Airtasker Summit 2018: Airtasker Awards

By Airtasker

Updated: September 23rd, 2021

Find out who the top Airtaskers were in 2017 on the platform.

We’d like to make a special acknowledgement to the top Airtaskers who make a special contribution to the Community.

This year in addition to our five category awards we introduced the People’s Choice Award. And, also, the big one – Airtasker of the Year!

Award winners and nominations were decided by 4 important factors, earnings, star rating, completion rate and contribution to the Airtasker Community.

Read on for the official list of award nominations and prize winners!

Creative Services

  • Peter B.
  • Jerry J.
  • James S.
  • Annette F.

The Creative Services Airtasker of the Year is… Peter B.

Delivery and Removal Services sponsored by BP

  • Cam M.
  • Ferdhi H.
  • Jesse M.
  • Abiral A.

The Delivery and Removals Airtasker of the Year is… Jesse M.

Homes Services sponsored by Chux

  • Gary C.
  • Carina M.
  • Joe K.
  • Gil K.

The Home Services Airtasker of the Year is… Carina M.

Professional Services

  • James W.
  • Nitin A.
  • Nely B.
  • Emma W.

The Professional Services Airtasker of the Year is… Nitin A.


  • Diz J.
  • Sam F.
  • Samuel F.
  • Alex G.

The Trades Persons Airtasker of the Year is… Diz J.

People’s Choice

  • Mike I.
  • Sam F.
  • Michael B.

The People’s Choice Airtasker of the Year is… Michael B.

Airtasker of the Year

  • Cam M.
  • Ferdi H.
  • Diz J.

The Airtasker of the Year is… Diz J.

Congratulations to all nominees and award winners and special thanks to our sponsors BP, Mitsubishi, Chux, eBay, Channel 7 and H&R Block.



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