music. It can be a great motivator as they work, plus a bit of light entertainment is always welcome.

5) Let them park close to the house

These guys and gals often have heavy tools and bulky equipment needed to do the job, so considering where they can park close to your home will be really appreciated. Especially as we found only 29% of homeowners admit to thinking about this.

6) Share some banter

It can be tempting to say hello and then hide away from workers in your home, but many tradespeople admitted to us that they enjoy a good chinwag. It can only help strengthen your professional relationship, as they are more likely to work harder for you and you’ll want to invite them back in the future if you’ve gotten to know them and like what you learn.

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*The research was conducted by Censuswide with 1,099 respondents who are and/or have hired tradespeople/handymen/handywomen between. Censuswide abide by and employ members of the Market Research Society which is based on the ESOMAR principles




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