Airtasker’s 2017 year in review

By Katie

Updated: September 23rd, 2021

It's been a big year for the Airtasker Community - so we wanted to take a quick look at what happened in 2017.

Today we’re excited to reflect on what a massive and exciting year it has been for the Airtasker community. Thousands of people from all around Australia came to Airtasker to get more done and also earn more by helping out others in the community.

We’ve really focused on improving the stability of the Airtasker platform, launched a number of features and badges, and working with new partners to create more opportunities to earn on Airtasker. But first, we’d like to share some Airtasker stats with you all as we continue to stay open.

Airtasker stats 2017

    • Over 1 million tasks posted on Airtasker in 2017
    • We reached over 100,000 new tasks per month – that’s $17M to be earned!
    • We’ve had 797,298 new community members join Airtasker
    • The top 10 Taskers on average earned $94,000 per year with some earning over $120,000

Breakdown of tasks posted around Australia:

  • NSW 412,688
  • VIC 338,209
  • QLD 179,921
  • WA 52,312
  • SA 13,838
  • ACT 7,875
  • TAS 1,947
  • NT 898

Platform stability

It was really important that Airtasker remain accessible for all members 24/7 and we’re happy to share that we’ve had a great year in terms of ‘uptime’, although there have been a couple of hiccups along the way.

Most popular tasks

Puppy Pal

Sydney Dogs and Cats Home posted a task looking for someone to help out with looking after abandoned puppies for a day – And get paid $500 to do it.

The task got a record number of 900 offers and 1000+ comments.

See how the day went below:

Chicken run

After much debate around the office about the best fried chicken in Sydney, we decided to put it to the ultimate test and get an Airtasker to taste test all the places and pick the best fried chicken spot.

Watch to see what got number one:

We’ve been looking at tasks over the year and picked the best and most interesting every month – see our top tasks for 2017.

New features

We launched a couple of features this year to help all members have an easier and more enjoyable Airtasker experience.

Increasing the task price

We found that often there were changes to a task after an offer had already been accepted that meant people wanted to increase the task price.

So our dedicated Poster Experience team built the increase price feature, which has also been further developed to allow for bonuses if a Tasker has done a great job on a task.

Read more about the increasing price feature


We also revamped task comments this year to introduced conversations. So instead of sifting through every question and reply on a task, you can now simply reply to a specific question and keep track of any replies in that one spot.

Read more about the conversations feature


Another big focus was trust within the Airtasker community and offering new and different ways for members to identify themselves, and also showcase their skills. Here are the badges that we launched this year:

Australia Post’s Digital iD Badge

To give a greater level of comfort and trust when choosing someone for a task by verifying your identity with Australia Post’s Digital iD.

Working with Children Badge

Giving peace of mind when Posters have a Tasker completing their task which involves working with kids or in their home.

Electrical Badge

Identify which members hold an electrical contractor licence for electrical related tasks.

Plumbing Badge

Plumbers can now show that they have the relevant qualifications with a Plumbing Badge.

Gasfitting Badge

This identifies the people who have the correct paperwork to properly do gasfitting work.

Find out more about badges on Airtasker


This year we worked with some of the most recognisable brands in Australia and worldwide!

IKEA Australia

We kicked off the year with a trial in the IKEA Tempe store in Sydney to help to make getting your IKEA furniture put together a lot easier! This also helped Taskers earn more by getting an IKEA Badge to show that they have all the requirements and experience to put IKEA flat-packs together.

Find out more about the IKEA partnership


After seeing a number of eBay tasks being posted on the platform we partnered with eBay to reduce the hassle of selling and delivery of items through eBay.

Find out more about the eBay partnership


Our most recent partnership announcement is with Coles to help revolutionise online grocery shopping. It’s currently running as a trial in NSW metro – so if you’ve forgotten the milk or want to make sure you definitely get a ripe avocado you can post a Coles task.

If you want to earn money with Coles tasks, you can get exclusive access to these tasks by getting a Coles Badge added to your profile.

Find out more about the Coles partnership 

We’d really like to thank you all for your support in 2017 and we’re looking forward to a big 2018 as we focus on the importance of trust in the marketplace and also launch in London!

We hope you all have a lovely holiday season with family and friends and bring on 2018!!!

The Airtasker Team!



I've loved interior design for as long as I can remember and I'm currently about to renovate my first home. So as well as being the Content Lead at Airtasker, I'm also on the lookout for the latest design trends, backyard ideas and anything to do around the home. I'm also trying to use low-tox cleaning methods and work towards being more plastic-free!

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    So good to have Airtasker ! Happy holiday season to all of you. I will be seeking your help the first week after Xmas.

  2. Vikash

    Nice one Team Airtasker!

  3. Alastair Graham

    What a great review having been absent due to other family commitments lately I am looking forward to 2018 earning money and having a great time doing it apply Christmas to all

  4. Tyler Tan

    Well done Airtasker community. Keep up the good work. Empowering people is a priceless ethos and value add to society. Very honoured and privileged to be part of your community.

  5. Sam


  6. Deb

    Airtasker is the way of the future! It’s come so far and the new added features is very professional. Airtasker is so easy to access and is a blessing for our communities. THANKYOU to the team at Airtasker.

  7. Judi Marshall

    So happy for Airtasker. Off to London is great. When i go over there ill be able to work with an established company. Well done and dont stop?

  8. Candy

    I love airtasker because every worker I’ve had has done a great job. I love the partnerships you’ve formed and look forward to using them.

  9. Roshani P

    Nice and great acheivement. Helping small business to grow own business and some working from home availability for freelancers.

  10. Jim Hutton

    What a great year you had AT. Congratulations. After 18 months as a “tasker” in Sydney I moved to the Central Coast in
    2015 not many suitable tasks for me up here then but great to see its on the up and up now..

  11. Claire Brown

    Well done! Great service in my so far, limited experience.